1. AOC is anti-visa & anti-passport. I hope she never plans to visit (or move to) another nation because that is exactly what they will ask of her. Will she then call that other nation "racist"?

  2. The family can be together by not entering our country illegal. Plainly simple. AOC, will you let an illegal immigrant enter your house?

  3. I just saw her on sea-span at a town hall meeting tonight, all she talked about were the Illegals, I was hoping somebody would ask her ,who are you working for American or Mexico ?

  4. More illegal immigrants. More voter ID cards. More votes for the Democrats. This is their policy. I am 100% for immigration, the legal way.

  5. Y’all keep posting these videos with people of different ethnicity’s but they all sound white. Not important. Js.

  6. Illegal aliens don't qualify for welfare??? Are you sure? About 7 years ago, I spent nearly a complete month in an intensive care unit. Upon my discharge from the hospital, I was not allowed to return to work for over two months. After the first month, I had to swallow my pride and go apply for "food stamps". While at their office, and applying, I quickly noticed that I was the only English speaking person who was applying on that day. Everyone else needed a Spanish interpreter to apply for the benefits that this video says they aren't allowed to get. Please don't try to convince me that they were citizens and couldn't speak English, but were freely applying for benefits that they shouldn't have been getting.

  7. It’s funny how white people want everyone to come into the country legally but they didn’t do that in the beginning

  8. My wife immigrated here legally. The paperwork is rough and takes some studying, but I took the initiative to study it and I filed the paperwork myself. It's a pretty good system. They are very thorough. There could be improvements, but the only real problem we had was liberal policies in the states of California and Illinois would not recognize her education and license to work as an RN. They said she would have to go back to college in the United States and retake EVERYTHING in order to work in those two states. Ridiculous. All other 48 states respected her education and license.


  10. When the "Brasero" program begun right in the moment the U.S. entered WWII, was supposed to be a legal inmigration program. But Americans promoted illegal inmigration so they payed less to this workers and had a reason to keep them down by the original sin of illegality.

  11. How can those morons call people who want to enforce border security as "racists", when it's affecting the present legal immigrants in the country? Mental…

  12. Implement all Strict Laws to do away with open borders, AND dissolution of chain migration and allowing aliens to overstay. Make English, health, education AND job skills mandatory. Eliminate anchor babies.


  14. Damn tired of crooked Congress members playing havoc with OUR Constitution, OUR peace, security, and OUR welfare… We the people ONLY are entitled to life, liberty and "the pursuit of happiness." — NOT Aliens!



  16. The ones for open borders should house, pay for, and take care of the random unvetted foreigners. They should be sending money overseas to help also or are hypocrites

  17. We were a nation of immigrants but I was born here as were my parents and theirs and theirs and theirs. I’ve always been a citizen.

  18. My health care cost is way too expensive and it's actually cheaper for me to pay the fine for not having health care. Iv been having this terrible crippling pain in my side and it scares me. Is there any way I can claim to be illegal so I can see a doctor?

  19. AOC is dumb as a rock, at least the rock is useful, AOC is useless, she doesn't know the laws of America and she is illiterate to economics.

  20. Those huddled masses endured hardships that Alexandria cannot even begin to comprehend. Those emmigrants entered the USA the LEGAL way, and they were still greatful for the opportunity. Foreigners do not have ANY RIGHTS to enter our country illegally, no matter the reason the do it for. The law is the law. As anyone can see, the democrats want special privileges for special people…and if you are reading this comment, YOU are not considered "special" by the democrat law.

  21. they should come in legally.
    otherwise, they are intruders.
    put them in jail while under the process of returning them to their country of origin.

  22. Obama: deports millions of illegal immigrants:
    everyone: good for the president on enforcing the law!
    Trump: deports millions of illegal immigrants

  23. I love how everyone wants to deport immigrants when them (The US) is the reason they cant stay. Essentially every war in latin/Hispanic america. US intervenes for no reason. They take all the land and wealth and suppress the people. Not even that long ago they launched a military coup in Honduras.
    Dont even research, just jump too conclusions.

  24. While I agree with the overall premise of the video, I must ask. Why exactly does illegal immigrants destroy the American Dream?

  25. The IRONY is: when Democrats transform America into a socialist shit hole, America will then be a country that ILLEGALS, which “open borders” TRAITOR Democrats viciously defend, will no longer want to sneak into because it will be NO BETTER than the countries they left.

  26. Michelle, very well stated. Separately, please understand that Prager University is a very Zionist-Israel first, Israel can't do anything wrong Jewish state! Not good! Please do not support Prager or Prager university. Thank you.

  27. The immigration policy of the U.S. parallels the disintegration of the American identity. What does it even mean to be an American anymore? You aren't required to learn English. You aren't required to believe in freedom. You aren't required to be of European ancestry. There is literally nothing that Americans have in common. An "American" is just someone who is recognized as a citizen by the entity known as the "United States government." And now even that standard is under attack.

