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[chord] [beep] It’s very uncomfortable
to talk about race. It’s not something —
it’s not something I do. I am — I am feeling
apprehensive, because I think there’s
a lot of reasons why I feel like I should be
able to talk about race. I don’t want to say
anything, you know, that would offend anyone. It’s a very touchy subject. It’s still difficult,
even if you feel like you’re on the
right side of it, you know, to have a dialogue about it. Especially for white
people, because we don’t want to
see if the racism that we may be holding onto. I don’t know. Maybe I am racist. I certainly don’t like
to think that I am. And I think that’s, too,
because the perception — in this society, perception of
a racist is a guy in a robe. Now I understand
that it’s a system of advantages and
disadvantages based on race. So as much as there’s the
disadvantage piece of it, there’s the advantage
piece of it, which is what I experience
as a white person. I want to bring
up race, and I want to bring it up in a frame
that helps my children think that there’s no difference. But the mere fact that I
might be bringing it up could suggest that
there is a difference. I remember asking a
friend of my father’s, who was black, why
he was called black, because his skin was brown. And I’ve learned that lots
of people that are white ask this question, and maybe
they also received the answer that I got from my
parents, which was like, oh, my gosh, we’re so
sorry that she asked that. And it’s just a term. Like, move on. One of my third
grade students seemed pretty rocked after the
Eric Garner case, or death, and came up to me and
said, you know, why — when you were little,
like, were you worried about this stuff too? And I knew what he was
talking about before — I mean, I didn’t say, what
do you mean, what stuff? I didn’t want to,
you know, play dumb. And I said, no. I didn’t have to be. And that’s not fair. And that was really hard,
because he just kind of sat there. And it honestly seemed
like the first time that he had
considered the fact that not everyone had to think
about race all the time. I know that I’m
white, and I guess I’m part of that collection. But I don’t think
about being white. I don’t. I really did not know that
I had a racial identity. I knew I was white. I had no idea what
that meant, how that had shaped my
outlook on life, how that had shaped
my sense of optimism, sense of belonging,
sense of safety, sense of feeling entitled
to go help children that I thought were part
of a community that couldn’t figure out how
to help themselves. I think that
impulse, that kind of colorblindness
impulse, comes mostly from white people. Like, I’ve never heard — I mean, I don’t know. I’m sure it comes from
all people of all kinds. But I’ve heard it most
from white people who are saying like, let’s do
this as a way of getting past this racism thing. And I think, in part, it
comes from a sense of shame and guilt about what
racism has done, and kind of how racism was
built by white people. I don’t want to be
ashamed of being — and plus, I’m a male. It’s like, every
group out there can be pissed off at me
because I’m white and a male. And that’s a weird
kind of burden that some people do feel. And I certainly
feel it sometimes from people, that
I’m privileged, I get stuff that other
people don’t get. I think we’re all implicated
in a racist system. And I play my part in
it as a white person. So I do have individual
responsibility and accountability. I mean, I’m part
of the system, and I do things that
both perpetuate, and I try to certainly do
things that challenge it. I realize I’ve
never said anything. When I’ve heard
racist jokes, when I’ve heard racist comments,
I’ve never said anything. I’ve never spoken up and
said, hey, that’s racist. Not once. In my mind, there’s no — I’m not involved in any
conflict that involves race. I’ve only been the
beneficiary of it, so. To talk about it is — I don’t think I would
sound very wise. Being white means that
I have the privilege to think that I’m not
affected by racism. Or that I don’t
even have a race, because I have all these
other things like a gender and a sexual orientation,
and those are pretty neat, so I don’t have a race. But I do, and I’m white. [music]


  1. most racist white people are because of their parents and grandparents they instilled it in them. that's it. they old grandparents were definitely racist cause that's how they grew up and taught it to their kids.

  2. Blacks own racism honestly keeps the seed planted in whites they try to Barry..so racism grows back from that seed when blacks show hypocracy racism they cry about towards whites and it don't die..it keeps growing back like a weed in a garden..blacks keep it alive and it's on them now is how I feel about it..not my stress

  3. The female wearing the Black and White strip T-shirt is very intelligent. Why call someone who has brown skin black? Good question. I like you

  4. None of you in this video are white, the clouds are. You are humans but I do not know what the colour of your is. I am human too and my skin is brown but other race say it is black.

  5. Thats why we say BLACK LIVES MATTER, But honestly for a big percentage of us GANGS and jails are hurting almost every race,all evil in gods eyes.

  6. White people invented democracy. White people invented the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution of US. Nobody handed rights to Whites – they invented them…unlike everybody else. Whites/Europeans ended slavery before all other people. Slavery exists today. Why didn't Whites extend rights to others at first? Why didn't others invent rights first? Why didn't the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Arabs, American Indians create rights for Whites and end slavery? Total double standard.

  7. If these people want to talk about race, instead of talking to white people from the west, Why dont they go talk to Africans that have a racial hierarchy??

