23 Questions: Michael San Francisco

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>>Allison Hirth: HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN JUST THREE WORDS?>>Michael San Francisco, Honors College Dean: Funny, creative, athletic.>>Allison Hirth: WHAT YEAR DID YOU START WORKING AT TEXAS TECH?>>Michael San Francisco: 1990.>>Allison Hirth: WHAT WAS THE FIRST THING YOU DID THIS MORNING?>>Michael San Francisco: I made coffee.>>Allison Hirth: WHAT TIME DID YOUR ALARM GO OFF?
>>Michael San Francisco: 6:30.>>Allison Hirth: WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY?>>Michael San Francisco: Christmas.>>Allison Hirth: DO YOU HAVE A NICKNAME?>>Michael San Francisco: Mike.>>Allison Hirth: WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST JOB?>>Michael San Francisco: My first job (was a) postdoctoral researcher at the University of Maryland medical school.>>Allison Hirth: WHAT’S THE BEST PART ABOUT YOUR JOB NOW?>>Michael San Francisco: Students.>>Allison Hirth: Coffee or tea?>>Michael San Francisco: Coffee… in the morning.>>Allison Hirth: WHAT WAS YOUR WORST SUBJECT IN SCHOOL?>>Michael San Francisco: History.>>Allison Hirth: WHAT WAS THE LAST BOOK YOU READ?>>Michael San Francisco: Arctic Dreams (by) Barry Lopez.>>Allison Hirth: BEACH HOUSE OR LAKE HOUSE?>>Michael San Francisco: Beach house.>>Allison Hirth: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO EAT?
>>Michael San Francisco: Oh, Indian food.>>Allison Hirth: DO YOU COOK?>>Michael San Francisco: Yes.>>Allison Hirth: WHO’S THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE?>>Michael San Francisco: (Inaudible)>>Allison Hirth: WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST PET?>>Michael San Francisco: Taffy.>>Allison Hirth: WAFFLES OR PANCAKES?>>Michael San Francisco: Pancakes.>>Allison Hirth: WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE?>>Michael San Francisco: Oh, It’s A Wonderful Life.>>Allison Hirth: WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO SPOT ON CAMPUS IF YOU HAVE TO GET WORK DONE?>>Michael San Francisco: My office.>>Allison Hirth: IF YOU COULD HAVE DINNER WITH ANYONE TONIGHT, WHO WOULD IT BE?>>Michael San Francisco: Thomas Jefferson.>>Allison Hirth: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DESSERT?>>Michael San Francisco: My wife’s apple pie.>>Allison Hirth: GRYFFINDOR OR HUFFLEPUFF?>>Michael San Francisco: St. George’s, 40 years before Harry Potter.>>Allison Hirth: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TEXAS TECH TRADITION?>>Michael San Francisco: The Matador Song after graduation. I am Michael San Francisco
and I just answered ’23 Questions’.

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