  28. Immigrants overwhelmingly vote Democrat, regardless of their legal status. This is true even for whites. So can we just drop this retarded "legal vs. illegal" proxy debate already? The best thing for Republicans to do would be to lock down the border immediately and keep it locked down for as long as possible. You guys have a natural demographic advantage as long as the country remains majority white. Conservative whites have the highest number of children among any other group. Basic mathematics dictates that you just need to hold off for a few generations, and you'll have a permanent Republican presidency. Isn't that what you guys want? Is that not the goal ? Because it seems like all you guys are concerned with is appearing "not racist" in the eyes of Democrats.

  29. As a child of immigrants I have to say to the people that support illegal importation are not only ignorant, but also disrespectful to the people who come here legally. Yes it’s sad the people are being taking away from the family, however this wouldn’t happen had they just come here legally. Just like any other country if I go there illegally then I will be deported I don’t understand how people think that just because, “America is a country founded by immigrants” they think that its ok for them to break our laws. No I’m sorry but that just isn’t ok.

  30. Im tired of these illegals taking our jobs. Im a tradesmen and i hate it when contracts get taken by an illegal with half the skills of a fully licensed tradesmen. They also bid so low that we can't macth it, then when their half assed job bites the employer in the ass they expect us to fix it for an unreasonable low price. I could go on but im not long winded.

  31. AOC with those big liquid eyes, won over way more people than the director and the truth did. It’s the same tactic that Christine Blasy Ford used, and while Ford didn’t win over the panel, she did fool many Americans just because of her looks and actions. It seems truth has very little value in our modern world anymore.

  32. Google earth to see Kansas City 10th and central ave … and see where the mass shooting of 4 Mexicans by a Mexican happened ,, the store fronts are all in Spanish, this is thousand mile from border yet looks like down town Mexico City..sad to see America become a broken mess up country that globalist planned all along. btw Dearborn Michigan is similar only in Arabic.. also seems fewer people speak English everywhere I go I am a strange in my hometown

  33. As a german I have to say: YES! We're suffering because of a bad immigration system. This is the reason why I'm leaving my country right now. As a

    entrepreneur I'm looking for a new country, which qualifies for my tech-company. USA is not on my list, because US is not much better than germany. A lot of eastern countries like poland/czech… have a better immigration system and are also performing much better. In addition they have lower taxes. The mainstream media says that poland doesn't want any refuguees and is therefore a "bad country with unstable politics". In contrast, I have to admit that poland is the country where I want to live. Without any immigrants (espacially muslims) which are not integrated. Just look on France … they have already fallen.

  34. Push for Voter ID & A crackdown on Voter Fraud! The Dems are absolutely desperate, and will be pulling all the stops.

  35. This is well over 10,000,000 migrants a year. If we were smart, we would have a 10-year moratorium on all immigration before we drown.

  36. It sounds like US is a communist country that the government just provides everything. Actually I think US is the REAL socialist country.

  37. I'm japanese and cane to USA legally. I never mean to disagree with immigration. But mass immigration is insane idea. How do you guarantee crime rate doesn't grow up? Is government ready for English education for low skill immigrants? I know America is the greatest. No wonder everyone wants to come. But shouldn't host huge number of them at a time. America is hosting them enough

  38. In California, property owners are not legally permitted to check legal status. Illegal aliens can be licensed contractors, real estate agents, get Medi-Cal, food stamps, get drivers licenses. Not right. Vote Republican

  39. Immigration has become politicized and therefore must be ended. Immigration has to serve the Republic…not the immigrant.

  40. Good Job, Michelle
    … The 'Socialization' factor should be accounted for
    … instead of 'Americanization' of immigrants, we are witnessing a hostile takeover by an invading culture
    … much like what happened to the 'Native Americans'
    … we have hundreds of military bases around the world (arguably to protect Democracy), some see that is 'colonization'
    …in the past century, borders were 'suggestions' in that 'tourism' was uniting the world through commerce
    …we should have endorsed the 'End of all War' (United Nations) then
    …"Never time to do it right, but always time to do it over" …Van Halen
    …IMHO, the government does only two things well …Nothing and Ruination

  41. This is not about legal immigration. Prager U needs know every human being, no matter their status or income must be treated equally. To deny them access to services and separating children from their mothers are the problem. Stop deflecting this issue on what legal or illegal immigration is. That's not what was being discussed here. And stop endorsing Will Witt, a guy who said rape is hilarious.

  42. MMM, I love the sound of facts in the morning. I created a playlist of videos like this one and keep it on loop currently.

  43. AOC does not have respect. If she did, she wouldn't be there spewing lies. Remove the lottery, there's no reason to just pick randomly. If illegals do not get Welfare, why is there signs in the offices that say "We will not report your legal status to ICE."? Welfare is for citizens, not illegals.

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