  8. I'll never regret or be ashamed to be white I'd be the same if I was black good way to rasoe tour children being ashamed of themselves

  9. Wrong tribe of people….these are fake Jews subverting and essentially agents doing covert warfare. This might be shown to students in the future as a genocide documentary. This particular activity is stage 4 or 5 of genocide. We can see POLARIZATION stage of Genocide with the fake mass shootings:staging events and blaming the targeted groups. South Africa is stage 7 or 8: trial massacres, assaults bodily harm, attempted murder theft of property etc

  10. i just wanna say i’m white and we are privileged but the reason we are afraid to talk about race is because we don’t know what’s gonna make anyone mad. lots of races get offended by stereotypes but a stereotype for white people is we are all racist and ik it’s cruel to say but we kinda deserve it for all the shi we did.

  11. Democrats:
    1: fought for slavery.
    2: Started the KKK.
    3: Jim Crow laws.
    4 & 5: Voted against integration and the civil rights movement.
    6: Perpetuated the Southern Strategy myth.
    7 & 8: Supports a Socialist Society and government control.
    9: All for killing babies.
    10: Only wants power but wants no responsibilities.
    11: Treats minorities like pets by cuddling them with promises free gifts and/or money. (Refer back to #10 for reasons for this)
    12: Uses #11 as a disguise to hide true cowardly racist actions.
    13: Wants to take law bidding citizen’s guns away.
    14: Prefers illegal immigrants (law breaking foreigners) over legal immigrants (law bidding citizens).

    Whew…and that’s just the greatest hits and it looks like a super villain bucket list.

  12. no one made their women have slave babies and now they say get a oborsion because they ant making money off us like that now so they want the sucker mexs slash slick and exc

  13. Racism was not built by white people. LOL. Has anyone ever read the ancient texts? Racism is because of divisions rooted in tribalism. Also white is not a race. Human is a race. White is a skin color.

  14. Whole video is basically "I don't wanna talk about race because I have privileges.Who cares about race anyway except when we trated blacks like slaves and killed native Americans"

  15. https://youtu.be/xXow7olFyIM?t=156 ERIC GARNER WAS A CRIMINAL RESISTING LEGAL ARREST – if your students are WORRIED about being "VICTIMIZED' by the police tell them to ABIDE BY THE LAW rofl criminal apologists do NOT belong teaching children in public schools.

  16. These white folks need to go walking and shopping in West and south sides of Chicago in the evenings if they want to know what racism is!

  17. Well as a doctor “white” isn’t a race it’s a color the actual race is Caucasian which includes Europe North Africa and the Middle East which most common people don’t even think falls into the same category with white people

  18. Yeah man ! I find it Hard to say its a privilegie to just get 4 hours of sleep/ Night for 19 years in a row. That i call bonus by proxy. Otherwise J.Lo & Cardi B in THE new movie Hustlers shows thats a new generation taking control over THE Striptease business also. Great movie & a more clean Erotic movie,Good plot,great acting .

  19. White people can't have an honest discussion about race or they will be violently attacked verbally attacked fired ostracized demonized and treated like a pariah.

  20. What really bugs me is that people seem to think that racism has anything to do with who is in power. Either you hate someone because of their skin color or you don't.

  21. I typed "why can't white people be proud" into my search criteria. This was the first video to pop up. More dislikes than likes. This tells me that I'm asking the right question only in the wrong place. Most of these "whites" in this video seem to be probably "Jwhites" LARPing as whites to subvert the narrative. Dear YouTube, rigging the search results is actually, in your terms, "radicalizing" people. But I think you know that…



  24. Is that small Jewish lady white? I've seen "black" people with blue eyes and fairer skin than some of these "white" people. And who is really white in America probably 25 percent of those who consider themselves white. Going by the one drop rule if DNA tests were done then we would have a true picture of knowing 75 percent of "white" arent really white by their own definition of what white is. A good percentage of white Americans more so than white Canadians have Native, African and Middle Eastern heritage.

  25. The way I feel about humanity. We don't choose our parents..We don't choose when were born..We don't choose where were born..We don't choose how we look…and We don't choose when we leave…knowing this is true for every soul on earth, enjoy every moment you have because We don't choose how many moment's we receive, two people die every second in the world…share the positive freely with all..and refuse to let anything or anyone take it away

  26. The reason white people hate talking about race is because white people genuinely feel bad about the history of America. Now when it comes to white privilege this is a bully term used by pc culture and leftists to silence the opposition. As soon as someone can’t back an argument they say check your privilege. It’s so sad watching these poor people because they feel sorry for being white. Statistics have shown two parent families tend to do better socioeconomically than single parent families. Do we say we have two parent privilege? Asian Americans score higher on standardized tests do we say Asian privilege? All white privilege does is drive a space between white people and other races. It also puts other races in a victim state of mind which is a terribly racist thing to do. What it eventually turns into is self-actualization where someone might think well I’m a different race so I can’t achieve anything in a society that favors white people. Yes I agree racism exists and it’s terrible. But blame culture is bad for everyone.

