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What’s up, everybody? Philcaela here! We love
bringing you amazing places to eat in San Francisco, but sometimes they’re not the healthiest.
After all we do live in California and there are tons of healthy options here. That’s why
we’re gonna bring you our 7 Favorite Healthy Eats in SF: Let’s go!!! We are at Sweetgreen in Soma, this is definitely
my favorite salad place in San Francisco. Their salads are so good here, you can get
warm toppings and then their dressings are just really good, they’re house-made. And
there’s also pre-set menus on top where you can have options if you don’t know what to
get, but I usually do create-your-own. Their dressings are super good, the pesto vinaigrette’s
really great, the miso ginger sesame’s really great and I’ve heard great things about the
cashew, but usually my go-to’s are sweet potatoes in here, broccoli, raw corn (raw corn sounds
weird, but it’s actually really good), and with spinach and quinoa, sometimes onions,
chicken, mushrooms. There’s tons of things on the menu, there’s something for everyone.
Create-your-own is about $8.25, and if you add chicken it’s around $3-something, so each
bowl is around like $12, which is pretty good, and it’s made-to-order, super fresh and they
use high quality, organic ingredients here. I don’t ever come here for lunch because I
know how packed it gets, but they have an app, you can order it and then it’ll be ready
for you to just pick up. I usually come here for dinner, the line gets a little long, but
it’s not super long, it’s not out the door. Overall, this is my favorite place for salads.
It is a chain, but it’s super good, it doesn’t act like a chain, it’s amazing. Super fresh
and organic and made-to-order. Now we’re at Blue Barn, this is a very popular salad, sandwich
place. We’re at the location on Polk, but there’s locations in the Marina. Salads here
are huge, they’re really good. They’re more on the pricey side. Our salad was $23 but
I’m not that hungry so we’re actually sharing it. They load it with toppings and protein
and everything so it’s worth it. We got corn, we got asparagus, mushrooms, shit ton of steak,
some onions, it’s great to share or you can have one for now and save it for later, as
well. Such a heavy salad! Given the price and the size, we definitely recommend sharing
them. Overall, if you’re looking for a great salad and you don’t mind paying a little extra
or if you’re just really hungry and want a huge salad, come to Blue Barn! For our next
spot, we are at Rooster and Rice, there are 3 locations in the city, 1 in Soma, 1 in FiDi,
and we’re here at the original one in the Cow Hollow/Marina area. This place has a really,
really small menu, but the food is really delicious. They serve Khao Mun Gai (Chicken
Rice), they have a couple different variations for the chicken rice, whether you get it over
rice, you can get it over broccoli, so you can make it very high protein, very low carb.
Everything comes with this super delicious chicken broth, that is just rich and hearty
and warm and goes perfectly. And what makes it a Thai chicken rice is this sauce right
here. Today, instead of getting the original or the paleo, I actually got a combination
of both, which includes half-broccoli and half-rice and the rice here is delicious.
It’s made with some chicken broth, so it’s really, really damn good. And I also just
worked out, so this is a perfect way to refuel and it’s very, very healthy and very, very
clean. It’s so simple, but it’s so delicious. Just really juicy, tender chicken thighs and
breast. Like we said before, you can get this over rice to get the traditional chicken rice
dish or you can get it over a bed of broccoli if you’re looking to have it be lower carb.
And only one block away from Rooster and Rice is Loving Cup, this is a frozen yogurt place
and I know what you’re thinking: “Frozen yogurt, there’s no way that could be healthy.” But
it’s actually pretty low-calorie for what you’re getting and how delicious it is. You
come in and you pick your base, whether it’s chocolate or vanilla and then you pick your
toppings if you want any and then they make it in front of you and it comes out this beautiful
swirled frozen yogurt ice cream-looking thing. We got a vanilla as a base, with cinnamon,
which has 0 calories, and graham crackers, which is pretty low sugar, I think. Tastes
