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welcome to New York City in the evening it’s it’s looks like a September here
it’s a nice warm day people are out in short sleeve shirts and we’re looking at
the Empire State Building here just down the road and looking along Broadway and
towards Times Square a thing you got to remember about New York City is just a
block off of these major streets are regular apartment buildings people live
here year-round that some of them have street views some of them alley views
some have no views and here we’re looking at Macy’s the largest store
world’s largest store takes up an entire city block this building is almost 10
stories high it’s all retail it’s heaven if you’re looking to buy something
you’ve got grocery stores you have shoe repair places and all kinds of nooks and
crannies I businesses everywhere but on the main drag here you’ve got the
billboards and your advertising fashion their advertising services your
advertising latest video game movies Broadway plays CNN signage is up there
and then your local businesses on street level the folks who are walking along on
the sidewalks after jostle with the t-shirt vendors
and the food vendors the up dog vendors and everybody else and of course you
have the cars the cars the cars it is really stunning to see it’s a thing you
have to do if you ever get a chance to go you got to go to New York City you
have to walk the streets of New York we’ll look at the billboard here stand
there for a minute or two and it changes and you can see a different billboard
it’s amazing how technology has changed Times Square back in the 60s the 50s the
40s neon signage was all the rage and a
little bit of movement here and there was incorporated in the 40s the 50s and
the 60s but today this signage is stunning you’re you’re almost watching a
picture show on these some of these billboards they’re moving pictures
moving commercials phenomenal every culture from the world are on the
streets of New York you’ll hear languages from everywhere
you’ll see people’s clothing from around the world it really is something to see
it’s a melting pot of humanity and it’s just over here David Letterman was
running his show here at the Ed Sullivan Theater back in 1964 February the
Beatles were on stage and they played live to 74 million people truly one of
the greatest TV audiences of all time I think it was virtually after the country
tuned in to watch The Beatles Sunday night on The Ed Sullivan Show
here’s Radio City Music Hall we’ve seen this image in Woody Allen movies other
shows television shows and newspaper articles magazine articles we’ve seen
Radio City Music Hall all our lives it’s an iconic place here we are at 30
Rockefeller Center or 30 rock this is the fountain at the bottom of the tall
skyscraper just below as the cafe in the summertime and the said skating rink in
the wintertime and we’ve all seen photos and images of that too here’s 30 rock
the tower itself that was the opening shot for Liz Lemon in 30 rock Tina Fey
in the gang and David Letterman when he ran his show on NBC the Late Show with
David Letterman that was his opening shot too here are some of the buildings
around 30 rock they were all built at the same time I believe was Ryan around
1930 31 32 this entire complex of about 12 buildings was built in about three
four years huge employment deal at the time of the recession – Here I am
of course I’m handing it up in front of the 30 rock building and that kind of
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