⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ Walking NYC (Narrated) : Light Snowfall on Crescent Street to Long Island City (March 1, 2019)

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  1. For those on mobile

    1:10 – Crescent Street & 30th Road

    2:40 – Crescent Street & 30th Drive

    4:00 – Crescent Street & 31st Avenue

    5:20 – Crescent Street & 31st Road

    6:20 – Crescent Street & 31st Drive

    7:40 – Crescent Street & Broadway

    9:05 – Crescent Street & 33rd Avenue

    9:43 – Crescent Street & 33rd Road

    11:50 – Crescent Street & 34th Avenue

    14:40 – Crescent Street & 35th Avenue

    17:15 – Crescent Street & 36th Avenue

    19:30 – Crescent Street & 37th Avenue

    21:35 – Crescent Street & 38th Avenue

    23:30 – Crescent Street & 39th Avenue

    25:40 – Crescent Street & 40th Avenue

    27:50 – Crescent Street & 41st Avenue

    30:02 – Queens Plaza North & Crescent Street (Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge Entrance)

    30:35 – Queensboro Plaza (N)(W)(7) Subway Station

    32:45 – Queens Plaza South & 27th Street

    33:50 – Queens Plaza South & 28th Street

    35:40 – Queens Boulevard & Jackson Avenue

  2. Nice neighborhood feel. I appreciate the perspective from a local resident, and not about the tourist traps. I have a friend who lives in Astoria, and I linked her to this. Thanks!

  3. Were you walking to work again? I know youve said you are private about your life. But. Where do you work? If youre late because of the train will you get in trouble? What is your first name? 🙂 I know im not the only wants to know more about you.. I love your videos.

  4. I really enjoy your video, you are very good to explain ich street in ici borough
    Glad to find your Channel !
    And keep do in it bro

  5. Actionkid…I suggest you do a walking video from 242nd St Bronx ( # 1 train to Van Courtlandt Park) down Broadway all the way to Columbus Circle ( 59th St ) Manhattan. You might want to stop inside Ft Tryon Park and cover the Cloisters Museum area while you're at it.

  6. Hello Actionkid105! I came across one of your videos about a week or so ago…I’ve subscribed and now I’m hooked! ?
    I was born in New York, but moved to Ocala, Florida when I was 9…I used to visit about every year until a few years ago…mostly around the Middle Village, Queens area as well as Brooklyn, Cooper Park area…These videos bring it all back…Thank You so much for sharing them!! ??

  7. Thand you for another great adventure! Love the crispy, amazing quality of your videos! The commentary is also very important, keep it up! ??

  8. Another awesome narrated video of the BEST CITY int the world thanks for the beautiful views of HOME

  9. Nice video!!! You should do a walk of Dyker Heights and Bensonhurst next time! Those are good neighborhoods to walk.

  10. On a day like this, I sit back in my house like a couch potato and watch actionkid1
    05's videos because I'm too lazy to go to any other neighborhoods or boroughs.

  11. Oh the old neighborhood. Worked at Queens Plaza North and 27th for 5 years till December 2018. Saw my dry cleaner, delis, bus home. Great trip.

  12. I miss the old neighborhood of Astoria and it's old buildings. I love all of your videos! Great scenery of Cresent street! I lived on Cresent street from Ditmars boulevard to 21 ave in an apartment building across the street from the Catholic High School from 1977 to 1981.

  13. Thank you for another narrated vid! Narrated or non-narrated, I love them both and you make perfect choices when to add your nice voice imo! Again, the interaction between you and your subscribers (or fan base) is very lovely! Stay safe and warm, actionkid105!

  14. Therapeutic escapism. Informative and interesting to observe differences and similarities between USA and UK. Ron UK

  15. Hello actionkid105, this is my favorite type of video from you…just a casual walk in a particular neighborhood. It is like looking into a window from a distance. Hearing your voice is of course the best part. I hope you are doing well and thank you for another fun video.

  16. I really enjoy these narrated videos. It's even better when it's dark and rainy out. Stay safe and cheers.

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