$200 Undefeated 26 Inch Pizza Challenge in New York!

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What’s going on ladies and gentlemen It’s the food adventurer Magic Mitch and I’ve got a great one for you today because in this food adventure you’re going to see me face off against a undefeated 26 inch pizza challenge and if this is your first time to the channel and you’re interested in seeing videos where I face off against all kinds of food monstrosities, just like this one so be sure to subscribe! So this is the 26 inch colossal pizza challenge at Custato’s at their Rotterdam location in New York where you have 45 minutes have finished an entire 26-inch New York style pizza which is made from three pounds of dough, two pounds of cheese, and a pound of sauce and if you’re able to complete this six-pound pizza challenge you’ll get your $24 pizza for free a free shirt, your picture on their wall of fame and best of all two hundred dollars cash! Now I’ll be honest I was a little nervous heading into this challenge because this was the biggest solo little pizza challenge I’ve ever attempted but on the other hand, I was feeling good about the fact that I was off to a great start on this tour beating all my challenges so far and even setting a few records, but with that said I still made sure to not take this undefeated pizza challenge lightly which meant wearing the appropriate equipment before this battle which of course meant wearing the Heroes in the Half Shell Turtle armor as well as my food fighting pizza socks my strategy for this challenge pretty simple – just like with any other pizza challenge eat the middle of the pizza first while it’s still warm then finished with the crust all while doing this I made sure to keep in mind the wise words of legendary Foo Fighter Dr. Ramsey “The Mantis Hilton” who always preaches to remember your ABCs which stand for always be chewing so for my thoughts on this pizza challenge I’m rating it a 5 out of 5 for the setup up mainly because of that two hundred dollar cash prize in addition to the free meal, the shirt, and your picture up on their wall of Fame, now I won’t say that this is an easy challenge and there’s a reason why its undefeated but as far as a single person food challenge goes with the cash prize especially set at two hundred dollars, this is definitely one of the more manageable challenges and with a $24 price tag for losing, you can still come away with some decent change even if it takes you a few tries and even so, that’s not the worst thing in the world because this pizza challenge is delicious, which is why I’m reading at a 4/5 for the taste. Overall I thought there was a good ratio between the cheese, dough, and sauce and they definitely use quality ingredients to make this pizza which made this a much more enjoyable food adventure and I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to having this pizza again! With that being said, if you enjoyed your time watching this food challenge as much as I did eating it, would mean a lot if you took a few moments out of your day to leave a little magic of your own, by liking and sharing this video and if you’re interested in seeing more videos where I go on epic food adventures just like this one be sure to subscribe! Until my next food adventure, this is Magic Mitch enjoy the rest of the video, take care, and have a great day! What are you listening to?
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