3 Historical Nonfiction about Women I Had My Eyes On #NonfictionNovember

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hi there it’s Meonicorn today I want to continue talking about non-fiction books in nonfiction November and talk about three books that I had my eyes on and they are all historical non-fiction they’re all about women’s life in the history of the United States I actually didn’t realize they’re all about women in the United States until I put the small list together I haven’t read these books yet but I have a great interests on them and I think there are great topics to read back to back because of the similarity in their topics the first book is the one that inspired this whole video, it’s called The White Devil’s Daughters: The Fight Against Slavery in San Francisco’s Chinatown by Julia Flynn Siler We all know that San Francisco had
one of the oldest and the most famous Chinatown in the world it loaded with
restaurants and attractions for people to visit every year but the
establishment of the Chinatown in San Francisco was a piece of sad and tragic
history this book reveals the dark history that lies in the first century of San Francisco Chinatown focus on the human trafficking of young Asian women mostly Chinese and they are trafficked to be slavery and prostitutes and there’s a building called Occidental Mission Home which served as a gateway to rescue those girls from the promise of the book I sense it’s more about the Occidental Mission Home rather than talking about the story of the
trafficked girls of their own so I have a little bit concern here because I
don’t want to read a story about a group of people or a group of organization
being so great and they saved and rescued a lot of other people I really
prefer story about the people who was helped because I think besides being
helped they must had great effort to survive
but I think that’s something that I need to read this book and get to my own
conclusion the second book I had my eyes on is called The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women by Kate Moore this book was centered around the time where radium was first discovered as an element so a lot of industries and companies were very excited for the discovery of radium
because they got to include that element into their product line to make profits naturally a lot of young girls was hired and to work in radium dial factories this was a fantastic job for them until they become mysteriously ill this book was about those young girls the way that became sick and more importantly the fight they took on after they discovered that the company that they’re working for is
ignoring their responsibilities I discovered this book kind of by
accident and I went on Goodreads to check out the reviews of the book and
very happily found a lot of my booktube friends giving this book a very positive
review so I’m very excited for this book but I also anticipate it will be a very
hard read because of the topic matters last book on the small list is called Ninth Street Women: Five Painters and the Movement That Changed Modern Art by Mary Gabriel the book is about five intelligence but
more importantly hard-working female artists they bravely step into a
male-dominated world of abstract art and influenced and changed the art history
of America I don’t know the life story about those artists who got include in this book but I definitely enjoyed their work before and I hope this book can
give me some concrete stories about their life art and their effort to build
a community that served as a bridge to later female artists the only thing that
worried me about this book was the length of the book
it’s a almost a thousand pages book although I already decided to read it as
a audiobook but I still it’s a forty hours audio book so I’m still very
nervous about the length well those are some historical nonfiction that I’m interested in at the moment and I discovered that I really like historical
things both nonfiction and fiction so maybe I have the interest in history
that I didn’t even know before so because of that I want to explore more
historical nonfiction so if you have any recommendations about historical
nonfiction or you just want to simply say hi
please leave a comment in the comment section down below and don’t forget to
happy reading oh thumbs up to this video if you enjoy
it and yeah I’ll see you in my next bookish video bye [check out my bookish blog :)]

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