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We all know that a quick swipe of your favourite shade of lipstick can transform our moods! But what if this staple product can do a lot more than giving you the perfect pout? Here are 5 life-changing ways to make the most out of your lipstick! If you missed out on our last giveaway here’s your chance to participate in this one. We’re giving away from fabulous hampers with some of our favourite products from Maybelline New York so make sure you stay tuned till the end of the video to know more! I believe that mastering the basics first is essential to make the most out of your lipsticks so here’s a foolproof way to achieve perfectly defined lips with long lasting colour. I like to start by using this tapered tip of the Maybelline New York Sensational Liquid Matte Lipstick applicator to outline the shape of my lips. First, I make an X shape at my cupid’s bow and then extend the line to the corners of my upper lip. Then I make a small line in the center of my lower lip line and continue the line on either side till I have the perfect outline of my lip shape. Now I’ll use the body of the applicator and sweep the colour across my top and bottom lips using the line as a guide. And it’s that easy for you to get flawless lips with an even layer of colour that’s smudge-proof and budge-proof! Who isn’t obsessed with having fuller-looking lips? This ombre lip will create the illusion of plumper lips in two fuss free steps. I’m going to grab two shades of the Maybelline New York Super Stay Crayon Lipstick that perfectly complements each other and get started with the darker shade first. I line the outside of my lips and then pull in the colour towards the corners. Next, I go in with the lighter shade and fill in the center of my lips and using my fingertips blend in these colours seamlessly! This technique is going to give you a beautiful ombre effect and an instantly plumper pout! My favourite way to use lipstick is as a quick cheek stain for a natural flush that can be created using just your fingers! I just dab a few spots of the Maybelline New York Color SuperStay Crayon Lipstick onto the apples of my cheeks and then use the warmth of my fingers to pat in the colour.
This creamy formula with blend into your skin perfectly and give you a dreamy pink glow in seconds! There’s nothing worse than dark circles that even concealer can’t cover up. So here’s how to look bright eyed with just a couple of swipes of your lipstick! The key to covering up this pigmentation is choosing the right colour. I like to reach for a warm shade with orange undertones like the Maybelline New York’s Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick in the shade Brooklyn Babe that perfectly cancels out my bluish dark circles. I apply a few dots of the lipstick in my under eye area and then use a sponge to press in the colour to watch the dark patches fade away! Now you’re ready to go in with your concealer for the perfect coverage that will have everyone convinced you had a full night’s sleep! My last hack is an absolute lifesaver, especially on the go for when I need to touch up my lipstick or make sure my mascara hasn’t smudged! I use the reflective finish of my Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick as a tiny but effective mirror when I’m out and about! With this quick tip, you can skip the oversized purses and leave the house with just the essentials. Back to the giveaway – all you have to do is let us know what’s your favourite product from this video and why in the comments below! 5 lucky winners will win exciting hampers from Maybelline New York but make sure you participate before the 29th of Feb! Use these tips to get the most out of your lipsticks and look flawless no matter what! And until next time stay tuned and stay Glamrs!


  1. I m in love with the ❤️SUPER STAY INK CRAYON… Coz shades are those which I m searching for… And this shades will definitely go with dusky brown skin tone and crayons are easy to apply..

  2. Although every Maybelline products are my favourite yet here in this video my most fav is the Maybelline super stay ink crayon because it moisturizer the lips throughout the day, stays easily for 4-5hrs and affordable.

  3. I am totally in love with the Maybelline New York superstay crayon lipstick because it is easy to use for outlining and filling my lips.
    Thanks glamrs for this amazing video it's very helpful…

  4. Maybelline New York Superstay Crayon lipstick is my favorite product for the different ways that the same product can be used as. Also for a long workday i would like my lip color to last for as long as possible…thats the superstay crayon lipstick by Maybelline New York !

  5. I loved Maybelline ink cryon.
    I have never used crayons before and I would love to try it after watching this video .
    Team Glamrs just gives us a reason to fall in love with the each product used in the videos. Best channel!

  6. Maybelline colorsensation creamy matte is my favourite because it has great pigmentation even in one stroke and that is enough to cover the hyperpigmented lines of lips. It doesnt let the lips feel dry at all and lasts easily more than 6 hours even with food intake. 💙💙
    Thank you Glamrs for sharing these ideas which can be useful in daily life.💚💚

  7. Maybelline super stay ink crayon is the best !!!.
    Besides being highly pigmented, this lipstick is extremely lightweight and super long lasting.
    The variety of shade ranges from nudes to reds and corals make it much more versatile.
    It is a bomb in a budget.
    Maybelline never fails to impress us with its budget friendly products 😍🥰🥰😊😊😊

  8. My favourite product is the Maybelline Newyork supar stay ink crayon cause its so easy to use.. n m in love with its shades..

