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Hey, it’s Tim and it’s Amy from GoWithLess. Today’s video finds us in New York City. We’re here on a cat sit and this
video is gonna be a different one from our other travel videos. In this video, we
are visiting ten food halls in the New York City area. If you don’t know what a food hall is… Remember the food courts when you were a kid that had a Chick-Fil-A and a hotdog stand or whatever… This is sort of
like that on an elevated level. If you know what a food truck is (like the food
trucks that park on the street and serve this magnificent food turned out of this
small kitchen) Sort of like a food truck meets the food courts that we were
used to when we were kids. An amazing experience. The ones that we visit tend
to be very international and very affordable. We visit them instead of
going and sitting down at more expensive restaurants. We don’t want to compromise
great food because we’re on a budget. This is the way that we can get great
food and stick with our budget. It’s food halls. So, we visited ten of them… There
were two criteria that we picked when choosing our agenda.
Number one: The food hall had to have at least 10 different businesses and I
found that by the websites. Why is that? If it only has five; maybe, one is out of
business maybe, one is closed for the day. Three is lame…
We didn’t want to go out of our way for lame. So, we did something that has at
least 10 so we had a lot of variety and options. Number two: It couldn’t be like
a sole cuisine. There are places that are just Korean food. In Flushing, Queens
there are many that are just Asian food. That’s still too narrow. We like having
the entire gamut of the world. So, we followed those two rules when picking
our stops. I hope that you’ll stay tuned today. If travel, if budget travel,
if travel hacking, if house-sitting, if any of these are things that you’re
interested in – please, subscribe to our channel over here. Because we talk about
them every single Wednesday. Please, stay tuned for our tour of food halls in New
York. Okay, stop Number 1. It’s Industry City Food Hall in Brooklyn.
It’s an outlier in terms of distance. We did it first. Turns out we got here
when everything was closed! It’s probably a lunch place. We got here
at 7:00pm on the dot. Everything is shut down and we are heading out of here –
hungry… Our last trip to New York was in May of
2017 and this building (where we’re in right now) was just getting ready to open.
But, it wasn’t open yet. It looked like it was going to be cool. Here It is and
it is super cool! We’re talking about the DeKalb Market Hall in Brooklyn and it has
everything. It has Arepas… It has Emapanadas… It has Saigon Street food it has… (what do we have here) Vietnamese food… It has Korean food… It
has steamed buns… It has Italian sandwiches (that look like very authentic)…
It has Katz’s Deli… It has barbecue… It has a French bakery… It has a lot!
This is a definite must visit in Brooklyn. It is open for dinner. So, that’s
kind of cool and I see all over the place. They have these $10 lunch
specials. If you come at lunchtime, I’m guessing maybe Monday through Friday?
Just a heads up: you might get a good deal on a lunch here. I don’t know that
we’re gonna be back for lunch. Because, we have a lot of people’s to visit and I
don’t know that we’re repeating anything. Six years ago we took a food tour of the
Lower East Side and one of the stops was Katz’s Deli. I was a vegetarian back then.
So, I just looked at the pastrami and I didn’t eat it. I have been thinking
about it ever since… I have been an omnivore for almost
four years and we haven’t been back to Katz’s Deli since. So, we are waiting for
a big pastrami sandwich. If you don’t know Katz’s Deli, it’s the big scene in
when Harry Met Sally. This is their only other place (outside
of their main location in the Lower East Side) but we’re in the DeKalb Market Hall
in Brooklyn for dinner… We’re going to be sharing this sandwich. I can’t wait to
show it to you. It’s going to be gigunda and amazing All right, we’re starting with pickles
(two kinds) That’s a good pickle… All right, pickle number two Briny, delicious – this is how you want a
pickle We are sharing one big sandwich. The
sandwich was about 25 bucks and it had two pickles (like two different kinds of
pickles) So, that’s really nice. I’m going to try my first pastrami at Katz’s
for like over ten years Wow! I put some mustard on it. It has a nice rye. First of all, the bread is fresh… There’s something about a good pastrami
