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(electronic music) – On a quest to find the best
cheeseburger in New York City. My husband and I, a few months ago, started doing these burger tours. We’d wake up on a Saturday, we’d go hit up five or six of the best cheeseburgers in the city. We’d rate them, we’d figure
out which we love best, turns out I don’t need him to do that. I’m gonna eat five cheeseburgers today, I’m gonna do it all by myself, I’m ready. I don’t know if you can tell but my pants are unzipped. We’re here at Le Rivage for
the French Onion Soup Burger and we should start eating. (electronic music) Chef mentioned back there
while we’re making it that you’re gonna be able
to see the French onion soup as if it were on top of a burger, he wasn’t kidding. It’s just puddles and puddles of onions. It is quite literally falling
apart in the best of ways. Also, we need more burgers
on English muffins. Another thing that you don’t
expect to get from all of this is there’s a super vanilla dijon on top and you get that even though there are piles and piles of onions here. I just feel the need to
pull and eat one by one but we’d be here all day. So it does feel like this
is a super untraditional way to start a burger tour like this and burgers blur. This is a burger that’s not going to blur. Have you ever seen anything like this? Highly recommend. (upbeat music) This is Chumley’s, which makes sense because that place says “not Chumley’s.” It’s pretty magical in there. They have an incredible (bleep) burger. It has bone marrow, crispy shallots and this crazy Chumley sauce which has like eleven ingredients, it’s completely insane. I am very excited,
itching and ready to go. Burger number two. (upbeat music) What’s so special about this burger is this patty of bone marrow that they torch the (bleep) out of. Sorry, I cursed. So we have double patties here, super thin, one layer of cheese, and we have Chumley sauce. Crispy shallots, I didn’t even realize there were shallots that’s why it’s a little bit sweet. Then we have the patty of bone marrow, best thing on the planet. You’re not going to use
this as b-roll, are you? You are, okay. Oh my God. My favorite burger in
this whole (bleep) city. There’s a lot of sweetness going on on top and that is the shallots. I don’t know why I
thought they were onions, they’re super sweet shallots. It’s greasy and drippy. Sometimes that’s a bad thing and it’s not a bad thing here. In fact, it’s really beautiful. I just wanna keep eating. Oh, I just touched my face and now I feel meat grease all over. Do I have burger in my teeth now? We’re here for burger number three at Suprema Provisions. I’m laughing cause I just
caught a glimpse of myself in the window of this place. I look like a pink potato
sack of meat sweats. I don’t even, that’s just where we’re at. So, it’s time to eat. (electronic music) Chef made it really clear, there are no substitutions on this thing. And I think that’s because
it’s quite literally a work of art that he’s very proud of. I wanna get a bit of everything, I don’t know if my mouth is big enough. I don’t know what it means
to be a luxurious burger but this is a luxurious burger. So there is some of this cheese sauce that’s pooled at the bottom here. We have brisket and short rib patty which is wildly different than anything we’ve eaten today so far. There’s black garlic sauce,
iberico jamon bacon jam, and we’ve got these roasted
cherry tomatoes on top which is so pretty. By far the most gram-able burger we’ve tackled today, I would say. Words betray me. Let’s cool down a little bit. It’s exciting because again,
the whole meat sweats thing. We’re at Emmy Squared in the East Village. This burger is supposed
to be (bleep) fantastic even though it’s a pizza place. That’s a whole other story. I’m ready to eat more, again. (electronic music) It’s taken us four stops
to get to this point but we have pickles and we
have a little bit of heat. And if you don’t want
a slightly spicy pickle I don’t know that I want to know you. This is like a two hand ordeal. It’s an extremely layered burger. We’re looking at double patties here and each of them is coated with cheese. We’ve got the Sammy sauce, that’s where the heat is coming from. All the pickles in the world. Oh, there’s lettuce down here. I don’t really care about the lettuce but I care about all the other things. And a pretzel bun. Is that butter, did you put butter on it? I missed the butter,
that’s why it’s so shiny. Anyway, burger time. (bleep) fantastic. The pretzel bun’s what hits you first. You can taste all the
layers, it’s like whoa. This is like a burger
architectural achievement. Okay, stop number five, there’s a big pig in the door. It says, life is short, eat
the bacon, so that’s fun. This is supposed to be
an incredible burger. Actually, I’ve had it before,
it’s an incredible burger and I’m so excited to rap on
it so this should be great. (electronic music) This guy into all the burgers
it seems we’ve got here, but it feels important to point out how salty these fries are. See how salty they are? It is falling apart in my hands. I want a bite of everything especially because the
bun is super buttery, which is why it’s falling apart. Firstly there’s this sauce that’s on every single
layer of this thing. And I think she had said it
was ketchup and habanero, so it was quite literally
that mayo I’m obsessed with. But with some dijon-y,
mustard-y aspect to it. So we’ve got this super buttered bun, then we’ve got the pickles,
which I have destroyed. Double patties, cheese on each, which again is incredibly
important in the art of a burger. This burger is not trying so
hard, do you know what I mean? We have had some burgers
that are trying really hard. This one, it just is. I’ve thought about it a lot and I would say that I know
more about cheeseburgers than probably anyone on this planet, so, that’s about all you need to know. I’m happy. (R&B music)


