ALIMAMA: Mochi Donuts ? in Chinatown, Manhattan

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All: Hello, family and friends! O: We’re at Alimama in Chinatown, Manhattan. Killian: I heard there’s a mochi donut!!! All: OoooOOooo~ (lol) [BOBA MILK TEA CREAM PUFFS] Killian: So what we have here is a… …Milk Tea Honey Boba Cream Puff! Sung: There you go! Sung: You’re a pro, dude! Killian: Steady hands…steady hands… Sung: Alright, Killian & I will split this one, and then you guys can… O: One for you [Felix]! F: Does it taste good? K: The bubbles are very chewy, so it’s good. It’s like you’re… …eating a… K & O: …milk tea! K: Yeah, that’s right…….jinx! lol K (who knows Korean): “This tastes good.” K: And the crust is very crispy… …it’s not, like, greasy. Question: [When was your first boba?] S: I think I started drinking boba when I was in high school. Like, it was such a foreign concept for me. [Killian is from Taiwan (origin of boba)]
The vendors were there when you were a kid. K: So when I was, like, 8 or 9. S: Like out in the streets? K: Yeah, just like, street food. K: So you just go there with your mom and dad, and buy. [TARO & MATCHA CREAM PUFFS] [MATCHA CREAM PUFF]
O: Killian’s steady hands. S: Dude, this should just be your job. O: I think matcha lovers would really like this. [TARO CREAM PUFFS] S: Oh baby~ S: What else could you open that’s, like, really cool? O: Lot of breads. If you open breads, it’s very satisfying. S & K: Yeah? K: The sound? [MOCHI DONUT TIME!] O: This is the onyx caramelized dark chocolate. S: Nice! [MATCHA CEREAL DONUT] [CREME BRULEE DONUT]
O: I love the gold O: I love the gold K: Yo! This is like: O: In here it looks softer. You can forget your lipsticks. No problem. just have a donut. O: Creme Brulee has a crunch. S: Yeah, I was wondering why. K: It’s like you need to keep chewing… It’s actually a little bit… exhausting. S & O: HAHAHA! K: I think I like [cream] puffs more than donuts. O: Cause it’s easier to eat. K: Less chewy. O: Yeah. Less chewy. O: Here is [CEREAL MOCHI DONUT] I think it has a light, airy, crispy crunch F: What is the white part? O: Powdered suger. O: Childhood memories. [SWEET & SAVORY DONUT ] S: Look at these pearls. S: This is beautiful. S: I think the pearls are just salt. K: Cause like you expect it to be sweet, right? But like, the more you chew on it, it’s like “oh there comes the salt”! And more and more, oh, is it savory or sweet? K: It’s very interesting. O: What’s your favorite, so far, out of these? K: Bubble tea O: The bubble tea? K: As a Taiwanese…bubble tea of course. S: It’s a great question. They are all so good. O: I know, they’re all good. S: I am so fat, I just love all of them. ALL OF THEM. ALL GOOD. O: I like the dark chocolate. Just because I like chocolate. But I really like cereal S: Did you think the cereal one was nostalgic? O: The cereal. S: Yeah. For sure, OK. F: Wow! What are these? Introduce them to me! O: Every so often, they have a special donut just for that weekend or a few days. And this weekend, they have the [STRAWBERRY WHITE CHOCOLATE] There are some heart details on here. It has a really pretty iridescent sheen. O: It’s not gonne be easy to cut. F: Or, you just need to be persistent. Persevere! O: Look at that chewy pull! F: You know what the strawberry reminds me of Like strawberry flavor pocky sticks. F: Oh yeah! [VEGAN TARO MUNCHKINS] [MATCHA MOCHI MUNCHKINS] F: It’s not very sweet. But it has very strong matcha flavor. It’s still like you are drinking green tea. O: How is the texture? F: Texture is sticky. It’s specially not good for a person like me who just has a root canal and a crown. But I am gonna go for it still. NO FEAR! O: These munchkins are also made of mochis. So they have that chewy texture that’s really funny to eat. It has sprinkles of sugar but not too much! F & O: Hooray! S: Everyone, thanks for watching! Shout out: Manhattan Lunchbox – Felix…Olivia… Killian…Alimama, we love you guys. Subscribe below… …And you’ll get a heart emoji from Felix! Good stuff, bye bye.

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