Academy of Sciences Biologist Reviving Rare Butterfly In Native San Francisco Habitat

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IT’S A BEAUTIFUL BLUE BUTTERFLY. AND NIGHTBEAT’S SHARON CHIN SHOWS US… HOW THOSE REMAINING IN SAN FRANCISCO…ARE BEING PRESERVERD. This is the California Pipevine Swallowtail, a rare San Francisco native. Tim Wong studied it as a hobby. He’s an aquatic biologist at the California Academy of Sciences. “1:07 It’s actually really special when you see this elusive butterfly here in the city of San Francisco.” Tim learned the butterfly only eats the California pipevine plant. It was hard to find .. but he got clippings from here at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens… and built a butterfly home in his own backyard. In three years.. he says he ended up with several thousand California Pipevine Swallowtails.. including this one. Now he’s expanding efforts to revive the butterfly’s population. “2:58 I’ve taken some of that knowledge and experience and collaborated with our team of volunteers..” As a volunteer.. Tim helped plant 45 California pipevines here on the Living Roof. In just two months… “5:19 I noticed caterpillars around the plant. and I was shocked and awestruck because it was such a short period of time from when we planted the plant.” “clip 1557 at 26:33 We don’t have complete goals in terms of how many we’re expecting but we do want to make sure our plant life is rich and diverse enough to support a larger population.” Tim’s already improved the rare butterfly’s habitat at the Botanical Gardens. We didn’t walk far to spot a chrysalis .. and numerous caterpillars. “clip 1578 at 31:59 Here’s one of the caterpillars.. about the length of my finger.”If you’d like to welcome the blue beauty .. Tim invites you to plant the California pipevine in your yard.. and report sightings on the Cal Academy’s iNaturalist app.. so researchers can keep a database of how the butterfly’s numbers are taking flight. In San Francisco sc on the NB/KPIX 5. TRENDING TONIGHT: PLANNED PARENTHOOD….WILL SOON BE PARENTHOOD….WILL SOON BE REGISTERING VOTERS AT ITS

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