  9. I really loved the sensational matte liquid lipstick 💕coz it is giving full coverage to lips where every girl needs in her makeup bag🥰

  10. My favourite lipstick is superstay crayon lipstick and the colour sensational (specially for everyday use)..I ❤️ the Brand MAYBELLINE and it just suits me well..

  11. I really love the Maybelline Newyork Super Stay Ink crayon lipstick – live on edge. It is a beautiful shade and it's so creamy and matte😍

  12. I love maybelline colour sensational matte lipstick …because it does not fades away and stays there for a very long time …also the shades are good and vibrant …i luv maybelline products a lot ❤❤❤

  13. Among them i liked the Super stay crayon lipstick very much.It lukz much more natural and i hope itz betr for most of the college students and office going ones since it goes with any outfits.Moreover it avoids the confusion of what color to wear which is a big task for those who are in a morning hurryburry

  14. My favourite is the Creamy Sensational Matte lipsticks as they are easy to apply due to their creamy texture, they come with a wide range of colors which is perfect for various skin tones and also come in handy when i want to get ready for something sudden as i can use them as blush, some tint on the eye as eyeshadow and lipstick ofcourse!!

  15. Love the creme matte lipstick in the shade fearless purple. It’s one of my go to, makes every outfit look cool.
    Love how it’s pigmented and doesn’t make my lips dry. I
    It’s one of the most amazing lipsticks I own.

  16. I ❤ Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte lipstick collection coz its both creamy n matte at d same time….in love with this super unique formula always becoz i hav dry lips n love matte lipsticks 💕 so i need sth that serves both my requirements…

  17. Its always grt to have knowledge about product when we have so many options special with lipstick 💄.. tnx u so much glamrs for such a helpful tips and tricks its so handy.. By the way . My fav product of maybelline is maybelline liquid matte lipstick as it stay all day long and there are super diverse way to use it .. in such a busy life .. 💋and plz make such helpful videos more .. 🥰

  18. There is nothing I can prefer more than the Maybelline creamy matte lipstick. With such a vast range and colours for every skin tone, they are also super affordable. But the fact for which I fell in love with these lipsticks is their creamy formula which is absolutely perfect for my super dry lips giving them a matte look without drying.

  19. The maybelline creamy matte lipstick is my absolute favourite…. it has some amazing nude shade perfect for daily wear and as its maybelline its ' THE BEST '

  20. Really love the creamy matte collection due to its wide range of colours and creamy texture, perfect for my dry lips!

  21. I'm madly in love with maybelline super stay crayon lipsticks ( lead the way, live on edge) because these vibrant shades that lasts upto 8 hours
    I love it's lasting ink which glides a rich layer of comfortable matte across the lips and they are so comfortable and effortlessly lasts upto 8 hours

  22. I never use lipstick so that is why I don't know about it but if you give me then I will easily know about the quality of products and usages.
    However, all shades of colour are good at video.

  23. By the way, I like your channel and I don't miss any video due to it also improve in my English skill and moreover because of your channel I can get knowledge about fashion owing to I am a simple girl.
    Thank you

  24. Great and helpful tips…. specially the last one. I am not commenting for the giveaway however I would like to say that I overall love Maybelline as a brand since it is affordable and their products have never disappointed me ever. Be it a lipstick, foundation, nail laquer, concealer… I can blindly trust any of their products.

  25. The Sensational Liquid Matte Lipstick from Maybelline New York is my favorite. It is such an awesome product for brightening up your look as the shade is very vibrant and omg it doesn't smudge at all. It gives you that matte finish without drying your lips,which is very important! It is easy to use for beginners and is also quite affordable, so I will have to go with this.

  26. I just fell in love with the Maybelline creamy matt lipstick and there can't be any reason why wouldn't love it. The way it compliments my lips is amazing. Maybelline has got so many shades and just for ruppees 299 is the best thing that I love about this lipstick.

  27. I'm absolutely in love with Maybelline New York colour sensational creamy matte lipstick and I have 3 shades from the range-
    Clay crush
    Lively violet
    Touch of spice
    I love them because they are very affordable and could be used daily…and it's staying power is also quite good…
    Actually I love all the Maybelline products and I have mostly Maybelline products in my kit like concealer, kajal, lipsticks, mascara, eyeshadow palette…they are amazing ❤️❤️

  28. Maybelline is a cult favourite brand and my most favourite product is the creamy matte lipsticks…Its a part of my everyday routine..I am wearing it one rn!

