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– Young people provide
an essential perspective in local and state politics, regardless of their political affiliation, they bring with them a fresh world view, one that is dominated by
idealism and creativity. Their input would go a
long way towards repairing the broken political relationships that currently govern our system, especially in the city of Chicago. After attending an On
The Table discussion, I realized that my organization was not the only group of
people that thinks this. And that’s why we want to partner with the On The Table community. So here’s a little bit
of information about us. YOUThink politics is a
political engagement workshop for local high school students. The non-partisan educational program teaches students about the
resources in their communities and how they can influence
the political system to create positive change. These kids are the future of our city. It’s our responsibility to make sure that their voices are heard. We’ve already planned our first workshop in the Champaign-Urbana area where we’re currently partnering with two local high schools, the local state representative, the Mayor of Urbana, and
the University of Illinois. We’re gonna put on a
fantastic workshop this fall, and we’re incredibly excited about it. But we don’t want to stop there. We want to take our
curriculum and our model and replicate it in Chicago, where we will partner with the schools on the south side of
Chicago, local politicians, and maintain our relationship with the University of Illinois. We already have a time and a place. December third at UIC. All we need is the funding. So what do you say? Let’s make a difference
in these kid’s lives.

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