American Wagyu Beef in NYC’s Most Secret Restaurant — Prime Time

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– (whispering) Hey guys. We’re at the most secret
restaurant in New York City. – Bohemian. – Where they specialize
in a rare breed of beef. – Washugyu. – Let’s go check it out. (fun, upbeat music) – A secret restaurant sounds esoteric, but it’s actually the opposite of that. It’s actually more welcoming. – Some people find it really negative that you have to know
someone when you come here, but for us, it’s not a marketing ploy. It’s more of, we wanted to create a space where we can bring our friends,
and their friends bring their friends and so on and so forth. And it’s a community that we just build. There’s these two owners,
one of them is the dreamer, and the other guy is the operations. They just get drunk together and come up with these crazy ideas. We use a word ‘ajito.’ Which, it’s based in Russian, but it’s literally a hideout
so having a secret base in all these different
places around the world. They wanna have at least one
place on every continent. They are making a place on Isla. They wanna find like the perfect hut to create the best
environment to have Scotch in. Ideally, we want to two years from now make a treehouse community
somewhere along the Amazon in the jungle, and they
have a guy who trained to be a camel caretaker,
and he can take you through the Sahara desert. – Do they need more friends? (laughing) Yes, everyone is a
friend of the restaurant. – We hear really, really
amazing things about a specific breed that you guys
work with called washugyu. – It’s a very specific
brand, it’s made in Oregon. You get the crossbreed of the Wagyu cow and domestic Black Angus. So Wagyu is Tajima cattle, so you get the really nice marbleization, the sweet fat from it,
and then you have leanness and the nice protein from
the domestic Black Angus, so it’s like the best of both worlds. – This is the washugyu short rib. – [Brent] Which is insane looking. – We using for the sashimi cut. First of all, I need to prepare it thin. – You don’t need to cook
something that has that much fat, sliced that thin, and then cut
against the grain like that. Pretty much all the tenderness
you need is already there. (fun, playful music) – So then, gonna put a little bit of salt. (fun, playful music) Heat it a little bit. That makes the fat come up a little bit. We have daikon radish here. Cherry on top. Garlic cured with organic soy sauce. Wasabi, placed nice on
the cooler with ice. – Because there’s so much fat in this and just the preciseness with
the way you were slicing it against the grain, you can already tell it’s just gonna melt in your mouth. – So we’re going to do the tartare? – Top round. – [Brent] I feel you like
you normally don’t see meat quite that red unless
you have like an older animal, which with the washugyu, you’re
letting those animals get about eight to ten months
older, which is what we do with American grass-fed beef, as well. Which helps you not only
get more time to put fat onto the animal, but also helps those muscles really, really
develop and deepen in flavor. And when you get the more depth of flavor, you also can see it in
the color in the steak. – [Ben] What’s with the white bread? – The cheese inside, we use a mozzarella, Parmesan Reggiano, also Barden blue cheese. – So that’s a grilled cheese? – Yeah, that’s grilled cheese. Yeah, grilled cheese sandwich. – Okay, we used to have a sandwich shop. – Oh, really? – Couple years ago, and
I am (bleep) furious at how good and simple this sandwich is. We were like racking our brains, trying to come up with great
sandwiches, and this is… – This is just simple sandwich. – It’s so incredible looking. – [Ben] So just a couple capers and little bit of finishing salt. – Salt and pepper, shallot, olive oil (funky, fun music) – Flatiron?
– Yeah, this is Flatiron. (laughing) See, I’m gonna cut a little bit. This a fine salt, using kosher salt. – [Ben] Double salt? – [Chef] Yeah, double salt. That makes much more crunchy. This makes it taste the best taste. – I would say normally if you would go to an outback steakhouse
and see a steak that big on the menu, but with the amount of fat that’s in that steak,
that’s probably enough for three or four people
almost in one steak. – So I noticed you keep putting the steak back to the salamander,
back to the salamander. How are you cooking it? – Most steak have a crispy outside, medium rare part in the
middle, inside with the rare. I want to all the way,
that’s gonna be more juicier. – I’ve never seen this technique before. It’s really interesting to see it’s just cook it little
by little, be patient, and you get a perfect medium
rare all the way through. – So you always finish with
a little burnt rosemary? – That makes more flavorful,
and it gets (you) more hungry. – Yeah, it makes you hungry,
gets your stomach ready? – Yeah.
– Okay. (smooth, jazzy music) Pro-tip: always do what the chef does. (smooth, jazzy music) Holy hell, come on! – Wow, it tastes like a cooked steak, but doesn’t have any
of the cooked elements of actually searing it on the outside. It just tastes like the
perfectly cooked center, but it’s raw. – That fat is just unbelievable too. It almost tastes like smokey or like, I don’t know how to describe it. And that flame was not
gonna get any smoke on it. I just don’t know how to describe this. I’ve never had a piece of
meat that tastes like that. There’s a lot of difference
in diet, so with this, you’re getting the sweetness,
you’re getting this richness from the fat, and grass-fed beef, you can actually taste grass. It’s really, really interesting. – That is delicious.
– Yeah. – Thank you, yeah, thank you for enjoying. – [Brent] That is a
really, really nice tartare. (smooth, jazzy music) – Mhm. (laughing) Amazing texture on the tartare. It’s hearty yet super tender. A little blue cheese on the end. – Yeah, I didn’t taste
the blue cheese at all until the very end, beef that
just melts apart, then bread, then gooey cheese, then more bread. That shallot just kicks it up, wow. (smooth, jazzy music) Wow, you can still see
the fat just hanging out. (smooth, jazzy music) Come on Aki! – Good lord, it’s really
fatty, but very clean. I think wagyu fat is higher quality. It’s not just regular,
fatty, grain-fed Angus beef. What’s weird for me is that because it’s seared on the outside and eats like a regular
steak, it’s very familiar, but this is totally
different than regular wagyu. We think we know beef, and we
work with it every single day. And this is so recognizable
yet so completely different than everything else we deal with. I just feel like I had my mind blown. – After being in the meat
business for like 14 years now, I’m watching you, and I’m
still learning new stuff. It’s incredible to watch.
– Ah, thank you. – Thank you so much for inviting us and to try these very special cuts. It’s always nice to learn something new, especially from someone
who’s mastered it, thank you. – No, thank you. – Thank you so much.
– Thank you.