like cinnamon toast crunch! This is a large, which is an equivalent of two smalls and a
small has about 120 calories and 0 fat. It’s really healthy, it tastes like ice cream,
but it’s not ice cream. It’s guilt-free! This is Poke on Pierce, it’s a poke place in the
Marina and here they have super fresh, super delicious fish. We got the salmon and the
spicy salmon, which are both awesome and in this area there are some choices for poke,
but not all places are as fresh as the others, however Poke on Pierce is awesome, we highly
recommend it. You definitely wanna have fresh fish in a really clean restaurant when you’re
getting poke. You don’t want a dirty place when you’re eating raw fish. Poke is honestly
a really, really healthy option that is delicious. If you get it without rice or noodles, it
can be a super high protein, super low carb meal and that’s what I ordered. I got a base
of mixed greens and then just covered it with salmon. Poke on Pierce has 8 different sauces,
I got the ponzu fresh and a house classic. They’re both delicious, that variety of sauces
is what makes this place special. This Asian Box, it’s a primarily to-go place that
serves Vietnamese-inspired bowls that are really fresh, healthy. You pick your base,
you pick your protein, then you pick your toppings that are a bunch of garnishings and
some crispy stuff, too. Then you pick your sauces, they have this Asian street dust,
it’s kind of an odd name, but it’s basically a dry seasoning that is really, really yummy.
On top of that, they also have your standard peanut sauce, coconut curry sauce, just a
whole bunch of different sauces that make the bowls delicious. Also pretty affordable,
given that healthy food can be kind of expensive, but we got a nice big bowl with good protein,
good sauces on it for just $12. I’m really, really just a huge fan of Asian Box and the
bowls they have here. Everything can be made really healthy, as always, if you go with
a low carb base, like sauce-tossed vegetables or mixed greens. And you’re getting your protein
out of it. It’s made-to-order and it’s really fresh and like I said, it’s primarily a to-go
spot so you will find some people in here eating, but this place is very popular for
grab-and-go. You can order online and pick it up and not have to wait at all. And our
last healthy option is going to be Souvla. This is Mediterranean-style restaurant. You
pick your protein, whether it’s chicken, lamb or pork or vegetarian. Then you choose whether
you want it with a pita sandwich, basically like a Greek wrap or a salad. The salad’s
obviously going to be healthier and lower carb compared to the pita, but, I mean, if
you’re hungry and you really like pita, go for that wrap! One more thing that they’re
pretty well known for is their frozen Greek yogurt, which is going to be a great sweet
dessert that is also high in protein. Mmm! Very tart, I love it! It’s really good texture,
consistency, and a lot of protein. I really like that. Pretty standard choices
for Greek or Mediterranean-style food, but it’s really healthy and really delicious.
And that’ll do it for our 7 Favorite Healthy Spots in San Francisco Hopefully this video
is informative and now you know some places where you can eat food that is good and good
for you in SF. If you haven’t already, subscribe for more San Francisco recommendations. See
ya next time!


  1. I was just at sweetgreen on Friday! Love their salads. It’s funny cause I was gonna do a health food spot video in sf during the summer since I’m on a competition diet again and gotta have my options 😜 great work y’all!!

  2. I only been to loving cup and their yogurt is so good. I want to try the rooster place looks good. Usually when I go out I don't plan to eat healthy because I'm already out. I want to try the soulva Greek frozen yogurt because I heard good reviews and it's nice

  3. Love your videos. You guys are great. Thank you so much. My family will be visiting SAN Francisco for the first time from Canada. Can’t wait.

  4. Oooo so yummy!!!! I also recommend you both try out the new acai place on Ocean!! It’s called Acai R and it’s create your own and they have CHIA PUDDING!!! So yummy!

  5. Loving yalls videos !! Y’all are the only ones who provide a comprehensive and quick run down of places to go in SF! My husband and I are both going 4th if July weekend and will be visiting some of the places y’all recommended! Thank you so much !

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