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– My name is Yong. And I
am a third year student, here at UCL. I study project management
for construction, so I’m in under the
school of construction, school of Bartlett. I’m from Malaysia originally. I’m in my final year so I’m
probably going to head back after I graduate. [Interviewer] So tell
me a little bit about academics at UCL? – [Yong] Um, sure. So I guess I’ll talk
a bit about my course. My course, I mentioned already is project management for construction. It’s a 3 year program and it’s more coursework based rather than, compared to other majors but again it really depends on
what course you do study because it varies quite a bit. For example, I know my
friends who are in economics, maybe they have a bit
more exam focus, in terms of assessment but mine is a
bit more coursework based, it’s bits of coursework and
a final exam at the end. – [Interviewer] So how many
people are in your program? – [ Yong] So, my program
is a bit different from most people’s, I think most of the programs
have a couple hundred people, mine is really small, compact, mine’s about 30 to 40 people. It’s quite a small class. So, we have all the classes
together, we’re all in the same class. – How would you describe the
overall academic culture, is it competitive, is
it more team work based? – I guess for UCL, if you want to compare it LSE or Imperial, it’s a bit more laid back. But I would say just a tiny
bit, it’s not like you come here and don’t do anything. I think it’s quite a supportive culture. The people are really quite
intelligent but they are quite willing to help
you if you need anything, so it’s a good place to study. – So tell me a little bit
about what you’re involved in like outside of class? – Right now, in my third
year I’m doing a sort of consulting society, it’s called
London Strategic Consulting. What we do is we provide
programs for students to do consulting for about 8 weeks
with real clients outside. For example, some of our
clients that you might have heard of are maybe Pret, the coffee place that you see along the streets. – [Interviewer] Oh, Pret a Manger! – We’ve worked with Deliveroo
before, so this is sort of what I’m doing outside. – Very cool. You’re basically organizing a
way for the students who are not yet sure if they want
to go into consulting maybe but have some experience
to like get more experience helping real companies. – Correct, right, and it
looks fantastic on your CV to show that they have actually
tried something and they’re actually quite interested in it. – Did you start that yourself or? – It was started by a friend
about 3 or 4 years ago. We sort of, the committee
changes every year. I just took over last term. I’m finishing actually in
a couple of months and then I’m going to graduate and start working. – Very nice. How does that play with
what you’re looking to do after college? – I guess for that, I’ll speak about that in sort of 2, 3 things. First thing is the things
I’ve learnt from that, I think it really gave me a
focus or an understanding of what I want to do, which
was more corporate stuff rather than don’t know,
maybe start ups and stuff. So that really helped
me zoom in to identify what I wanted to do. Secondly, I would say it
helped me build my network. I got to know quite a lot of
people from doing all those things, and it has helped
quite a bit in getting to where I am today, really fun. – Do you think it’s common for
students at UCL to find that their extracurriculars play
such a huge role in their learning about their careers
and what they want to do? – Yeah, definitely. Again it depends what
the student wants to do. So there are students who
just come here and chill the whole three years. So they might do, they might
be in the drama society, dance, stuff like that,
the more fun stuff. That’s what people usually
come to uni for, rather than looking for a job but I
would say that if you have an interest, you can
definitely find it at UCL or if not UCL in London. There’s just so many
different things there. This is actually really cool. This is where part of the
film Inception was filmed. There was the part where he
was spinning the top to make sure which reality he was in, so it was just right on
the front tables here. It’s quite a big thing then. – Do you ever bring your
own top and just spin it? – No, I’ve never done it myself. – [Interviewer] Tell me a little bit about the living situation here at UCL. – For most people who come to
UCL, we usually stay in sort of a dorm or like a student hall basically in our first year. Basically, if you apply
before the deadline you are guaranteed a place in
one of our student halls. The student halls, they really vary. Some are a bit further away,
and obviously those are a bit cheaper. Those are nearer the school
are a bit more expensive and it depends on the size of the room. Some student halls cater for you, so you can have lunch and dinner catered, some of them don’t, so it really depends on your preferences. If you prefer to cook yourself
you can stay in one that doesn’t, if you’re lazy just stay in one. It’s quite common after
first year for most students to move out, to find a flat
with a couple of friends. So for example this year, I’m staying with three friends. We found a flat just around
the corner for four people and that’s quite common for
people, for most people who come to UCL. – So you’re housing isn’t
through the school, you found it on your own, you’re
renting it on your own? – Yeah, you go through
basically the rental websites and you just go through them
and view the flat if you like it, and then you
pay for it basically. – So nightlife and students
having fun at night, is that mostly through parties that
are on campus or is more you go out to London and find
the party scene out there? – So in UCL specifically, we
have three student bars and alcohol is quite cheap so
quite a lot of students tend to go there on Wednesdays. On Wednesdays it’s sports night. People play sports in the
afternoon and then go have fun at night and then there’s like a specific UCL night for that and a
specific club that we go to, if you go to sports night. Besides that it’s not very
sort of UCL campus based, it’s just you have a couple
of friends maybe interested in going to this club or this
party and then we’ll just text everybody and decide
where we want to go. ♪ When you try your best
but you don’t succeed ♪ ♪ When you get what you
want but not what you need ♪ – [Interviewer] So, overall
why did you pick UCL? – Ultimately, I chose UCL
and this course specifically because I felt it wasn’t
so technical compared to an engineering degree and I
felt that it would give me a bit more, it teaches you a
bit more of the soft skills which I feel are quite
important also beside all the technical stuff. – In terms of advice for other
students, whether they’re in the UK or Malaysia or anywhere, do you have any advice about
thinking about colleges, studying overseas, that sort of stuff? – In terms of coming to London,
perhaps I have a bit more to talk about. What I felt was really really
special about London is really the amount of opportunities
that you have here. I spoke a bit about this already
but I feel that London is really a place where anything
and everything that you want you can find it here. If you want to cook one like
very special, exotic food, London is probably a place
where you can find it. It really has everything, you
just really really need to go and look for them and no matter what you’re looking for, London probably has it for you. – It really is a global city. Everybody comes here, everything is here. – Yeah. – That’s BT tower behind us. Why is it so important for UCL? – [Yong] So, Coldplay, they
actually studied at UCL and they stayed in one of the
halls down the road called Ramsay Hall actually. They actually wrote the song
‘Lights’ because of the tower. What I’ve heard is that,
when they go on nights out and they’re coming home
and they don’t know, they’re finding their way home, they just look for BT
tower and that’s the light that sort of guides them
home to where they stay. ♪ Lights will guide you home ♪ – I guess things are
clearer in retrospect, when you look back. Sometimes during that
week when you first come, you think am I doing the right thing, is this the right choice? But I guess my overall take on life is, if I’d never gone the things
that I’ve had to go through, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So I have no regrets. If you like this video and
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