A Real ASMR Massage Treatment In London UK ✨ Face Massage, Tapping, Hair Brushing

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  1. Being an impatient person, I skipped… more then I should've. I click on YouTube videos randomly without seeing the tittle and I skipped tot he part where she was feeling her ears. I immediately started freaking out.

  2. This looks like it feels amazing and is very relaxing. I honestly don't see how you stayed awake for the whole thing. I would have been passed out less than halfway through. 😴

  3. Wow this looks amazing! Would give anything to change places right now. Just a thought do you need any qualifications to do this, if you wanted to open a salon?

  4. Is she licenced to do application to the skin. You need an esthetiton licence or massage licence to do this type of treatment in the US.

  5. Krisztina has a great tone to her voice, She sounds like an actress from the Golden age of film…but I can't put my finger on who…maybe Lauren Bacall…she looks a lot like her, too.

  6. i want this so bad!! like even just a massage i have never had one and i am almost 13!!! i always ask my friends and they never massage my back even though i always massage theirs!! I just want a massage

  7. Looks amazing! I hope this idea seeps into other parts of the world as well… Does she also do back scratching?

  8. I love the angle straight overhead – it makes it feel like I'm getting the massage! My favorite is always the ear massage! What about yours?

  9. Oh💝I love this video💖One of my favorite💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

  10. Ooo I love the way she talks through the whole thing. Most times if I'm getting a massage I get lost in my (sometimes stressful) thoughts. Having someone guide my thoughts like this would be sooo great. Hope you enjoyed your experience, Emma!

  11. Well, Emma, after all the ASMR pleasure that you have given to other people you fully deserve your own session of pampering! Krisztina did a great job. You are both Stars!

  12. I wouldn't be happy with the you dumping invisible energy on my chops, let me tell you You don't know were it comes from

  13. This is awesome! My boyfriend does ASMR massage in New Jersey. He’s a Licensed Massage Therapist with the most soothing voice. ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Omg Krisztina looks so different with long hair 😃 I really wish I lived in London, she is so talented ❤️ she gives me tingles every time ❤️

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  16. Whisper all the time. Dont break the whisper with voice because is annoying and thats what you did all the time. Not relaxing

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