  1. How the F they eat the meat raw ? That sandwich seriously and then says melts in ur ass n all huh !

  2. Trailblazers, they put the Americas on the east and Asia, Europe and Australia on the west (wall map). Edgy

  3. isnt wagyu beef. Theres only a couple places in america certified for wagyu and they would have a certification and "trophy" from japan

  4. that tartare was so rare it was mooing…I like all my meat well done thanks, i don't care if its sushi

  5. Hahahahaha for the love of god don't go to Scotland, pronounce the name Islay wrong and announce you want to find the best hut to drink Scotch in while prancing about in skinny jeans. They will crack a bottle of Buckfast off y your heads.

  6. just throwing this out there… all steak would be better off as stew or at the very least well done as a pose to medium parasitic

  7. I'm a little late to the party but, I do have a legitimate question. What separates "washugyu" from american kobe/american wagyu? From what I know, the rancher up the street from me raises a crossbreed of wagyu and angus, markets it as "the best of both worlds" but doesn't call it "washuygu". I've been eating it since I found out about it in 2013, but he's been raising and selling since the early 2000s. Is there some difference between the currently sold "american wagyu" crossbreed and this "washugyu"?

  8. I can only imagine what kind of douchebaggery goes to that place. I'm sure the food is amazing but what's the point when people there would make me throw it up.

  9. Lol at everyone crying hipster in the comments, y'all are just salty cause you didn't get invited to beef club

  10. Sitting down at a fancy restaurant, smiling at the steak and keeping the smile when you eat it, but then it disappears when the bill comes. ?

  11. I would eat the sashimi style wagyu but I could never eat larger amounts of raw beef like in the tartar it just scares me

  12. "They have a guy that trained to be a camel….. Caretaker."

    Anyone else think that was a long pause? Lol

  13. They say its not a marketing ploy, she said its for friends friend. Well now we know you dont have nuff customer since it goes on yt

  14. Idiot's wouldn't know a good steak if I beat them to death with it. Stick to the disgusting sushi so you're customers can barf in technicolor.

  15. So today I learned Americas most secret restaurant has almost 1.5 million views on an endorsed video by Eater even though she claimed it wasn't a marketing ploy and I also learned Washugyu is just a fancy and cool sounding way of selling a cheaper Wagyu alternative crossbred with black Angus beef. Good job Eater. Keep endorsing these crappy overpriced hipster restaurants. A lot of cooking skill involved in slicing an expensive cut of meat and blowtorching it for a few seconds

  16. Having lived in Kobe I loved to see that chef in a group hug like that – PDAs and closeness and touching in that way are usually frowned upon and I giggled inside because I knew he felt odd and uncomfortable but in a good way. I remember my steep learning curve when I first arrived and literally had to forget all my American ways lol. Anyway looks amazing shame I don’t know anyone that could get me in there for dinner. I bet if you gotta ask the price then you can’t afford it though

  17. Is this womans brain damaged? She said we want a rainforrest village that a man will bring you to on cammels threw the Sahara Desert. Those are on 2 different continents.

  18. Are u sure "Ajito means hideout" is Russian not Japanese? I'd usually cut ple slack for such mistakes but u have a Japanese chef running the kitchen, no excuse. ? And let's be real, any "secret" menu or restaurant, regardless of intent is ALWAYS a marketing ploy. ?

  19. Do u know .,,,,!I know these guys like and know what they want and how it should taste .!!?but I would not thank you for it …..urrrgh.

  20. I'm sorry to say this because I like your vids but I wanna tell you that your hairline is going further than the sun from the world

  21. My first wagyu i ate my words for it
    Its as people say the butter of steaks/meat
    Its so soft and easier to eat than normal beef meat

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