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I am actually packing for New York I
leave in the morning so these are the shoes that I think I’m gonna break but
it’s gonna be cold so we are packing lots of coats
Brandon’s helping me we’re gonna get dinner in a bit but that is just what
we’re doing today so I will see you guys in New York hello friends I just got in
like an hour ago I rush to get ready because I’m meeting
some of the girls from origins but I wanted to show you this room it is so
stunning so this is what you see as soon as you first in of course I’ve already
made it an absolute mess but we have a king bed Shannon and Madison are on
their way tomorrow and then look at this pretty little view very New York I feel
like because you get the side of a building and then you see a little bit
of the city out there but behind those curtains over there is actually a closet
we have some robes over there and in here oh my God look how beautiful this
bathroom is pretty shower and I am rushing to get ready this is the little
outfit I have my Doc Martens on I feel like these are really great for walking
around the city and I won’t care if they get super dirty I had a shirt here for
my ball some jeans and I’m planning on throwing on the psych little jacket I can tell you on me yeah I got my
reasons why I can’t see hello friends so I’ve just got back home and it’s around
ten o’clock I’m gonna start editing my video for this week I had such a great
day as soon as I landed in New Jersey and I took like a 30-minute goobric to
the hotel and the whole ride I was just like staring out the windows because the
city is just so gorgeous and then I met up with origins and we had drinks and
they gave me such a generous little goodie bag and then shortly after that I
met up with some of my friends at glow recipe Shane and I actually have been
Instagram friends for a really long time and is used your name is Dermatology am
and this is our first time like meeting and getting to hang out in real life and
we ended up spending the entire evening together he is just such a sweet soul I
always love meeting people that I’ve known online and then finding out that
they’re just as good in person as they are online so we ended up going to
bubble guys and we went to the side Korean restaurant before that was super
good my skin is so oily and I just want to take shower wash my hands and I will
hop back with you guys and show you some of the stuff that I got today first I
met with some first I met with some of my friends at origins and they gave me a
couple of restock I’m actually going to be working with them again and it’s
actually gonna be on this mega mushroom belief and resilience soothing treatment
lotion and this is kind of like a soothing flash hydrating toner this
ginseng cream is wonderful it’s an oil free energizing boosting gel moisturizer
they also gave me a peace of mind on the spot treatment retexturizing clay masse
excited to try I haven’t tried this but origins makes wonderful clay mess and
then I also have this frothy face wash already I brought it with me when I went
to see how it and I really really enjoy it then I met up with my friends at glow
recipe and he generously gave me the entire glow recipe line and I’m such a
fan of glow recipe they have great skincare especially this although
retinol line is one of my favorites this eye cream but my nail got stuck this eye
cream is so good if you have any type of millia or any type of texture on your
under eyes this will help get rid of it so quick and it since
does have retinol you’re not supposed to use it every single night so I probably
use that about one to two times every single week they also gave me their
cleanser which is great the watermelon line which is amazing
pineapple C serum which I really really enjoy this is one of my favorite vitamin
C serums but the only thing about it is it kind of smells like pee do like that
everything is not heavily fragrance so it doesn’t really bother me that much
and then we also have their new banana souffle moisture cream which I really
really love I just did my skincare so I’m gonna kind of take the time to catch
up on emails edit my video and kind of plan out my day for tomorrow because I
have a meeting in the morning and then a meeting an evening I also want to take
some pictures by myself so I don’t know how I’m gonna go about doing that so
yeah I’m gonna go ahead and catch up on some work and go to bed early today and
I will see you guys in the morning I’m feeling super drowsy today and I am
actually working on my video I’m almost done with him do my girlfriend’s might
not come Madison is worried that with the whole
coronavirus and stuff like that and with work she just doesn’t know she can come
so she’s gonna let me know and then Shannon
it’s texting me right now and we’re talking about like if she even can so
that’s a little bit sad and Jimmy was supposed to come with us I don’t know if
I already mentioned it but she’s not coming because of the whole coronavirus
thing too and she just wants to be safe especially because she lives with her
parents who are a little bit older so I totally understand that so I am just
spending like a lot of quality time around myself which is nice but I have a
couple friends in New York that I might meet up with later on in this weekend so
I’ll be fine but anyways I’m gonna have some room service and finish the review hello friends I had such a good day and
I am so tired I actually found out from Shannon Madison who are supposed to come
out with me today that they weren’t able to make it out just because their work
and stuff like that it’s just not really worth the risk for them to make a trip
for fun which I totally understand finally a few campaigns as well as that
year so it ended up being really really nice for me and having the freedom to
kind of do whatever I want was really nice it’s 1:00 a.m. and I said I was
gonna go to sleep early but I did it when I got home from my meeting today I
was like a little bit tipsy just because I’m such a lightweight and I didn’t have
any dinner so I ended up coming home and doing a little workout showering and
taking a ton of product shot so I was actually editing the entire time anyways
it’s getting late everybody go to bed and I will see you guys actually was fully planning on staying
here over the weekend in New York I haven’t really had the chance to walk
around explode the city yet but we heard news that New York is now on lockdown
everyone is freaking out I had one more meeting today with pharmacy that got
canceled because everyone is going home so now I’m thinking like okay should I
be worried called Alaska Airlines and I was put on hold for two hours so I kind
of gave up on that and I’m just booking a flight to fly back tomorrow morning
there was a fight for this evening but I figured I’m Kara anyway and I haven’t
been able to do anything so might as well try to make the most of this trip
and then I’m meeting my friend Nam later we’re gonna walk around the city and try
to take some photos go get lunch and dinner and then go to bed early because
I’m playing so hello friend so I am finally back now
and I ended up shooting a ton of photos so we ended up walking around so much
today we went to Soho it makes me just want to come back to New York another
time when times are better and there’s not like a pandemic going on my flight
back home is early tomorrow morning and I am so excited to get back home I was
supposed to 5 Monday morning but just with everything that’s going on I think
it’s better to be safe than sorry and honestly I was thinking for a while that
I almost regretted taking this trip but now looking back I don’t in the future I
know that whenever there’s anything going on and if I’m ever sketch about
anything that I shouldn’t go so now I know it was partly for work but today
made the whole trip super fulfilling and I had so much fun catching up snap and
her and I have been childhood friends but I haven’t seen her in a year so I
told her come to LA and she’s gonna come visit me and I’m gonna come back to New
York when times are a little bit better and just have a little bit more time to
explore the city I wore my Ilya foundation and I did not
do my little hack today so my skin is a grease ball and I saw my recent
foundation hack video where I put on powder before my foundation it really
does make a difference because my skin it just gets so greasy and like honestly
when my face is like this it just doesn’t photograph well at all but
anyways I’m going to go take a shower pack up and get ready to
head home you


  1. i loved that your vlog had a mini GRWM too!!!!! i was in new york the weekend before you came and i’m so sad i didn’t get the chance to meet you 🙁 one day hopefully !!!! always love watching your videos, looking beautiful as ever 🤗

  2. hi Christine! where did you get those Chucks at :39. i like those better than the ones with the white thread. thanks. great video as always 😃

  3. Love how real you are in all your vlogs! Hope you are safe and healthy amongst all the craziness! ❤️ thanks for the fun content that keeps us entertained 🥰

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