A Fire Surges, Shots Are Fired and Firefighters Are Down! – Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

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Otis! Firefighter down!
Firefighter down! It’s Otis! Over here!
It’s Otis! ♪ Oh, no,
You hold on. ♪ Firefighter down!
Firefighter down! ♪ – Is he responsive? – No, no.
No, he’s not. [somber music] – What happened? Otis? ♪ – Let’s get him in.
Come on. – [sobs] ♪ [siren wails] ♪


  1. Killing Otis off is the biggest mistake that the Chicago writers has ever done. His death was so sudden and out of nowhere, what even?

  2. Otis was my favorite and he passed away why did they have to do that he was my life I love him and now he is no longer on the show poor Otis and Mao

  3. Every part of this episode literally shows the rest of us, the importance of the fire fighters & EMT rolls in real life. That is what makes this show so exceptional!! So excited to see what season 7 has instore!!🚒🚑🔥

  4. Absolutely furious they killed him off man.. he was a real good part of this show. Wy get rid of the you ger guy aswel with so many years ahead of him. I love mouch & herman but they coulda gone before otis . Them guys are like nearly 60 which woulda of been easier to write them out rather then kill otis off ! Joke really & he didnt want to leave either

  5. I cried so bad. My heart is bleeding. I cannot say much more other than Rest in Peace dear Otis. You will be missed.<3<3<3

  6. it should've been casey or cruz they are both really annoying and I'm done with both of them, why did it have be otis, he didn't deserve it.

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