8 Dead, 12 Hurt In Lower Manhattan Vehicular Terror Attack

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  1. Allah actually not that much akbar!

    It is actually a shitty creation of a desert dwelling nomads, who had managed to copy the parts of Old and New Testaments ant translated it, rather poorly, in Arabic. And the followers of these writings are very good at living the life of the 7th Century in 21st Century.

    Unless the World so called "elite" (including the US congress, senate, local government, media, education and Hollywood) will recognize that – they will be either fucking donkeys ad praying Mecca five times a day, or will have their heads cut off. This is BY FA not a exaggeration. This is a very accurate prediction of what is coming.

  2. Just kill this hoe already. Why is the Boston's bomber still alive?? Just fucking kill them all already. That's what they deserve. A slowly and painfull death and then burn in hell.

  3. Let's hang him upside down in a public place and spank him until he is shredded to pieces. πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  4. Who, killing people is not muslim, it is strictly prohibited kill people (including yourself) in rules of Islam. All this "islamic countries", all this terrorists, they are not muslim, they are covering yourself over religion. Me shamefull for them. They need only theirs unlegal "business"

  5. Trump is busy building his wall against the mexicans ….all i see in the states is mexicans working hard all day long, i have never seen or heard of a mexican bombing or killing people just like these bunch of wankers from the middle east.

  6. no one wants to stop this kind of war otherwise who are they going to sell the weapons to,….it is convenient to keep this kind of conflict so that u.s. can sell weapons to their enemy and invade oil-bearing countries to steal their oil…. that is why they never invade african countries where many people are being killed every single day, they do not have oil, they do not deserve to get any help.

  7. For all the people saying that islam is no religion of peace , insulting islam is freedom of speech blah blah blah
    ALL of those people should know that Terrorism and killing innocents is extremly forbidden in islam … ALL of those people are should know that these people are less than human …

  8. I'm sorry for these idiots who think by killing people the go to the heaven and have sex with chicks. These are sicks, and their fucken minds are sick too!

  9. The police officer that shot him is an idiot, why didn't the officer make sure he's dead? Stop letting away murderer's, there is nothing to investigate he's a crazy man and he wanted to kill himself, he wanted to make headlines too, it has nothing to do with ISIS, and now you stupit will let him live, the officer should of eliminated him, years ago a crazy guy held a hammer up to the police in Brooklyn and they shot him dead, they could of jump at him and grab it out, but no they killed him, and here you have a killer and you let him away, this system is wrong, , also it's rediculars how every day people are being shot and guns are still around, you law people are a bunch of murderes guns must stop immediately, the government shall pay 10,000 for each handgun, 2000 for each rifle and melt them down, and clean the country out of guns, then anyone cought handling, buying, selling, manufacturing, or anything with guns shal get the death penalty, no guns at all, no bb guns either, all its maid for is for killing, but you stupit idiots have no understanding, and you love to see headlines in the newspapers 8 killed 12 wounded, , it's irrelevant what it says in the Constitution, the constitution dosant own people's life, and it can be changed for the sake of safety, I ask you Mr trump that before you build a wall please see to it that all guns shall be off the streets once and forever, no difference what state, it shal start in all of united States, and then work it's way up worldwide, don't set up a date to discuss the matter, since by that date will be more victims, do it immediately from one day to the next, all you people out there get civilized, stop this old fashioned killing buisness

  10. How come this is a terror attack killing 8 and yesterday the Church, killing of 27 with a real gun is not terror attack but act of evil ? Hummmm. Cos he’s got bread and he happens to be Muslim ? The two face of media coverings ?

  11. I dont think understand why people are commenting about muslims, when 8 people had died, and one of them can be a muslim

  12. They need to strap this guy to a table, shove a bayonet up his ass, burn the Quran or whatever it is in front of him, waterboard him, and then throw him in a cell to rot

  13. just imagine it was a person that wasn't arabic or Muslim…….oh he's just crazy.

    -_- band muslims! Did you know people can convert? i am now Muslim band me even tho i am white ( European ) and born here. Islam is a religion anyone can convert to being Muslim. there is some Arabic people who Christians, Jewish, and every fucking religion. Islam is not just a Arabic religion; its for everyone.

    "fuck Allah"……..πŸ‘† Allah in English translation means god……….so yeah 😱😱😱 yes fuck god!

    yes band muslims! band the people who is in need of help. yes don't give help to Muslim refugee child/adult who probably lost her/his whole family and many others like her/him. yes lets forget how America was made by immigrants, yes lets forget the very first immigrants that can to America almost killed a whole race of people. yes lets be stupid and let it blind us. every person is capable of evil acts just remember that.

    i am a American and proud
    i am a atheist and proud

    also Rest in peace for the people who died

    also feel better soon for those that got hurt

  14. Man this shit brings bad name to Muslims because these types of people that call themselves "Muslim" are not. In no religion book do you read that it's okay to kill innocent people.

  15. united shits of america deserves much more, for spreading and supporting terrorists groups across the world…..your bad deeds are reflected back at your people.

  16. since a lot of people come , do yall know that one old nick show where teens are dropped off at a private or boarding school and someone goes missing i think it was a girl and strange things always happenned . Then they end up finding her cause they thought she was kidnnapped or something like that . And all the staff at that school acted weird . PLEASE HELP

  17. These filthy islamists need to get the fuck out of our western countries and go back to the shitholes they love so much. Moohamy (pork be upon him) is burning in hell.

  18. So they just shot him in the stomach. Why the fuck didn't they kill his ass. That piece of shit πŸ’© should be in hell with his Allah.

  19. The surveillance cameras, the Home Depot truck, the bikes and the rest of the evidence are all xenophobes for accusing a Muslim.

  20. Well it shows they can't kill our bad ass military in the field but the coward must go get unarmed people that are eating a sandwich or walking pickin their nose

  21. I didn't believe he is terrorist they gave him tickets because he is a Muslim he was angry man evry one in America should be treated equal

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