Aaron Franklin Teaches Texas-Style BBQ | Official Trailer | MasterClass

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Ah, it’s beautiful. I remember cooking
my first brisket like it was 16 years ago. It was pretty terrible. [MUSIC PLAYING] From the first
brisket in my backyard to 106 briskets every day,
I’m also still learning. And I want to share
these things with you. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh my, this looks really nice. So I’m going to
teach you exactly like I would train someone
at Franklin Barbecue. But I’ve never really gotten
to do this level of detail. That’s what I’m
looking for on airflow. That smoke is really,
really important. That’s where that
flavor is coming from. Fire is really fun to watch. We’re going to learn
how to build fires. We’re going to learn
how to maintain fires. We’re going to cook pork butt. We’re going to pull it. Steamy pork butts, and guys
with glasses, gee whiz. We’re going to cook some ribs. And I’m going to show
you guys how to cook a brisket from start to finish. Really get down to the details
of how to trim, how to wrap it, and then at the end, slicing it. That’s very well done. I’m proud of this whole thing. I should find some
people to eat this. [MUSIC PLAYING] Sharpie. In a perfect world, this
brisket would take me 12 hours. 255. About 9 o’clock,
start to ramp up. 280. I work at five-degree
increments. Have a plan. Be ready to make mistakes, but
also document your mistakes. I really like to keep
it super simple– kosher salt and 16
mesh black pepper. I watched that movie
“Cocktail” a few times. It’s almost like a typewriter
going back and forth. There’s a lot of wiggle
room in this stuff. Learn the basics. But you only learn how
to make good barbecue by making bad barbecue. My favorite part about
barbecue might actually not be eating it, it’s the
process and how we get there. You cook with your heart,
pour your heart and soul into this thing. And then at the end,
share that with people. That’s really the art of
barbecue in a lot of ways. I’m Aaron Franklin, and
this is my MasterClass. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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