Adam Savage Incognito as Totoro at New York Comic Con!

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all right this video was supposed to
begin with me triumphantly putting on my costume for New York City Comic Con and
just as we are shooting that opening a part of that costume broke so I am
furiously trying to fix the costume without enough tools but maybe I should
introduce the costume I am my first New York Comic Con my costume is my neighbor
totoro yes but one of his ears just broke off so I’ve got to fix it before I
get going there’s a lot to do and not a lot we’re back on track the left of the right just right oh yeah
such cute funny feet awesome now mmm
one of the key parts of this Totoro costume is that it has an internal
structure that provides me with the ability to see outside through a camera
and a monitor and it also has got a little fan to keep me cool alright we’re
going to lift this up and over top of me go ahead lower lower lower so alright
add earth nope that’s it alright boys and girls let’s go play with our friends
here we go oh I’m just waiting for the boss whoa Oh this is amazing I’m actually not too hot
inside of you okay well I got money about okay so we should start to make our way
back how did you figure out I follow you the eglee whoo that was awesome whoo-hoo oh hey
took a while wait a minute my glasses they’re here that wasn’t as oppressively
hot but still as you can tell it was warm in there
that was awesome it exceeded all of my expectations everyone’s response was
fantastic Totoro elicits just as much love as I
was hoping and it’s a really fun costume to wear plus this time we have POV video
from inside the costume of all the interactions I had that is we did do a
one day build we covered the entire process of making this which was
actually remarkably simple I was able to build this costume in about 14 hours and
we’ve got an extensive coverage video of it up on test it very soon now if you
excuse me I’m gonna have a glass of water


  1. The only thing I found disappointing was no kids getting photos. My son is 3 and loves Totoro! If he had seen Totoro he would have been over the moon!


    oh wait there he is

    How could you find him

    Oh just that he has a really red umbrella and is a giant fur ball

  3. you should try putting on a fursuit it feels awesome tried my friends fursuit at comic con last year for a few seconds and felt great

  4. I just realized I’ve seen pictures of this costume on the cosplay side of Instagram and I never realized it was Adam

  5. If/when you have a next big suit costume you might want a hydration bladder in there with you. Camelbak or the like.

  6. how was the video capture system? I have been thinking of doing something similar before I saw the build you did for this and was wondering about eyestrain using a small monitor close to your face for a whole day.

  7. Love your videos Adam and team! Have you thought of using camel/blader packs in your costumes so you can drink cool water while in it?

  8. Adam Savage: going to comic con incognito.
    Also Adam Savage: brought familiar face of camera man with him. ( I am talking about the asian dude whose name I can't remember at the elevator 4:35)

  9. Wish someone would have straightened his whiskers and brushed his fur evenly after Adam got in. Also wouldn't hurt to put stuffing in the arms if they are too high to be used.


  11. When you had to squeeze through the door a when you were going into the changing room, I about spit my drink out lmao. I don't know why that was so funny but it was.

  12. Please come to Anthrocon this July in Pittsburgh! It is the worlds largest Anthropomorphic convention, and we would LOVE to see you there- even if we don't know that it is you!

  13. starts singing
    To-to-ro, To-tor-oh!
    To-to-ro, To-tor-oh!
    You'll only see him if you're very young!
    A magical adventure for you! …..
    Yes, I'm an adult but I love Totoro.
    But you couldn't get a grey umbrella? It's supposed to be dark grey! (/nitpickmode) 🙂

  14. such a cute video! I went to phx comicon for 8 years but moved away recently and I miss it so much. Being in a big costume and attracting all that attention is the best feeling in the world haha (I dressed up as Mettaton last time)

  15. I started crying what the shit aaaahhhhhh i love this…. Thank you so much for doing beautiful and heartwarmung stuff

  16. A true cosplayers always has to fix something 15 minutes before the con starts
    I honestly do believe it only took him a couple of days he’s a myth buster he’s a DIY master

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