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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] so what are the two biggest things you worry about when traveling you know you you biggest financial issues first one is getting there and then the second one a combination let me show you what we got it’s right next to a hospital Americans have thin windows you can hear everything you know we didn’t have the best sleep possible but it was good I mean this is you up who comes here to sweep right this is like it’s loud the apartment is a two-story apartment with a second bedroom on top with an insane balcony with such of you I’m going to show you in a minute what if you we got from this tiny window up there sadly it’s tiny but the guy upstairs the most insane terrace I’ve ever seen but anyways we got our own we have a kitchen we have a bathroom and then the two roommates super nice and you only ever see them so it’s like [Music] I don’t get I don’t get that Americans are we are and what do you do that then we have our daily slash kitchen run with every single thing you could ever possibly need in a kitchen and I’m in the oven and the fridge we could use and everything everything [Music] you hear how I’m singing loud it is there just one window open just one window these are clothes these are all clothes and it’s freaking out he paid two hundred and fifty nine bucks a person for six nights in Brooklyn a hostel would have cost me more it’s on the edge of booked in Brooklyn and Williamsburg the subway is right next to a door so yeah clue location awesome apartment less than 50 bucks a night [Music]


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