A Homeless Polar Bear in London – Ft. Jude Law and Radiohead

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As the Arctic melts The rush to exploit its resources is starting Nobody will listen to her
But they will listen to you Join the movement
Save the Arctic


  1. Greenpeace is most certainly working to save the Polar Bears. Saving their home is the most important part of the battle though, please go to their website and sign the Save The Arctic petition. I think you will be pleasantly surprised to see all the fine work they are doing in the North Pole 🙂

  2. Let's say we stop all the pollution, digging resources and so on. What if the earth starts heating up itself? What then? Save the arctic by cooling earth? The cooling/warming of earth is natural. You think that bear needed your help when he inhabited himself there? Polar bears will adjust to the environment or will go extinct like the other 70% of all species who walked this earth.

  3. it is very sad that the arctic is melting fast it is all about human activity and also the fucking politician and the cities are not talking the right step to have a greener future, instead they sell cars to make money, and buying bottled water that does help to stop climate change. I am very frustrating that the government and even the citizens are not making a simple thing to help the planet.

  4. Şu an ağlıyorum ve sadece kutup ayıları için değil bilinçsiz bir çok insan yüzünden hayatlarından olan bütün hayvanlar için!

  5. PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!!!! Destroying the homes and livelihood of animals to benefit our own in the moment is NOT OK. Not so slowly, we are killing everyone and everything.

  6. Brainwashed? I feel like this because I observe what's going on and found out myself the dangers of what other people are doing. There are over 30 million species of animals on this planet and we're threatening every single one of those by destroying it. We suck oil from the earth and pump it back into the air polluting the atmosphere. We are destroying the planet that's my problem. The pollution we cause causes cancer and ruins fragile ecosystems. Look around you and WAKE UP. We're fucked.

  7. Scientists are not making this up! You can even test it yourself if you had the intelligence! It's not so much the oil that's the problem it's what we're doing with it that is. Do you not understand the long term and irreversible effects of pollution? You think oil is awesome because you can come home and play Xbox or drive in a gas guzzling car but you have no idea the damage mankind is creating by doing that. If you already understand this and you don't care then you're a hopeless person.

  8. I'm not watching that I don't have an hour to spare. Look, it's very easy for someone to make up some bullshit on how "pollution doesn't exist" or "pollution isn't bad for the planet". I studied environmental science, trust me. The air you and I breathe is a very specific balance of gasses. If you change that balance (which we already have done) people start to become sick, signs of pollution start to show. That's a fact. You can't mark that off as bullshit because we can test what's in the air.

  9. If compassion and wonder at nature is not enough, consider that the Arctic is not somewhere else, it's part of your living, breathing, interconnected ecosystem and home. We'll kill ourselves with our greed and pride. It's a shame we'll take out all the other things that are so beautiful first.

  10. "10 reasons why Arctic drilling is a really stupid idea" Type this in on google. 10 reasons; in case 1 wasn't enough.

  11. The only thing, it wants you to think off, is that 1 day- you will pass this planet on, to the next person. Your son, your daughter, a friend; the next generation.This world is magnificent, one of a kind, unique with all that lives on it and is. We like to keep that,untouched- for as long as we can. Even though we have pretty much wrecked so much- every little bit helps- to prevent it from turning it into a further wreck. Environmentalists stick to actions, Jehovah's Witnesses preach for control

  12. Reason why Greenpeace rejected it: "It was supported by the U.S. and Russian governments … those who refuse to act against climate change and protect the Arctic Circle. We could believe their position is political greenwashing. It's non-sense to bring such a proposal and refuse to act on the fundamental problem of the Arctic. Now we must fight the cause of the disappearance of the polar bear, find solutions to a global level. We have to take responsibility to live up to the challenge."

  13. I almost cried… people never consider the animals because they are too busy living in sheltered little bubbles without any sort of consideration for the impact their lives have on the world and the creatures who inhabit it. It makes me sad, it really does, but that's not to say it's all our fault. The environment is changing, it always has and always will. I guess it's just a sad fact of life that we can't always beat the inevitable, even if that inevitable change was caused by us. It's not as though our predecessors knew the impact industrialization would have on the environment…Sure, the video is pretty emotional, and it doesn't really make sense that there's a homeless polar bear in London, but that's not the point. The point is that we've forgotten about the impact we're having on the planet, and this was just an effective method of reminding us all of that.