  1. I know some people enjoy their burgers pink and sufh but that first burger ……..naw fam. Just heck no.

  2. That first burger was definitely still raw.
    I mean I won't even eat a medium rare burger or steak or anything like that because I think it's gross.

  3. Lord. Many people going off about the cooking of the burger ? I just legitimately have never seen so many folks get upset about the way a burger was cooked ??? Some people like a rare to medium rare burger, or steak. But I'll be damned ? Some of y'all are out for blood. No fkin pun intended either ?

  4. So ima make something kinda clear a burger is made of the same thing a steak is so if you eat your steak rare (like I do) then what’s the difference in a burger being the same( before you say anything about salmonella or whatever as long as it reaches a correct temperature it kills the bacteria that cause salmonella)! Back before fire was discovered how do you think we ate our meat? Just like a wild animal would not cooked rare af!

  5. Off the shoulder is cute and all, but one false move and it would have been all over. Just sayin’

  6. Raw hamburger supreme on that first burger. Nothing worse than a cold raw hamburger, yuck! And don’t try and tell me it’s supposed to be that way because it’s some yuppy ?. Idea looked amazing tho so props, probably just trying too hard to impress the camera.

  7. Okay seriously delish, I hope this woman is the face of the rest of your videos, she’s great. So much personality!!

  8. I love your videos!!! The only downfall to watching though are that they always make me soooo hungry!!! LOL LOVE your wedding ring set.. Gorgeous!!!

  9. Burgers you can “ONLY” find in NYC?? Literally the first one was featured in a best burger buzzfeed video in LA a year ago.

  10. 2 wrong things in this video 1.she has her shirt inside out 2.they are feeding her RAW MEAT?

  11. great job love,look amazing like always…im going to try every place this weekend…just made me soo hungry lol

  12. I love her personality as a host but I feel like shes almost whispering sometimes?? I don't know, maybe it's just me – or she just has a soft voice – but when shes sitting at the table its hard for me to hear her

  13. I love her because she’s so real. Actually real not “ relatable “ she’s really herself and a normal person!

  14. I was enjoying this video until the woman started using the F word. I excused it the first time, but it got to be too much. Very ugly. I had to turn it off. Pity because the burgers look good. I haven't seen this behavior before with other hosts. I hope this doesn't become a trend. Not cool.

  15. First I have either met this girl or have met someone who looks and sounds exactly like her and it’s bugging me out, second for some reason all the burgers made me want pancakes ?‍♀️ So confused

  16. the title should be most expensive burgers in NYC… cause its damn sure not the tastiest !! ohh and is it me or everything look raw/ undercooked

  17. She talks a little bit like ‘’Regina George’’ From Mean girls lol ? Not to be mean or anything

  18. Oh my frigging lord, I'm booking a fast plane to NYC delish I'm Licking my tablets screen paula 64 in the UK xx

  19. Now I want a burger! 😉 . . . .However are ALL the patties medium rare? Or can they be ordered that way? I'll do that with a steak that is purposely cooked medium rare but not a burger pattie 😉 She was fun to watch and did a good job showing the burgers.

  20. I'm sure they might've tasted F'n better than they looked but they just didn't make me feel like I needed to book a flight out there. ?

  21. If anyone else follows the food side of youtube, does Tess not remind everyone of a slightly younger version of Claire on Bon Appetit. They talk and describe things similarly too!

  22. I love Tess and the other girl that does these, those burgers are just way to underdone for me..especially the first one ..but love these videos, they make you want to visit these places!

  23. Everyone needs to stop tripping about the rare/medium rare burgers. It’s completely safe and the proper way to eat all beef. Don’t know how y’all have time to talk when you’re still chewing on your dry ass well done beef patty.

  24. Why the fuck is the first one so raw? That shit isn’t even rare…it’s still mooing and shitting for Christ’s sake

  25. All the burgers looked good, but it kinda grossed me out most of the patties in the middle or still a little raw call my maybe that's all she asked for her meat but I like my meat medium well not medium raw. But she does great in her videos I love the way she does all her videos and she always makes me laugh. Delish please make more videos with her.

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