and a cure and a saltiness. This is super delicious. This is worth $25 for a
sandwich. This is a worth it splurge! Grand Central Station is probably
going to be on a lot of people’s radar if you are coming to New York City. It’s something to see! You definitely to come to Grand Central Station. There is a food hall
that’s here in the facility. It’s OK… We had breakfast here and there’s lots
of interesting restaurants that are in the space. This isn’t your normal mall
food court. However, I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to come to this
food hall. But, something to go to if you happen to be here at Grand Central
Station. So, here we are for breakfast at the
Grand Central Station food hall in the basement of Grand Central (the most
glorious building) It turns out that food halls are actually kind of tricky
before breakfast. There’s a ton of lunch and dinner food (not so much for
breakfast) So, we did find a place that serves like steak during the day. But,
they do have like an egg and cheese on a muffin (nothing special at all) However,
this is what breakfast at a food hall looks like… We are waiting for our lunch at
Turnstyle. This is kind of a cool food hall it’s in a subway station. Which doesn’t
sound so great… But, we’ve been here before (back in May of 2017) and we loved
it. So, we made sure that we got back here for a stop on this trip. We are having
an Arepa from the Arepa Factory and we’re going to show that. We’re just
waiting for it to come out… We’re gonna show it in just a second. But, they
don’t have a ton of different stalls here. But, what they have is very high
quality. We are excited to be here and hopefully we’ll have another great
experience. So, this is an Arepa that we had the last time we were in New York (when we came to Turnstyle) It has shredded beef, black beans,
it has a plantain and some amazing cheese. The last time we had this – I think this was our favorite thing we had the whole time we were in New York
– potentially. Here goes… Let’s see what it tastes like… Oh, holy smokes! It’s as delicious as we
remember… That is good. So, what I have learned is that I want
more plantains in my food. The plantains make that Papallion Arepa
so yummy and phenomenal and sweet and warm. Just great!
More plantains please! We are leaving Turnstyle
a little bit hungry. We haven’t been satisfied for lunch. So, we have more food
halls to hit though… Okay, we weren’t quite satisfied. So, we went to this place
called Chick ‘n Cone. It is a waffle cone with fried chicken in it. We
got ours with a tangy mustard sauce. No forks – this is our utensil. Let’s try this
out… Wow! Okay, I like this better than the
pappallion which is saying quite a bit. I can’t wait to try it with the waffle
cone. But, this is like unbelievably delicious fried chicken tenders. Which if
it’s done really well is delicious and this is fried perfectly with the mustard
sauce. This is great. It’s nice and hot, fresh I’m loving this. I don’t want to share
with Tim. This is divine. This is Delicious.
I’m gonna have to come up with new words… But, umm, umm, umm – good chicken! So, this place was called Chick ‘n Cone and the fried chicken actually came in this waffle
cone. I don’t know that the two together necessarily made it like chicken and
waffles (like you would think of chicken and waffles) However, on its own is pretty
delicious. Overall, this was a huge win. Here’s to Chick ‘n Cone! We’re at Gansevoort Market in Chelsea.
This looks amazing. There are more than ten stands here. We wish we could have a meal
here. But, unfortunately we’re too full . It looks very cool here… We’re still here at Gansevoort Market. We
couldn’t pass up this warm chocolate chip cookie at this place called the Big
Chip. Is that what it’s called Amy? Just Chip…
Okay, the Chip. Look at it! It’s gooey, it’s amazing. I think I need to go
get a milk. You do need milk This is the last bite of this cookie.
we had. This was a worth it splurge. It was three dollars and fifty cents for
this one cookie. But, man was it good ooey, gooey, sticks to the roof of your
mouth delicious We’re at the North 3rd Street Market
here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We walked 3.1 miles to get here (per Google
Maps) and we’re waiting for a Lao dish. We’ve never had Lao food before. So,
very interested to see what this is gonna be like. It’s a rice based dish.
I bet it’s gonna be good. We’re here at 1 o’clock on a Friday and
the market seems a little dead. There aren’t a lot of people here. That’s
unusual for most of the food halls that we visited. We just got our Lao food.