  27. I will never understand why people, racists and non-racists, are so focused and fanatic about something as simple as the difference of two colors. I truly don't see how it's still a topic that people keep talking about.
    If you base yourself on the color of your skin, you don't have much of a personality or identity. It's pathetic.

  28. It's really difficult to be white and talk about race, especially when organizations like The New York Times claims a movie like Joker is about white supremacy.

  29. World population:

    54% Asian
    17% Black
    13% Hispanic
    9% Middle Eastern
    7% White

    What I don’t understand about earth is why a lot of people always brand White people for being White and who they are when they’re actually a very small group of people on the earth.

    I’m White and wonder this periodically.

  30. "Why are white people so afraid to talk about race"
    Oh jeez, maybe because they've been taught that they're the cause of everyone's suffering ever since they were kids. No wonder white males are killing themselves at alarming rates.

  31. To everyone:
    There is no such thing as equality
    As being white or a man means your automatically racist or sexist
    People are either too sensitive or too rude
    I think it’s both
    The one thing we actually need in this world is respect,as there doesn’t seem to be any

  32. These are honest to God my thoughts do not attack me if you don't agree so my thoughts on racism is got it honestly just stop I feel like people are raised to hate the other race and just push that aside already and this goes for both white and black you shouldn't think someone's racist because let's say there are bully and they push someone down and oh that person black because if you don't know the reasons they push that person then you don't have a say in anything because most likely they're not so black people yourself attacking by people because of what happened in the past you all need to move on and the same goes for white people too I have this friend her name is Nevaeh and I'm a white person she's black it doesn't matter but one day we were having a conversation about racism and you can tell by her attitude she was that black girl attitude and I'm not being racist it's just describing and she was saying a lot of hurtful stuff about white people and I was saying how about we just put that on the side cuz it doesn't matter now it's not like your game being bullied and picked on and she honestly doesn't get picked on but the fact that racism happened is kind of the whole point of why people is always to attack of it for people like a black people always trying to attack white people because they think they're being racist and sometimes if it's not like Boeing people just because of their race they're not and why people always trying to talk black people because of their race give me a very neutral what I mean by that I'm like a person who doesn't see people for their race or there skin color so I was telling her she needs to stop hating people that are white just because of what they did in the past if they haven't done anything to you that is racist then you need to stop hating them because that's racist and she got mad at me and saying I was being racist when I was not talking about her race I was talking about her not her skin color I was talking about how she was saying so people just need to stop hating each other and the race because the boat same goes for the both ways and you see people and I'm not trying to be racist but mostly black people still holding on to what people did in the past when some white people are tries trying to focus on the present and I'm not saying that white people don't aren't ever racist because I know that they are but what I'm talking about is that Nevaeh was mad because I was telling her that she was being racist for hating White people just because of what they did in the past if you're going to hate one person just because of their skin might as well hate everybody in the whole world and if I say anything that takes you off or think that I'm being racist because it's saying black people white people it's not it's describing please stop you may have a totally different view on this you may think that white people the only race of people but it's someone's trying to move on and you're not being their friend because they're it's someone's trying to move on and you're not being their friend because they're white then I'm sorry but they're being racist not the white person the black person in this and I feel like black people feel like they're above racism just because that oh I was the person or my race is what they were picking on like in the late late late era so grow up it's 2019 this whole thing can also be put in homosexuality to which I believe in and I believe it's fine it's terrible how some people just hate black people and how black people hate white people like stop if you want to keep going and going on and hating about white people or black people go back to that era and do it there cuz no one needs it right now

  33. It’s a shame to see how stupid people are and how easy it is to brainwash them with guilt.

    White and proud male.

    If anyone doesn’t like it i don’t care. Everyone should be proud of what they are and what their people have accomplished

  34. Yes you are white with privilege in a brown land because this land is not white it’s native of American which is brown you whites keep Calling it white america as if we natives specially us natives have forgotten it’s our land don’t forget that because we haven’t

  35. We don't want to talk about race because:
    1. We don't care.
    2. Anything we say on the topic will be taken the wrong way.
    3. We don't care.

  36. This is so incredibly sad. This is literally racism happening against Caucasians and people are completely ignoring it. This is literally the practical manifestation of what the left has done to our country and it’s scary.

  37. White people who hate themselves for being white because of atrocities they themselves did not commit are the saddest individuals I’ve ever encountered. ~CJ Pearson~

  38. Identity politics: The greatest scourge for the last 150 years
    I will never fear my own existence. I will never hold such disdain.

  39. White people are a combination of multiple European nationalities, ethnic groups, cultures, religions and provincialisms or in the US, regionalisms. There may be white privilege (I don't really have an upper-middle-class life), but whites are told not to talk about race :-/ And my father is from the northern tip of France, but being partially Native American, it explains my easiness to get into racial and ethnic issues than most white Americans. +

  40. I’m white,I’m not racist ,but I live in a northern European country and kids here are just not used to seeing black and Asian people so ,it’s not racist is just unfamiliarity

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