Aj Summers VLOG – First Performance in Los Angeles on BrealTV

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hey guys I’m AJ I just bought this new camera here because I want to take you guys with me today for my first live performance here in Los Angeles so let’s go out hi Alberta here yep [Music] okay i’m here with Mario we have arrived like 30 minutes before the show and this is the place so apparently I’m taking directions here like that haha nevermind you can leave now [Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys I just did my first performance in LA was amazing i had so much fun now we are going to take some picture okay so this is the weather not very la right it is varying no it’s not now we are going to get an uber okay this is the place where we are going to have dinner is so nice looks like an italian place but it’s mexican so gonna have mexican tonight go [Music] so I was saying thank you so much much for being part of this adventure I had so much fun elephant to normal but we are in front of the guitar center look at the palm tree why are they so popular the el compadre where did you go to the palm trees now my country’s can be short too you know yeah 10 [Music] hi guys I’m home now finally I had so much fun it was my first time performing here in Los Angeles and I will never forget this moment I’m so happy that I brought you guys with me today so if you would like to see more videos like this just let me know in the comments because i really enjoyed it and if you want guys i can make more videos like this so yeah this is a very beautiful bit hope you guys have a beautiful day and stay tuned

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