5 of the Best Street Food Finds in London

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(mellow electronic music) – [Narrator] Welcome to London,
a city steeped in history and known for its iconic landmarks. British cuisine might
not be world renowned, but the city is full of great food that extends way beyond
its classic fish and chips. First up, an American
classic with an Indian twist. A Londoner’s favorite. (mellow electronic music) (laughing) – [Narrator] Next up, head
to the windy streets of Soho and check out this small hole in the wall serving up a traditional
Chinese breakfast dish. (mellow electronic music) – [Narrator] Tucked away
in a south London market is a chip shop that isn’t
always playing by the rules. – [Narrator] Back towards the city center you’ll find a Brazilian classic, using an ingredient
we’ve never seen before. – [Narrator] And finally, for a twist on a traditional arepa, there’s only one place we
recommend for this one. It’s this spot. (mellow electronic music) (electronic dinging)

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