It looks a little strange. We’re gonna see what we think of the food. It looks a little funky and it also
smells a little funky. So, I’m going in first and I’m gonna be brave. so let’s see… We waited for 10 minutes to have it cooked
and the rice is lukewarm. I don’t know if it’s meat but it’s cold. I
think it supposed to be cold… It’s extremely salty. It has these crunchies in it which are kinda nice. This is definitely a different flavor
that I’m not used to. I don’t know what I expected. This wasn’t it. Food halls are
wonderful because you can try all kinds of new things. This costs… How much was
this Tim? Twelve bucks… Twelve dollars So, you can have a very different experience for
$12. If it isn’t something for you, at least you got to try something new for $12. How
often can you say that? So, we’re gonna get to letting Tim try this now and see what
he thinks Alright, it’s my turn… I like that. I like it quite a bit… It’s
just different. Like Amy said the meat is cold and the rice is a little
lukewarm. It has these nice crunchy… onion-y fried onions (I believe) in there. There’s
coconut… It’s actually quite nice. But, I don’t want to come out of my way to get
this… But, it’s definitely different… There’s also some spice in there… All food halls aren’t created equally. I
had read that the Williamsburg Whole Foods Market had a killer food hall (of
outside vendors) and we went. We have no problem with Whole Foods but it isn’t
something that we’re gonna call a traditional food hall. We are not gonna
put it on our list. We went in plannning to eat a little bite at a food hall kind of
market. We didn’t see that… So, off we go to the next stop We’re at Urban Space 570 at the corner
of 51st Street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. There are two spots (Urban
Spaces) one is on Vanderbilt. We’re gonna check that out next. And, we are kind of
slowing down a little bit… We haven’t even eaten that much today. So, we just
got an empanada. A corn empanada with some cotija cheese. I think it is cotija
cheese. I don’t know how to say it. But, there looks to be some corn and cheese
and jalapeno. We love a good empanada. Umm, that’s surprisingly good. It’s really
warm. We just had it under the heat lamp. So, I wasn’t expecting much. It’s
nice and gooey cheese and the corn is very sweet. We are at Urban Space Vanderbilt. A
cousin to the place we just visited. which was Urban Space 570. Here’s
Urban Space Vanderbilt. We’re here in the middle of the afternoon on a Friday.
It’s pretty lively. There are a whole bunch of really good-looking stalls but
we aren’t hungry for savory food. We’re going to have a little detour and get
some dessert. I have a huge sweet tooth. Tim really doesn’t and he picked
our dessert. I don’t know how I feel about that… But, it is a donut from Dough
and it’s a cheesecake donut. While Tim is not a big dessert person, he is a big
cheesecake person. Let’s see how we like our donut that we’re sharing… It’s
huge! Wow, that’s a big giant donut. I don’t need savory food anymore. Oh man!
How much was this Tim? $3.75. $3.75 – this is a good deal for $3.75.
Obviously, it’s enough to feed two people. This is a big one… There’s like this
graham cracker crumbs on top with like a cheesecake layer on top on top of like a
yeasty yummy donut. Oh, this is a keeper If Tim doesn’t stop recording soon I’m
gonna eat his… I love me some cheesecake! This is a
donut (whoop) combined with cheesecake. How amazing is that? And, it is delicious! I’ve already had a bite (or two) Oh, DONUT! No more donut… I want another one! We’re at Num Pang in the Chelsea Market
for our five-spice pork belly sandwich. With cilantro and carrots and cucumber…
We have been waiting for this for about a year and a half. I got a bite that is
totally fat…. Which is good, but it is totally fat. I’m excited to get some
meat in here. But, every bite on this sandwich is totally different. We’re still in Chelsea Market and we
found this great looking Asian noodle place where they’re actually making
homemade noodles at the shop. We’re gonna try this out. It looks like it’s
gonna be delicious. It’s a beef brothy soup It’s a beef brothy soup… If you didn’t hear Amy there in the background Okay, this soup is fantastic! It is kind of chilly out. It’s wintery… The beef is
so tender Umm… The noodles… There’s something about a fresh noodle. It doesn’t taste the same as noodles out of a package. At all… This
is… Oh my goodness, look at this giant hunk of beef. Tim and I are gonna
have to fight for that. This is good stuff! This is a place that has a really
long line. We had a feeling it would be good and it is! We’re having lunch here at Mighty
Quinn’s. We got a brisket sandwich with some selected sauce. We also got
burnt-end baked beans and mac ‘n cheese. I’m gonna give the mac ‘n cheese a try.
We’re at Hudson Eats downtown in the Financial District. Wow! It’s hard to mess up mac ‘n
cheese… But, this is over the top good mac ‘n cheese! It’s got little crunchies in
it. I’m not sure if it’s onions or bacon bits or what… But, it is delicious and
uber cheesy! Here’s a bite of the brisket. It’s a sandwich that we got.
