2019 Honda Insight – 2018 New York Auto Show

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At the 2018 Detroit Auto Show Honda
unveiled the Insight prototype, which whenever they do that that always means
that it’s a thinly-veiled version of the production car. Well, we’re at the 2018
New York Auto Show, let’s look at the production car. Riding on the same basic
platform as the Honda Civic, the 2019 Insight looks like someone tried to
digitally morph a Honda Civic into a Honda Accord but then stopped right in
the middle. Through its many iterations the Insight has always been a mileage
leader for Honda, and the same holds true with the third generation Insight, up to
55 miles per gallon in the city. Enabling that efficiency is Honda’s two-motor
hybrid system, which blends electric propulsion and the power of a 1.5-liter
Atkinson Cycle gasoline engine to generate a net system power output of
151 horsepower and 197 pound-feet of torque. The important thing we haven’t
explored yet is the interior. Davis, will you show me the back seat of the Insight?
I would love to show you the back seat of my Insight. Get on that side.
Davis my understanding is that this is a somewhat premium, a sort of a step up
from the Civic, sort of slots between the Civic and the Accord. In the interior
what should I be noticing? So, first of all the the new Insight is built on same
platform as Civic sedan so that’s important to know you know the driving
dynamics are great as well as handling that kind of stuff, but what you’re getting
kind of above that from the Civic is the interior has been kind of significantly
upgraded. If you look especially up at the front dash, you can see the design is
very different. You have the digital display that’s kind of set up similar to
the Accord. You have the all-new infotainment system that is very similar
to Accord and Odyssey. This is also the first time that a vehicle on
Civic Platform has our most advanced version of Honda Link which allows your
phone to integrate with the vehicle. We already have that in the Civic but
now you have onboard LTE Wi-Fi and that kind of stuff, so the car can talk to your
phone all the time, anywhere you are. Lock the car, start the car, locate the car. It’s in navigation destinations that kind of stuff. It’s really,
really nice. One note I’m able to sit behind myself so from a passenger
spaciousness perspective I fit reasonably well, but where is the
lithium-ion battery pack Davis? Well, it’s right underneath you, Micah, which
is awesome because what happens here with the
EX and Touring models these seats actually still fold down, and you have a very
functional full-size drunk in the back. of this car. We’re gonna exit frame and
now you will see that functionality. Let’s move. It’s a pretty good pass through,
actually. That’s like super wide. From an equipment perspective LED headlights,
push button start, and Honda Sensing comes standard. As a reminder Honda
Sensing is that awesome suite of safety aids that keeps the car in its Lane and
keeps you from crashing into things. And if you go for the EX trim you’ll get an
eight-inch touchscreen and smart entry From my vantage point the 2019 Insight
looks like an attractive car that doesn’t scream, look at me I’m driving a
hybrid, it just happens to be exceedingly efficient. Oh, hey, Davis Adams, when can we
expect the Insight to appear at dealerships? It’s gonna arrive in the early summer.
And how much will it cost? We haven’t said that yet, so I’ll tell you
soon. You can tell me. No I’m not gonna tell you. By the way, last time we did
this people said, hey, a little bit excessive with the hug, so can we end
with a hearty handshake. It doesn’t feel natural but we can try it.


  1. Micah standing for decency by wearing a tie, unlike the Honda representative who looks like he has been arraigned.

  2. 3:11 The Honda spokesperson made a lip bite while looking at Micah.
    I understand! Micah's cute and kind! I've had a crush on him since 2008.

  3. I don't think we spent enough time celebrating that volume knob in the insight Infotainment system. (I was hoping Micah would go "DAVIS, LOOK AT THAT VOLUME KNOB." (Just to" dial" up the humor/embarrassment factor. Dial… get it!?)

  4. Previous Honda Insight video at the Detroit Auto Show.
    Davis Adams: " No compromises in design. Not like our competitors that look like eggs. "
    Burn Toyota! Burn! 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Batteries under the back seats are a Excellent way for Mfg's to get more $$$ & offer Heated Rear Seats as Standard equipment! #Honda

  6. I demand more hugs, Micah. More. You need to make up for the lack of bromance from Zach leaving KBB. MORE HUGS, DAMNIT.

  7. Fun Fact: Micah is claustrophobic. You can hear him breathing heavily when they’re in the back seat of the Insight

  8. Priuskiller. But why it was a problem to make it liftback with the same shape? It would be much more practical.

  9. I hate how Honda makes their sedans look like a fat quasi-hatches from the side angles. Ughhh. Make it a hatchback if you want it to sort of look like one!

  10. can someone guess if the size will be same as civic & corolla? i mean it looks kind of small though i am insterested.. now if it’s same size like cars i mentioned, idk..

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