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Yes, hello everyone i am at the hostel now, i came last night to the hostel yesterday i could not record so many videos because of the situations that i had in flight and also in the airport i had some problems and in subway too so, i did not able to take videos i will record today and i am at hostel now in a while i will go to times square and there is a bake shop i am planning to go over there moreover ,fifth aveneu actually last year i visited but i am going again to show you actually when i come i dont stay in newyork, i would go my camp directly as i did in last year but in this year, for having videos i am in here now the another youtubers who also record vlogs and who also come here with work and travel program generally they take videos in their travel parts and it means september i did not want to do like that i was in here last night, i will stay here tonight and tomoorow i will be here then kristyna will be here the another day who is my co worker she is coming from czech republic then we will go to utica by the train and dough will pick us up and that is it as i said in a minute i will be in outside enjoy watching hi guys i am in times square now it is so hot approximately it is 30 celcius i am on red stairs now in here people are sitting they watch times square from up let me show you most probably i will got to fifth aveneu from here i here i want to show you these advertisements you can see actually it is not clear because of the sun i love them, there are always diffirent advertisements there is a cars trailer now and also behind of me is upper manhattan central park etc. this side is south ferry side sitatue of liberty, wallstreet and world trade center are in over there in left side there is empire state building as i remember as an advice do not book tours, you should travel by yourself because nyc is developed city you can find everything that you need people can help you and you can go anywhere that you want and also hostels are so good and if you think as a nyc, they are cheap hotels are expensive i wanted to give an advice because i traveld by myself last year and i will do the same thing and also in september i would like to go to hawaii as long as everything goes nice let me show you again and i am going to m&m store.I will record also it and there is a hersher store i do not know how to pronounce it i will go to fifth aveneu from that way i am walking now through m&m store as you can see there is a hershey store and they are giving chocolate for free it is so nice as i remember,there is a hershhey in also turkey here is m&m store guys i am going to hershey now i dont now how to pronounce it really if there is a person who knows to pronounce it please comment under the video also in last year i could not pronounce it and most probably i am going to have bunch of
chocolate i could not find what i expect because in last year there was a chocolate on that there were words which was welcome in every languages and they wrote wrongly word which was turkish i told them that you wrote this word wrongly and i told that if it was true, i would buy it i asked that chocolate and they said that we do not have.I think they sell that chocolate when many tourists are coming from diffrent countries and now all work and travel students are in their job this not the season for travelling because there are many wat students and they travel in september i think they sell that in september he said that it will come but i do not know when now i am walking fifth aveneu is in behind of me i started the video and i walked this side i will return from overthere i am planning to go to fifth aveneu and also i remember that we rent a limo in here and it stopped in here it was so funny though i was with nick and sarah there were my other friends who were eylul and atilla but eylul had to come back to turkey on the other day because of that she came back to her hotel early and atilla was staying in his cousin’s house so he had the go back early also and due to that they were not with me and again i am planning to rent limo if you watch me you can see i am planning to do good things i am walking through to fifth aveneu f**k it is so hot and after that part of video i am just talking about one turkish youtuber so i did not translate that


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