But, I’m just gonna try this by itself That is good brisket. Nice and moist…
They added a little bit of salt which actually adds something nice to it. And,
the sauce is also good. This is a good piece of brisket. Okay, we shared that
brisket sandwich and it’s on a giant King’s Hawaiian roll. Which I think King’s
Hawaiian rolls make everything so good. But, it’s a really fresh yummy roll. Maybe,
it’s not King’s? I don’t know but, it’s a delicious sweet roll. The brisket isn’t
that warm but, everything else about it is really good. The barbecue sauce is
thin. It’s all over my fingers… I’m gonna be sticky for the day. That
extra salt that Tim mentioned really does make it. This is a delicious
brisket sandwich. I don’t think I was expecting it to be this good. It’s
really messy. Umm! I think we’re debating getting another one. Here we are at food hall number 10. We
got to number 10! It’s the Plaza Food Hall underneath the Plaza Hotel (at 59th and 5th in Manhattan) This is a really swanky one. The trouble is – it’s extremely hard
to find seating here. We got here early and we were lucky to find two small
tables. We have another couple joining us today. We are getting started with a
lobster roll. It’s kind of expensive. With the tip it was $19.50
For something the size of a hot dog bun. But, even though we are budget travelers
I still love me some lobster! Okay, we got a tartine from Tartinery.
We love a good tartine. This one has a creamy barato spread on it, with some
roasted tomatoes, some fresh thyme. It’s just okay… It needs a little something… It
needs a little fresh pepper maybe? Some olive oil? Maybe, a little (I don’t know) – a
little lemon zest or something like that? It’s good but it we can be better. We’re still here at the Plaza Food Hall.
We got some donuts at the Doughnuttery What is this Amy? It’s a cinnamon, sugar fresh doughnut. It’s a cinnamon, sugar fresh doughnut from the Doughnuttery. Warm. Warm? Is it going to be warm? And crunchy… Umm, that’s good. A+ Holy cow! We ate like kings in New York City and we didn’t spend that much money doing it. Isn’t that incredible? Do you have food halls that you’ve tried, that you like, that you
can recommend us to? Because we visit them all over the place.
That’s our comment request down below for today. Please, tell us your experience with food
halls. Do you have good ones? Is this something you’ve never heard of? Put it
down below… We’d love to hear that… We really had some amazing affordable
delicious food during this visit. I apologize for not having a better
vocabulary. I’m working on words to describe things in general. But, food
specifically… I love ALL food but, it really was amazing, it really was
delicious, and it really was affordable! However, -again- my apologies for …
I gotta work on that! Thank you so much for watching. If you liked today’s
video please give it a thumbs up. Please, subscribe down here because we’re trying
to get to a big number by the end of December. We’re trying to hit a thousand subscribers and, we need your help to do it. Please, comment down below. Tell us your
experience with the food halls. Ask any questions that you might have. Again, I’m
from New York. If you have any New York City questions, I’m happy to answer
those too. Just the fact that this video is about food halls doesn’t mean that you
can only ask food hall questions. Ask any New York City questions. I’m a New Yorker…
Share this with your social media. If you know anybody who’s
visiting New York City, if you know anybody who should know about food halls
around the world, if you know anyone who lives in New York City (there’s a lot of
New Yorkers who won’t know anything about these places) Please, do share
this on your social media and we’ll be back next Wednesday with the new video.
Thanks for watching!


  1. Whew…we're full! Do you have a favorite food hall? Is this concept new for you? Please comment below and thanks for watching!

  2. So I just finished dinner before watching this and my mouth was still watering!! Loved seeing all the food halls and food! That chicken and cheese cake doughnut!! Yum!!

  3. I am a vegetarian so guess I'll pass on the food halls. All I saw, except for a few sweets, was meat, meat, meat. Good video as always though.

  4. I know you have mentioned this in one of your videos, but I can't remember. Do you get your sits through Housesitting International or somewhere else? I am sitting locally & am starting to sit international this fall so I am looking for the best one to sign up with. Thanks much!

  5. You guys are amazing! Your filming, editing and graphics are brilliant, and your presentation just gets better and better. Dave and I enjoyed watching your mammoth foodie trawl in New York and we feel even more inspired to visit New York just as soon as we can. We also try to make a mission out of trying food places wherever we travel and the eateries in South East Asia offer all the flavours and textures we love, super cheap. In fact, apart from Vietnamese, Laos food was one of our favourites, although not much like your dish so I don't know what they did with that. Anyway, good luck in your quest to achieve 1K followers and at the rate you are going it should not take too long. Sue x

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