⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ Walking NYC (Narrated) : Long Island City, Queens to Greenpoint, Brooklyn via Manhattan Avenue

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  1. For those on mobile

    1:40 – Jackson Avenue & 50th Avenue

    2:40 – Pulaski Bridge Entrance

    10:10 – Descending Pulaski Bridge Staircase to McGuinness Boulevard & Ash Street

    13:20 – Manhattan Avenue & Ash Street

    14:47 – Manhattan Avenue Park

    18:40 – Manhattan Avenue & Box Street

    19:45 – Manhattan Avenue & Clay Street

    20:55 – Manhattan Avenue & Dupont Street

    22:01 – Manhattan Avenue & Eagle Street

    23:15 – Manhattan Avenue & Freeman Street

    24:10 – Manhattan Avenue & Green Street

    25:11 – Manhattan Avenue & Huron Street

    26:10 – Manhattan Avenue & India Street

    27:12 – Manhattan Avenue & Java Street

    28:27 – Manhattan Avenue & Kent Street

    29:30 – Manhattan Avenue & Greenpoint Avenue

    30:25 – Manhattan Avenue & Milton Street

    31:30 – Manhattan Avenue & Noble Street

    32:40 – Manhattan Avenue & Calyer Street

    34:15 – Manhattan Avenue & Meserole Avenue

    37:07 – Manhattan Avenue & Norman Avenue

    39:15 – Manhattan Avenue & Bedford Avenue

  2. You should always do narrated videos. Always good seeing the NYC streets and hearing you talk about the historic background of it and about your life.

  3. hi actionkid … your videos are great and when you narrate them are spectacular jiji nice views, you always surprise me actionkid105?????

  4. Thank you, thank you, that was a very interesting and informative video. Like always showing areas that as a tourist I would not known. That Peter Pan Pastries shop looks good I saw on the maps because I follow your walks on the google maps. God Bless you ActionKid for your fabulous videos.

  5. Quisiera Felicitarte por tu excelente trabajo, me gustan tus videos ya que me transportan a tu ciudad.
    Tengo una peticion, podras cuando narres poner subtitulos en Español por favor, eso me ayudaria mucho ya que no hablo Ingles.
    Saludos y excelente trabajo, Muchas Gracias 🙂

  6. Born in Greenpoint in 1953, lived on Java St. one block from the working docks, now called waterfront…the neighborhood has changed big time.

  7. Nice walk and local info. I love these kind of neighborhoods, just people going about their lives. Thank you for an enjoyable experience.

  8. Stop doing this until you are qualified to be a NYC tour guide. Your lack of know, and factual inaccuracies are a great disservice to those who care about this great city. Do a little more research on the localities you travel, and if you're not certain about something don't give vague answers, mention you're not full knowledgeable about it and do some research on it add corrections in post.

  9. Love ? your narrated videos mate. Are you able to give us a rough idea of the population on the places you take us to please. Your the best ??

  10. Thank you for another great video!
    I haven’t been to NYC yet but watching your videos makes me feel like I’m there already ?
    Keep them coming please! ??

  11. Another great video and I really want to thank you again for taking the effort to show your subscribers NYC from so many different angles! Please don´t let any whining comment about your accuracy stop you from uploading your vids! Stay safe!

  12. …another interesting video…your Polish isn't bad for a foreigner!!..keep up the good work…I love it!…THANKS…..

  13. I love this kind of videos, we need to see all sides of NYC. Btw, in your opinion, which are the most safest neighborhoods you recommend to live in?

  14. NYC is being overbuilt , overpriced condos sprouting on every available space. Meanwhile same 19th century streets and early 20th century subway system . Too crowded, too much , overhyped , over inflated

  15. Hello actionkid105 thank you again for your wonderful and entertaining video and as always I love your narration. As I mentioned to you before you are so genuine that I feel like an old friend that is taking a walk with you. I think I could listen to you talk all day long. I do have a question about this video. I am wondering if you know anything at all about the 3 interesting statues that are exactly 14:00 minutes into the video? Keep up the great work be safe.

  16. Great narration interesting and informative and most enjoyable. You must stop calling that utter rubbish a damned eyesore, 'street art', it is vandalism, malicious damage and the lunatics who splash paint on someone else's property should be in jail and paint the walls there. Let them paint their own properties…

  17. I still cant work up the nerve to narrate and besides it would require hours to edit out mistakes and make it sound perfect. How far back in months did you start narration? This is the first one I heard.

  18. Где детям играть на улице? в России везде предусмотрены детские и спортивные площадки, за исключением старых улиц

  19. What are the black steps and ladder for outside the apartments? Is it if there's a fire? I always wondered thanks ?

  20. Before there was a Pulaski Skyway, there was a street level steel drawbridge connecting Manhattan Avenue with LI City. From the walkway one could down on the steam locomotives in the LIRR train yard. After the Pulaski Skyway replaced the old bridge it wasn't as much fun.

  21. Thank you for this! I walked this route so many times and lived on Dupont St. I really felt homesick and this video definitely helps a lot.

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