  29. Found what i was looking for…my most favourite product is Maybelline lip crayon coz i love the ombre effect and one this single product can do the multitask. I never miss any of the video of Glamrs.☺

  30. Maybelline super stay ink crayon of course…super smooth n beautiful texture..used it already for blush n under eye dark circles…love glamrs crisp, professional videos

  31. I just love the shades of lipsticks because they have soo good colours and texture and it doesnt even get dry and we can take it off easily without mess and its also soo creamy 👌😍

  32. My favorite is the color sensational creamy matte lipstick because it applies so easily and there are so many shades! I especially love that the shades always compliment my skin tone!

  33. I love the colour of lead the way from Maybelline New York Superstay Crayon Lipstick.. it is perfect nude for every skin tone.. texture is smooth on lips..

  34. I m absolutely love Maybelline super stay ink crayon.. its very easy to use nd its has a pointed tip that makes me comfortable 💋❤️

  35. I love the Maybelline creamy matte lipstick because of it super comfortable formula rich pigmentation long lasting staying power and an amazing shade range.

  36. Loved the video!
    I personally use my maybelline lipstick as a blush and dab some face powder over to mattify it. It stays put all day. I fancy the maybelline liquid sensational lipstick as they don't budge and are well pigmented.

  37. I am in love with the entire range of maybelline as it has so much of variety with the quality products and its budget friendly also. I am using fit me foundation light beige 118 which is fabulous I totally loved it.

  38. I'm in love with Maybelline NewYork sensational liquid lipstick. it's formula is awsome and it's so easy to carry it everywhere so i would love to win that one❤❤

  39. I love the Maybelline superstay crayon lipstick because it's easier to apply and has an awesome color collection. Would love to win this giveaway ❤️❤️

  40. I freaking loveeee the Maybelline ink crayons I've heard that it has a very light texture and it actually does what it claims- lasts for full 8 hours

  41. Endless options with Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte in the shade Brooklyn Babe
    1. as an under eye corrector
    2. as a peachy blush (perfect for indian skintone)
    3. as an eyeshadow
    4. contour
    5. well,as a lipstick maybe?

  42. My favourite has to be the liquid Matt collection by Maybelline. It's really promising n long lasting. But the dark circle tip helped a lot. Gotta try it out. Thank you. 😍😍

  43. The video was awesome as usual. My first lipstick purchase was from Maybelline since then it has been my favorite brand. I liked Maybelline super stay matte ink lipstick as they are transfer proof and come with comfortable formula

  44. Hey, I loved the Maybelline New York Superstay Crayon Lipstick in the shade 'Lead the way' as it's just the perfect pink new for fair to medium skin tone and is a very pretty color as well. And as its name suggests, I hope it's gonna stay for a pretty long time as well.

  45. This video is very helpful for me specially the ombre look and also i m love with the products of maybelline bcz its super light weight and also affordable

  46. I am in love with Maybelline Super Stay ink crayon its shades are too awesome and light weight and Long lasting tooo❤❤ I used daily and i love it..♥♥

  47. I love the Maybelline New York superstay crayon lipstick-Lead the way. It looks really easy to apply and the shade is lovely. And its also can serve multiple purposes as a darker blush.

  48. I'm absolutely in love with the maybelline super stay ink crayon lipstick… They have such a beautiful texture and lightweight in nature… They are perfect for creating such beautiful ombre lips… Also the shades are very pretty, gorgeous and versatile… Also the tips are so amazing 😍….

  49. I love my Maybelline NewYork Superstay Ink crayon lipstick because it gives me my perfect pout and now I will definitely try this ombre lips too

  50. I absolutely love the Maybelline crayon as it is so easy to apply and play with . I am also a big fan of the texture of this one and the way it made your lips look perfectt! Have already fallen in love with this amazing product ♥️♥️

  51. Loved the crayons absolutely. They look super creamy and smudge free. Loved the hacks also. Didn't know that the applicator was supposed to be used this way in liquid lipsticks

  52. I love the Maybelline sensational Matte lipstick but I always struggle to apply it. And the technique that you showed was wow. I thought it was not possible to apply liquid lipstick with an outline and I am so going to use this. Thank you, Sakshi for this beautiful hack.

