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As a die hard fan of the Chicago Blackhawks
and Chicago Cubs, sports is what first brought me to the Windy City. However, over the years
I’ve come to appreciate the phenomenal architecture, food scene, entertainment and cultural options
the city has to offer. I was excited to be taking Audrey here for the first time. The
following is a guide to the city’s top attractions. Sit back and enjoy the top 35 things to do
in Chicago! A really great way to enjoy the architecture
here in Chicago is to take a river walk. Chicago River is lined with truly impressive
buildings on either side and you can just walk along and enjoy them. We got to see buildings like Marina City,
Trump Tower, and Wrigley Building. This was by far one of our favorite things to do in
the city. Alternatively, if you’re not up for a walk,
architecture river tours are a fun way to take in the sights along the river. If you find yourself here during the summer
months kayaking is a popular activity. Now we are here at The Bean which is also
known as Cloud Gate. This is a really cool sculpture by Init Kapur and as you can see
people are having lots of fun taking photos. The Crown Fountain is a cool interactive sculpture
located in Millennium Park. It’s a nice escape from the heat and you’ll find lots of kids
splashing around in the water. Summer is a great time to be in Chicago because
of all the free events that take place in the pavilion. We managed to catch a free movie
and some concerts during our stay. Art lovers will enjoy the Art Institute of
Chicago, which holds the work of great artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gaugin. Taking in a Chicago Cubs baseball game at
Wrigley field is a must for anyone who visits the city. The Cubs are called the lovable
losers and last won a World Series when the Ottoman Empire was still in power but that
doesn’t stop the die hard fans from rooting for them. You can’t come to Chicago and not eat deep-dish
pizza! During our week here we ate at many pizzerias in town including Lou Malnati’s,
Giordano’s, Gino’s East Side, and Pizzeria Uno. Delicious! Formerly known as the Sears Tower, Willis
Tower is now the 2nd tallest building in the United States. It happened to be a very foggy
day when we visited so we got some cool photos. We’re at the
University of Chicago. It has a beautiful
campus and there are several noteworthy buildings. We’re going to give you a bit of a tour right
now. Many of the buildings at the University of
Chicago were designed in the Gothic style; for a perfect example of this, step inside
the beautiful Rockefeller Chapel. Then be sure to wander the rest of the campus where
the buildings are covered in ivy. The campus is also home to the Oriental Institute
where the public can view an extensive collection of artifacts from the Near East. Right now we are visiting the Osaka Garden
here in Chicago. It is a very tranquil place with lots of little paths that you can walk
down. It is just a really nice escape from the city. The Osaka Garden is located in Jackson Park
which is in Chicago’s South Side. This Chicago neighborhood was made famous
by the movie Wicker Park starring Josh Hartnett and Diane Kruger. If you visit the neighborhood
today you’ll find it has a very hipster feel, with lots of street art down every alley. Humboldt Park is a little far removed from
the downtown area so it’s not as popular with visitors, however, it’s a really great place
to soak in nature. You can wander around the pond, catch a pick up game of baseball, or
grab a bite from one of the many food trucks parked in the area. For a chance to come face to face with dinosaurs,
head over to the Field Museum. This museum is home to the largest and most complete T-Rex
to have ever been found and her name is Sue. Right next door is the Shedd Aquarium which
is a popular attraction for families. We’re here now at the United Center, home
of the Chicago Blackhawks. Now this is my favorite NHL hockey team. Being here is extremely
exciting for me. I’m hanging out here with Jonathan Toews, the current captain. This
team has been immensely successful lately. They’ve won two Stanley Cups recently in 2010
and 2013 and I think they may have a dynasty on hand. Now someday I’d love to see a Toews
and Kane statue here. While in the city, we also got to visit a
cool art installation called “Borders”. It’s located in the Solti Gardens at Grant Park
and we had fun trying to blend in with the sculptures. We’re here now at Buckingham Fountain and
I know I’m dating myself a bit here by saying this but for fans of Married with Children
this is the fountain that was used in the opening credits. Having already gone up the Willis Tower by
day, we decided to visit the John Hancock Center by night. The city really dazzles from
the 94th floor. The Navy Pier is a fun place to visit on a
weekend. The pier is lined with fun rides including a giant Ferris Wheel, a wave swing,
and a carousel. There are a number of free attractions in
Chicago. One of them being the Lincoln Park Zoo. Now we’re going to check it out and I’m
hoping to spot a polar bear. While visiting we spotted lots of animals
including lions, tigers, and rhinos. Afterwards we headed over to conservatory. Located in the north end of the city, North
Avenue Beach is a popular hangout spot with beach-goers. You’ll find people jogging, playing
sports, and working on their tans. For improvise comedy there’s no better place
than The Second City. This theater troupe has seen some pretty big names pass through. We’re in for a bit of a strange evening today.
We’re going to be playing a game called Trapped in a Room with a Zombie. Basically we’re going
to get locked in a room for sixty minutes with a Zombie and a whole bunch of other participants.
We have one hour to try and figure out clues to escape the room before the Zombie is set
loose. The zombie is going to be chained to the wall and every five minutes releases another
foot. We need to try and solve this game quickly otherwise the Zombie is going to be loose
and trying to grab us. Let’s see how it goes. It is going to eat you first. You look tasty. We were eaten alive by the zombie after all. The Magnificent Mile is a shopper’s paradise.
This area is home to high end boutiques and department stores. The Chicago L, or the elevated line, is great
for getting around town. A week pass is $28 for unlimited travel. We’re here now at Soldier Field, home of the
Chicago Bears. They play football in the National Football League and I just got myself a new
hat. This afternoon we are visiting the Money Museum
at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. This is a museum that very few people know about
because it is actually empty right now but it is completely free to visit. We’re going
to show you some money. The Divvy is Chicago’s bike sharing system.
It is ideal for quick trips and you can drop the bikes off at any station around town. Chicago’s Museum of Science and Technology
is the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere. They cover everything from submarines
to weather patterns. This home may not look that impressive from
the exterior, but it’s an important example of the Prairie School architectural style
which is uniquely American. If you tire of walking, segway tours are another
fun way to zip around the city. It’s hard to miss the flashing lights of the
historic Chicago Theatre! Their events calendar is packed with some big names from the music
industry. And that’s a little preview at our week long
visit to Chicago! We tried to cover some of the well-known attractions as well as some
sights that lie a little further from the downtown. We hope this video will help you
plan your next visit to Chicago. If you’ve already been to the Windy City,
be sure to leave us a comment and let us know about some of your favorite spots. For more food and travel videos click subscribe.

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