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So we just got back from Europe last weekend
and in Paris we had the most amazing croissants and almond croissants they’re so fresh so
cheap and we had them every single day. And we really miss it. We’re on the hunt for best
pastries and croissants in San Francisco. Here are the 5 Best Bakeries in San Francisco.
And now we’re going to Arsicault in Inner Richmond. It was named the Best New Bakery
in 2016 and it has been super popular since then. This place has super good croissants
and they’re super super flakey. We’re in line right now. Today is not too bad. Even if it’s
long it goes through pretty quickly because they have very few select things on the menu.
We got an almond croissant. Plan croissant. Kouign Amann. It spelled “Kouign Amann,” but
it’s actually “Kouign Amann.” The owner literally just took out a tray of these croissants.
Look how fresh they are! Super rised up. So flakey. So fresh! We have an almond croissant
here and yeah this is definitely really flakey and this looks really good. I’m making a mess.
Yeah that’s amazing. CRINGEEEE And a lot of French people who have come here have said
that these are indeed pretty identical to the ones you’d find in Paris. And it helps
because the owner is a French guy. You need to come here and try this! Here we have the
Kouign Amann, this is a little bit different from the croissants that we’re having. It’s
a little bit crustier and crunchier. It’s also really, really sweet so if you’re into
sweets, this is for you. Wow! I have it all over my face. But yeah do you see how crumbly
that is? Arsicault won that award and yeah they definitely live up to the hype. So good!
B Patisserie is a modern and aesthetic bakery that boasts a huge selection of traditional
French, as well as American-style, pastries. Almond cake, which is gluten-free. Kouign
amain. A regular croissant. Very flakey! Very light, not so sweet. Really good almond flavor.
Here we have the Kouign Amann, as you can tell, crumbly and flakey. If you’re not super
into sweets and you want a Kouign Amann, I definitely recommend this place because it’s
got more of a mild sweet flavor. Mmm, so light and airy! Flakey. B Patisserie has great aesthetics,
the flakiest and most delicious croissants and we love their almond cake. We’ve been
eating so much today. So we have leftovers for tomorrow. Make sure to line up early to
get some of their amazing cruffins. But remember that Mr. Holmes also has a ton of other delicious
goodies. The line started moving at 9AM, it’s moving pretty fast because there’s a limit
of 2 cruffins per person so people just get it and go. We got a strawberry shortcake cruffin,
cookie dough doughnut, and a matcha croissant. The bread alone on the cruffin and doughnut
is really good, but that filling just makes it even better. This cream in here! Super
good, it’s not super sweet either. I’m a mess! It’s good! It kinda tastes like the matcha
Kit-Kat. Never had a matcha croissant before so this is definitely different. We’ve been
here before, however, we’ve never ever had the cruffins because we always got there too
late so for once we woke up a little earlier and got in line and now we have cruffins to
try. People say you need to line up at 8AM, you don’t really need to. It’s Saturday and
we still got them at 8:45. Next up is another amazing, amazing bakery: Neighbor Bakehouse!
This place is a must-try if you’re in the Dogpatch area. They serve my favorite nitro
cold brew here! I just love nitro cold brew so much oh my god. We have an everything croissant.
Ham and cheese morning bun. Cappuccino. This is a cinnamon almond bostock. Similar to like
a brioche type of bread I think, but more of a cake form. Heavy! Pretty dense. If you’re
a big ginger fan, that’s really good. I love the pastry dough here. Crunchy on the outside,
soft on the inside. Here we have the everything croissant. Certainly has everything on it,
underneath. Get inside there. I got a mouth full of cream cheese, but no complaints. The
great thing about these popular places in San Francisco bakeries is that the lines are
pretty long so they’re always very, very fresh. And Neighbor Bakehouse also has this nice
patio area it’s busy today, but there are still places to sit because a lot of people
are taking it to-go. We are at Tartine Bakery which is actually different from their cafe
in another part of the Mission. This one is more of a bakery, with more pastries, less
of a cafe sit-down and more of a quick grab bakery. I got the matcha latte, which they
have from Stonemill Matcha down the street. We got a ham and cheese croissant. Frangipane
tart, which is almond cream with the seasonal fruit, which looks like figs. My favorite
almond croissant, oh my gosh this is heavy. This is really heavy, actually. So good! I
ordered a frangipane tart, it’s a little tart that has almond cream filling, has also almonds
on it and powder sugar and some fruits and just lightly sweet with that fruit and the
almonds and the crumbliness. It makes it delicious. So those are out 5 favorite bakeries in San
Francisco. Let us know in the comments what are your favorite bakeries. Thanks!


  1. Arizmendi is one of my favorites! Either location will do but the one in the mission is less crowded.

  2. Great choices but order a sponge cake with the the Chestnut filling from Sunset Bakery in the Inner Sunset. It's rich and delicious. Has to be ordered however. You two continue to offer great tips. Ty

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