1. Having lived and studied in London all my life, you’ve uncovered stuff I’ve seen but never noticed.. the noses LOL

  2. Those are some weird things! I've never seen or heard of any of these. We have the London Eye and also the London Nose. I wonder if they'll build another London Eye in Hyde Park?

  3. Watch the rest of my London travel series in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOVadUHX1B-IWv6mDl5spifI_ZTA4QU4G

  4. I really enjoy your videos, everywhere I go I look for your videos and hope you have been there:) All your videos are great and usefull I really enjoy them, best of luck for you and thanks!

  5. I loved Wallace collection. A bit quirky, but super interesting.
    Great suggestions. I only have one tiny comment – you made a mistake saying Grant Museum of Zoology is run by University of Central London. Such thing does not exist. Museum is run by the UCL aka University College London. 😉 Sorry, but as a former UCL student I had to point that out. 😉

  6. Def. do the Loo Tour! We did it in August, with Amber Loo, and it was absolutely great; a South Bank walk, a lot of the history of London's sewage and the Thames, and never a full bladder to worry about because we always were heading to or from a (usually very clean) bathroom.

  7. the fish and chip are cheap… the shop keep tearing the old price display on their windows and put a cheaper price… coffe 3 pound to just pence less than a pound… levi's jeans are very cheap, car, keep tearing the expensive price and they put the cheapest price…

  8. I used to live in London, and haven’t been back in many years. But having watched a few of your awesome videos, I am seriously missing London and will visit next year. Thank you so much for taking your precious time to upload your interesting information. Keep up the great work 👍

  9. This is all stuff to do after you've done all the standard stuff like the British Museum, the Imperial War Museum, Buckingham Palace, The Wallace Collection, the Museum of London and on, and on, and on…

  10. Come to IRELAND please you will love it. And don't forget panda .Niall your fan from Ireland. Ps your videos are fantastic.

  11. Is visiting cemetries weird ? Try getting the bus to Old Street roundabout then two minute walk south to Bunhill Field Cemetry. Some famous names buried there, William Blake and Daniel Defoe. And, yes, the place feels old.

  12. London's nose London smallest police station am new friend from life streaming Jamaica girl 123 thanks safety tour

  13. aww didnt know u were in london im from the uk but ive been following ur disneyland california vids as im off there soon

  14. I know this is a bit late but Sir John Soane didn’t design
    the Bank of London because there is no such thing, he designed the Bank of
    England, which is the central bank of the UK, issues English banks notes and
    holds the gold reserve. You can go to the Bank of England Museum – for free –
    and hold a real bar of gold.

  15. Great video some wonderful places I have never heard of. You can stay overnight at Taronga zoo in Sydney Australia . You can go Glamping and they take you on a tour of the zoo by night.

  16. As a Londoner I can tell you there are lots of weird buildings and museums but one you can try but follow the the rules at this one, it's called Dennis Sever's house,. The late Mr Sever took on an old house and laid it out to look like the inhabitants had just left the room.

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