5 things I LOVE and HATE about Los Angeles

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Hey, what’s up guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new to my channel consider subscribing I make awesome videos on a weekly basis where I give you guys some of the best tips about living in Los Angeles And I also give you guys some awesome tips about the fashion industry in the modelling industry as well So stay tuned to the end of this video in this video I want to give you guys some of the 5 things that I love about LA and the 5 things that I hate about Italy So check it out One thing that I absolutely love about Los Angeles is how beautiful it actually is there’s so much nature That’s so scenic tons of scenic views. You can go anywhere from like Griffith Park Griffith Observatory You go to a lower Canyon for a hike you go down to the beach. There are tons of beaches, Manhattan Beach Santa Monica beach Venice Beach you name it? Another thing. I love about LA is how lively the city actually is I mean there are tons of events taking place citywide on a monthly basis Tons of things to do every weekend almost every day of the week Actually, for example, one thing that I really love to do is Cyclovia They have a monthly bike ride where the whole city or section of the city shuts down all the streets closes and then everyone can just kind of walk or Rollerskates or whatever you want to do on wheels you just walk and just enjoy the ride Another event that I actually love is Dinah la tons of restaurants Participate in Dinah Lee and this gives you a chance to try new cuisines and possibly discover new restaurants. That becomes your favorite So I lived in Chicago for about 10 years. And one thing that I noticed about Chicago is just how segregated the city is Every race and every kind of class of people have their own neighborhoods And if you’re in the wrong neighborhood, you’re almost gonna get stared down So that’s something that I didn’t really enjoy about Chicago. It made me feel uncomfortable but one thing that I noticed here in Los Angeles is that Racial segregation almost doesn’t exist I mean you can go from any neighborhood and it’s all a mix and a melting pot of different rate races different culture Etc. So that’s one thing that I actually appreciate about Los Angeles now Another thing I love about LA is how business casual it is You don’t see a lot of people wearing a three-piece suits going to work. I’ve seen people show up for job interviews Just wearing the t-shirt and sneakers So la is a really cool place for that as a place that really caters to creatives if you’re creative coming here You’re gonna feel right at home So being an actor one thing that I absolutely love and appreciate about la is the entertainment industry and your opportunities to network So just to give you an example I lived in Chicago for ten years Acting and modeling in Chicago when I was there I didn’t get a lot of opportunities to network with people, but now coming here in Los Angeles You never know who you’re sitting next to So for instance, you can be sitting next to a producer may be sitting next to another actor It is working on something. I’ve even gotten casted just based off my Instagram accounts. I got casted for a film So Los Angeles gives you tons of opportunities to network and you’re gonna meet a lot of people that are Influential or can help your career? Now another thing I love about LA is the weather and you guys probably saw this coming I mean you can’t beat the weather in LA It’s better than most cities you get sunshine blue skies clear skies for most of the year now We do have some rain once in a while and it does get cold at nights, but this weather is unbeatable You absolutely love it. Now. Let’s get to the things that I don’t like about Los Angeles One thing that I don’t like about LA is the traffic. I mean there is so much traffic What makes the traffic so bad is that they’re terrible drivers people who are distracted looking at their phones During their makeup in the car and it’s like, you know, there are tons of accidents So when accidents does happens it messes everything up for everyone another thing I don’t like about Los Angeles is how lazy and lacks some businesses tend to be? For example, I’m a person who loves to wake up really early. I wake up early I go for runs I workout I run some Aaron’s here and there This past weekend. I woke up at 8 a.m. Trying to get haircuts. I Drove all around the city and there was no barber shops opened. I finally found a barber shop that opened in 92 I got there and the barber wasn’t even there at 9:00 a.m. The store was opened, but there was no one in there I’ve run into this issue with other Businesses where you show up early you show up at the time that they’re supposed to be open and there’s no one actually there another thing I don’t like about LA is how expensive Los Angeles is Rents expensive if you want to live in a decent neighborhood that’s close to the action Safe, etc. You’re gonna have to pay significantly more than you’re used to finally, the last thing that I don’t like about Italy is the fact that everyone leaves la during the holidays and there’s almost nothing to Do it’s like a ghost town. So keep in mind. Most people in Los Angeles are transplants from other cities They still have families back home where they came from So around the holidays like Thanksgiving Christmas fourth of July cetera. Almost everyone leaves the city the city is dead There’s no traffic. It’s almost like a ghost town. There’s not a lot to do. There’s not a lot of events going on So that’s one thing I don’t like about LA and I wish LA was more lively during the holidays All right guys, so that’s my video If you guys like this video if you discover something new hit me with a thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe I’m gonna be making more awesome videos like this one on a weekly basis and if you guys have any questions or comments or tips Or feedback hit me in the comment box down below I do read all my comments and I try to respond to every single one of them So hope you guys enjoyed this video. See you next time


  1. You're a gem! Thank you for putting out this video. Great intro! It's really captivating. This video gets me hyped to move and get onto the networking & creative scene. 🙂

  2. Great Video/Your My New Favorite Person on YouTube…📺 You #Inspire Me to Move to LA…✈️ Also Keep the Video’s coming‼️

  3. Have you ever lived in NYC? If so, do a video on living there, and how to start your career, and the price I’d rent as well.

  4. where was that trail you were walking in the end! very beautiful! Also whats the coldest placed you have lived! Great content as usual!

  5. Bro can u give some fashion tips including smart casual and suits which suits our skin tone more.There are less videos about darker skin fashion in youtube

    love your work ! peace out

  6. You hit pretty everything that needed to be touched on, let me make a plan, pack my bags and jet ✈️ off to the city… haha 😂!!!

  7. Integration is way worse than segregation when you really look at the grand scheme of things. LA is still a very racist city. LA doesn’t have conservative racism but liberal racism and it’s worse than conservative racism.

  8. Hi and thank you for informing videos 🙂 what I wonder is how to live in la with a lapdog. Are there lots of dog friendly malls, restaurants, cafeterias bars even hairdressers. Would you make a video about living with a lapdog in la ? Thank you ☺️

  9. Hello Francis im really passionate about moving to LA next year , I plan on visiting first to get familiar before i make the final decision,any suggestions on affordable places i can stay during my visit and also when i finally move there any affordable apartments and what is the best city to live in which is cheap so i can afford while i get my stuff together?

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