110 Stories – Story of Lower Manhattan (Minecraft)

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New York City – September 10, 2001 At the World Trade Center… The world seemed perfect: people enjoying out at the promenade… The Marriott hotel was fully booked… The lobby was filled with people… Numerous visitors came to New York to visit the observation deck atop the South Tower… …The whole area was crowded like there was no tomorrow! That night, the twin towers looked especially beautiful…but little did they know… The next day…the marvels of engineering had to face numerous tests… CNN made the first broadcasts of a plane crash into the World Trade Center at 8:49am EDT on September 11, 2001 Jet fuel exploded on numerous floors and eventually burned some people in the concourse lobby at 8:55am. By 9:03am, it was clear that there was a consorted attack going on. As media focused on the WTC, a low flying plane approached the South Tower and smashed into it at 9:03 am EDT. The sky lobby on the 78th floor immediately disintegrated. The lobby immediately shook and the grey carpets caught on fire. Both of the World Trade Center towers were now on fire and burning with billowing smoke. Then, at 9:59am EDT, the unexpected happened. The once-tallest buildings in the world, the Twin Towers, collapsed. Manhattan was then entirely cast in ash. Lower Manhattan – September 11, 2001: 6pm EDT September 17, 2001 By 2006, 7 World Trade Center was underway and Ground Zero was cleaned. But the Manhattan skyline felt empty. By 2030, the new World Trade Center complex will be complete. It will remind us of an everlasting scar to never happen again. Of course, the skyline of New York will never be the same again, but we have to look towards the future of architecture in an ever-changing city. The four new World Trade Center towers are going to represent the future, with its uniqueness and safe modern amenities to tailor every need. The full complex will include five glass high-rises and a memorial/museum for people who were lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 1 World Trade Center is the lead building of the site, rising a symbolic 1,776 feet high. 1 World Trade Center’s lobby would be safe, grand, open and high all at the same time The See Forever Theater gives guests a great surprise and a heck of a view at the top of 1 WTC. One World Observatory is an innovative viewing area atop 1 WTC, letting guests see into the future instead of looking back at the past. The three other towers at the World Trade Center are grand in their own right. 2 WTC has a museum-like lobby. The three other towers at the World Trade Center are grand in their own right. 3 WTC has an Asian-style, blossoming and vast lobby. The three other towers at the World Trade Center are grand in their own right. 4 WTC has an open, futuristic and well-lit lobby. The 9/11 memorial contains pools in the footprints of the Twin Towers and allows guests to never forget what happened here on September 11, 2001. The 9/11 museum allows people to see multiple artifacts from the WTC on 9/11 and reminds guests exactly what happened here in September 2001. …And we will never forget.

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