10 Hours of Walking in NYC wearing a Romper

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Hello papi (kissing noises) (laughing) That’s a nice romper QPark: Thank you (screaming) What is wrong with you son? (more screaming) Oh my God! Oh my God what is this? QPark: You guys like it? Of course we do. Oh my God what is this? QPark: I know where to get these. QPark: They got a 50% off sale. QPark: They got 50% off. You forgot your tag. QPark: Oh I got the tag on? (laughing). Oh my bad, my bad. QPark: Alright I’m going to get a haircut in Washington Heights. QPark: This is supposedly the place to be. So let’s do it. (Speaking Spanish) (Laughter) (Speaking Spanish) All right, they’re roasting the sh*t out of you. I’m just saying. (Speaking Spanish) QPark: I need a haircut. You need a haircut? QPark: Yeah, I need a haircut. (Speaking Spanish) Uh oh, you hit the Heights with the romper suit. He’s brave though. He’s the first one! Thank you, haha How you feel about that, you just got props? QPark: That’s nice. That’s very nice. I feel..I feel good about my romper now. Alright. (Laughter) You n***** is too funny. See we just talked about it. We just talked about them rompers. HA HA! Aw sh*t, romper! No you ain’t got no romper on! QPark: I got a romper on! No you don’t! QPark: Yea! Come here! QPark: Oh yeah? You like the romper? Hell yeah! Sh*t. Sexy ass sh*t! QPark: That’s right. (Laughter) Yo! What the f**k! Yo!! Romper! QPark: Romper! Ohhhhh sh*t! He got a muthaf***in romper on! What?!?! QPark: WOOO! Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooooooh! QPark: 2017 the year the romper Let me see that…aw you got a nice piece there too. (QPark laughing) QPark: Chill, all right all right. (laughing) Wait wait wait, turn around. Let me see that piece. (QPark laughing) QPark: All right. (laughing) Yes! For that jumper, mister. QPark: That’s right. Yes! Look (calling friend over) I like this! QPark: Thank you, thank you. I want that tight. (incoherent) Let me give it a cake, cake, cake. How bout this? Tighten it. QPark: Oh oh, whoa whoa. Yes let’s change outfits. Tighten it. QPark: Alright, I’ll… No offense, but you look hot. QPark: Thank you. Hot hot hot hot hot. Romper! Excuse me. Did you get this from a local store around here? QPark: Nah, I got it up in the Heights. Nice. QPark: Yeah, you looking for a romper? I like that! QPark: Yeah? That’s really cool! QPark: Yeah, up in the Heights. Yeah, but you know it’s for the summer. It’s nice and comfortable QPark: Yeah. It’s jean material? QPark: Yeah. It’s denim. Very thin though? Yeah, it’s thin. Ok. In the Heights. Where exactly in the Heights exactly? 181st Street, and uh and St. Nick. Yeah. Thank you. Appreciate it. QPark: Yeah, no problem. QPark: Excuse me. Can I ask you an important question? Sure. QPark: Where do they sell men’s rompers around here? Let me ask YOU a question. Where did you find THAT men’s romper? (QPark laughing) Ask him, he’s got a couple. QPark: He’s got a couple rompers? Have you guys seen the cop romper? I didn’t know guys were really wearing that. QPark: Yeah, it looks good, right? Oh sh*t! My n***** in the romper! Oh! You’re the first n***** Get me a picture with my man in the romper. Get me a picture with my man in the romper. QPark: This is your first? This is the first guy you’ve seen in the romper? My n***** got the romper. My n***** got the romper!! Rum pom pom pom!!! (crowd laughter) You look like a romper model, man. QPark: That’s right. That’s right Sexy ass n****!! (QPark laughing) QPark: All in all, the romper is hated and loved. It actually got a lot more love than I expected. Who would have known? QPark: So, I’m actually probably going to go on a couple more adventures with this romper and do some crazy things QPark: So make sure you subscribe below to follow what happens next QPark: So please give this video a like if you enjoyed it because I kind of did. QPark: Uh, but don’t tell anyone. Anyway. Thank you for watching.


  1. Hey guys! Thanks for all the love! Please SUBSCRIBE because I have more adventures in my Romper coming real soon! haha

  2. Jesus christ Americans are so loud and dramatic! Imagine walking down the street minding your own business and having people actually scream at u for what u wear. Like mind your own business lol.

  3. As a New Yorker I’m disgusted …this is why New Yorkers are known as trash to some people smh🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. Me: i will soooooo get compliments if i wear a romper

    wears it

    All: …
    All: tf…
    All: um?

    true story

  5. I can’t believe how people are! Anyone can dress however they want.

  6. This is pretty funny. Nowadays in New York City seems that people like this, “even if it is wore by a man”.
    Unfortunately I live in Italy, where the majority of people are not really open minded, so if you go through the cities dressed like this, someone could offend you or even assault you.
    Enough said.
    I wanna live in NYC!! I really like this city! It never sleeps and you can actually dress as you want and nobody will say something!

  7. 2:27 you should look at your face color is it nice to say that in behind someone
    He's doin his best for all of us(fans)

  8. Romper was a men thing back then mostly men wore it but now it's looked as it's only for girls and it will look ridiculous on men lol


  10. Bruh I live in nyc and as a Dominican I am so embarrassed that those men in the barbershop were acting like that. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ they are making Dominicans look bad

  11. Once in like 5th grade I was made fun of for wearing a romper. But the very next day ( I shit you not ) the bitch that made fun of me showed up at school in a romper! 🙄 smh

  12. i have a lot of respect for men who like to the wear these kinda clothes because we all know a real man stays true to himself

  13. Oh wow here in Berlin people wear shit like that all around and even worse stuff and people are fine with it. Thought America is more open minded about clothes.

  14. I guarantee you could walk around central London in this all day and no one would say anything. I don't get the outrage. It's just clothing.

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