  14. Save the Artic and keep ignoring real homeless human being in your cities……..RUBISH Comercial Greenpeace.

  15. Love that video of paul signing your back. I live in liverpool. Been wanting to meet him for ages. He comes back now and again to visit his childhood home and his lipa school for performing arts. Maybe one day. Your very lucky. Bless you. X

  16. 主は、私たちにキリストの体の一部を作るためにあなたに感謝。私たちはあなたの慈悲、あなたの良さとあなたの尽きることのない愛をあなたをたたえます。時代を超えて、無数の人々があなたの恵みと慈悲の証言を与えている。我々は、この同じ恵みと慈悲が、今日は、私たちに与えてもよいことを祈る。あなたの教会は行き詰まったが、あなたがそれを守るために、それが失敗することはできません。どんなに私達の個々の宗派の理由づけが信じるように私たちを導くものを私たちのすべて、心の開放性、精神の優しさと心の熱心さであなたを果たすことができる。あなたの祈りは、私たちがあってもよいということでした。私たちはキリストにある兄弟姉妹としての共通の結合を認識し、その一体感今日のために努力することができる。

  17. Stop Jude Law.  You are making a fool of yourself and Radiohead.  By the way, if you see a polar bear walking down the street…… RUN!  They will kill you, not cuddle with you.  

  18. How could this poor animal be in London? Isn't there anybody responsible for this? One more cruelty against animals!! My GOD

  19. Это правильный ролик! Он вызывает жалость к гибнущей природе и сочувствие конкретно к этому белому мишке, но как указать пальцем на виновника этой трагедии?…

  20. How was this ad made? Just curious. It's obvious that the polar bear isn't really walking the streets, but I'm even curious to know if that was even a real polar bear in some shots or was it a couple of people in a well-made polar bear suit? Or was the polar bear partially or even entirely computerized? Just curious. The ad is pretty good.

  21. Save the polar ice cap? You mean the one that is INCREASING in size despite the BS put out by these frauds called global warming?

  22. Hats off to green peace for putting this together considering there not as developed as wwf they certainly Can make a better advert. it doesn't even repeat the words give or donate today either.


  24. Due to some really dense people in the comments section I will take it upon myself to tell you THIS IS FAKE, so stop writing stupid shit in the comment's eg "is this real?". NO IT IS NOT why the hell would greenpeace the people who are trying to save the polar bears let one walk around London. Please people use your brains, but from the comments I'm guessing you don't, so now you know.

  25. Beautiful and heartbreaking advertisement….I have just been reading about ICELAND supermarkets stance on environmental issues, particularly palm oil, and I noticed their logo about halfway thru this ad…we had this ad play a lot in NZ too and it always just about made me cry..I urge UK shoppers to get behind Iceland and other responsible retailers who along with Greenpeace are trying to do their own little bit, however big or small, to save this planet and its beautiful creatures before its too late💔💔

  26. Ok, so according to this scenario we're expected to believe that a Polar Bear would have swum all the way from the Arctic to London, for some reason, and then choose to make its way up the Thames and come ashore there? And when it does, it mopes about pathetically, wandering about on gas station forecourts and sniffing the exhaust of Volkswagens (really subtle there, Greenpiece) , thereby perpetuating the illusion that polar bears are cuddly, pathetic creatures that small children can befriend, rather than the reality that they're voracious, Grade-A predators, and that if one DID, it would probably be met by panic in the streets and would probably be met by a police Rapid Response Firearms Squad . Really educating people with your geographical and zoological knowledge here, Greenpeace, but then, you gave up bothering about facts and educating people a long time ago, didn't you, when you became a purely propaganda organisation for some sort of vague nuclear-free, fossil fuel-free communistic utopia, something that would only possibly be viable with a massive reduction in global population.

  27. Bären und Wölfe haben in Österreich anscheinend keinen Platz 😕! Wirtschaft vor Umwelt à la Sebastian Kurz & Trump 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕

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