A Walking Tour of the Manhattan College Campus

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The Manhattan College campus has an abundance
of beautiful green space and there are plenty of worthwhile sights to see as you travel
from place to place. Lets take a walking tour to see some of the
beauty on our New York City campus. The number 1 train makes it easy to travel
to midtown and back any time you like with the swipe of a metro card. There are also MTA buses within close proximity
so you’ll have no trouble getting around. Our residence halls are located just steps from public transportation and as you head up to Draddy Gymnasium you’ll pass a staircase adorned with trees and flowers. This front entrance of McNeil Plaza and Memorial
Hall leads you straight through the arches up to the heart of campus. On the quadrangle, when the weather’s nice,
you’ll see students hanging out with friends and doing homework on the grass. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, beware! The walkway which cuts through the center
of the quad is Senior Walk. It’s only for those who have achieved senior
status. Overlooking the quad, Smith Auditorium is
accompanied by a statue of St. John Baptist De La Salle. It’s a proud and permanent memorial to the
college’s founder and patron saint of teachers. On your way up to the O’Malley Library, you’ll
cross the Founder’s Bridge. The banners recognize the Brothers of the
Christian Schools, who have left a lasting imprint on our campus. It also honors the entire community of Brothers
who continue to keep the Lasallian tradition alive at Manhattan College. Head down the stairs right next to the bridge
and take in the campus mural, a testament to the creativity of our students, our community,
and the value of a New York City based Lasallian education. The mural was created by 12 students from
all of our academic schools who spent the semester creating this work of art, showing
what Manhattan College means to them. Keep on walking to find the Grotto, where
students can observe a quiet prayer to the Blessed Mother. From here, you can head to Hayden Hall and
use the walkway to the Broadway parking garage where you’ll find our rooftop garden. The irrigation system was designed by a chemical
engineering class. This 2,300 square-foot roof is a great spot
to grow fruits and vegetables. Van Cortlandt Park is right in our front yard,
just steps from campus. With more than 1,000 acres of playing fields,
playgrounds, a golf course, and the borough’s largest fresh water lake, enjoy one of New
York City’s largest parks. At Manhattan College, you’ll enjoy a beautiful
green campus with the convenience of New York City!

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