  53. My favourite product from this video is the Maybelline SuperStay Crayon Lipstick because I love its formula and it can also be applied on cheeks for a natural flush. Its a part of my daily 5minute makeup routine.
    Ps-Quite obsessed with Maybelline Products❤️

  54. Maybelline New York colour sensitional creamy Matte lipstick is my favourite since it gives a matte effect without drying the lips. The creamy formulae helps to retain the moisture in my lips.

  55. I'm totally flat of Maybelline super stay ink crayon.bcz super pigments dark color and I like ombre style weary lipstick shade at night party.

  56. Maybelline Newyork superstay crayon lipstick for it's multiple use and giving the right amount of sade you desire!It's stay long more than 6 hours,I think Maybelline has great lipstick making brand for both long lasting and various colours option.

  57. I love the maybelline new York color sensational creamy matte lipstick (Brooklyn babe) for my daughter because she loves maybelline products so much for it's long lasting matte formula🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  58. Lovely tips which come handy for a on the go makeup look 👌 shuttle yet sheek look! Maybelline superstay Ink crayon is my absolute fav when it comes to a creamy yet matte look with a range of beautiful colours for a daily makeup look ! ☺️✌️

  59. All of Maybelline New York lipsticks are amazing ❣
    One of my absolute favorite is it's color sensational cream matte lipstick because the formula is good for daily and it's affordable as well 😍❤

  60. Firstly Thankyou for the informative video..
    Secondly as per your question, mine favourite among all the above products is 'The Colour Collector' because I don't know how to do a perfect fully makeup and I don't have that much of makeup products too,
    But with this awesome easy and affordable trick I don't have to do a lot. I can just have a right shade lipstick according to my skin tone and then I am all done..

    So thanku 😘😘

  61. I love the ombré effect and maybeline lip crayon as they are the perfect way which suits the Indian skin especially me and the whenever there’s a party these are saviours.

  62. Maybelline new york is my fave go to makeup brand. And i'm in love with it's lipsticks ; they're smudgeproof , long lasting and creamy matte , like they are matte yet don't give that drying effect which most of other matte lipsticks does . my most fave among all the above lipsticks were the Maybelline New York super stay crayon lipstick and Maybelline New York sensational liquid matte lipstick .

  63. The Maybelline crayon is the one lipstick I'm crazy about because it is so long lasting and is perfect for my daily usage as a college girl. And the color sensational creamy matte in shade -divine wine is my most favourite in this range. Whenever I wear it there are girl's surely asking me about the shade.
    Further as a new launch from this amazing brand I'm looking forward to get the Maybelline New York sensational liquid matte lipstick.

  64. I m in love with all maybelline products…they are so amazing and budget friendly too…i really like the maybelline super stay ink crayons and ombre effect is amazing…A big shoutout to all maybelline products..🥰👌

  65. As my lips are thin and they disappear as I smile😂I like to use Maybelline super stay ink crayon along with the Maybelline sensational lipstick for the fuller pouty lips💋😌

  66. Your tips are awesome and i love the Maybelline super stay ink crayon because of it's pretty shades ND it's lightweight texture.

  67. No doubt the red liquid lipstick. Its matte and it stays for a long period of time.Where as, red lipstick instantly brightens our face and gives the best instant pout look❤

  68. I absolutely love the formula of Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte as they are comfortable yet matte with great staying power on lips without making them dry♥️

  69. I liked Lead the way and Live on edge lipsticks as ombre lips are my fav and currently in trend🤤 It reminds me of Poo from K3G!!!

  70. I absolutely loved the Maybelline New York liquid matte lipstick…it's so pigmented and smudgeproof,once you apply it ,you don't have to do touchups and don't have to carry them in your bags ..you can go about the day looking put together all the time

  71. For the giveaway that I have been trying since a really long time
    Maybelline New York Super Stay Crayon lipstick (lead the way, live on edge)

  72. Hii first of all I want to thank glamrs for such beautiful videos
    ….when it comes to make up the one brand comes to my mind is maybelline and my favourite product is maybelline sensational matte liquid lipstick (to the fullest)it is the only product that gives my lips the perfect red shade it is so good that I always apply it when I wear my black and red dress it is so smooth and creamy that it blends so nicely without leaving any traces of it. I am obessed with it and I think every girl should try it…it is budget friendly too.it is every girl go to make up product☺☺☺☺❤❤❤ also it doesn't dry out my lips👄👄👄👄💄💄

  73. I love the maybelline Crayon lipsticks. Because it gives to perfect finish look. And it can be use even in party or office. I love to carry to shade together for give a quick ombré look anytime anywhere.

  74. I love the colour sensational creamy matte lipstick because it is really pigmented and the texture of it is just🔥 also it is really easy to apply

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