American YouTuber posts videos about ‘comfort women’ at New York’s Times Square

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An American YouTuber put up a video in New
York’s Times Square to raise awareness of Tokyo’s distortion and denial of historic
facts. The clip introduces details of Korea’s Dokdo
islets… and Japan’s wartime sex slavery. Choi Jeong-yoon has more. The South Korean national flag appears in
the middle of the Times Square in New York. The video shows pictures of South Korea’s
easternmost Dokdo Island and statues of so-called ‘comfort women’ who were forced to serve as
sexual slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War Two. This video was produced by an American YouTube
creator Chad Tanner in his desire to raise awareness of Korea’s historical issues. “Basically I wanted to raise awareness about
the relationship between Japan, and specifically about ‘Comfort women’, and the sexual
slavery that they suffered in the hands of Japan in the 1930s and 1940s.” As a YouTube creator with over 2-hundred-14-thousand
subscribers, Chad says he looks for ways to raise awareness in an exciting and attention-grabbing
matter. So he decided to post advertisements on Times
Square in New York for everyone to see. In his YouTube video, he stops pedestrians
in Times Square and explains the historical background of conflicts over Dokdo Island
and the cruelty of Japan’s wartime sex slavery. However, he says making the video and actually
getting the permission for the Times Square billboard wasn’t easy. The billboards’ rules require advertisements
to be free from any political or religious stance that can be deemed controversial. He found the solution by attracting the audience
to visit the web site he created. “I bought a domain, ‘’ where
people could go to, to learn more about Dokdo, ‘Comfort women’. So I linked out to some other web sites. So that was kind of the goal.” Chad’s initial intention succeeded as many
South Koreans were motivated to share the issue globally. In his comments, many South Korean viewers
were encouraged to share the story with their foreign friends. As more than 85% of his viewers are South
Korean and he has a deep affection for the country, he hopes to share the stories of
South Koreans being treated unfairly during the Japanese colonial era. “I would like to spread some more awareness
about comfort women, but also in the future, other issues that are going to be important
to Korean people and that they want to be shared globally.” The advertisements were run in New York Times
Square on August 13th, for 50 times over a period of 12 hours. Choi, Jeong-yoon, Arirang News.


  1. If South Korea is so confident, I wonder why they refuse to bring these matters to the international tribunals to discuss…

  2. Someday, SK and Japan will really end up in real physical war(s) due to SK's arrogance and their efforts to bring up the past as always. Can you just stop it and make peace???!

  3. What is it exactly you are so proud of?
    The endless perpetuation of your jealous hatred for Japan?
    Your whores of 80 years ago and the whore worship religion you created?
    Or perhaps that you managed to brainwash an impressionable boy to your propaganda?
    Seems to me you savages are proud of all of the above!

  4. Chad is very brave to bring this subject up again, the Japan government hate to be reminded of their past deeds, and want the world to move on n forget about it, but they should take a leave from Germany on how they handled the killing of the Jewish people in their history by accepting what they have done in the past and teach their younger generations of their past mistakes n never repeat them again. The Japanese government did the same thing on Naking massacre n even try to say this bloody historical incident is fake news n has never happened n what to remove this from their own history teaching inside Japan, this is one of the money reaso. why the Chinese don't like the Japanese government, because they denied their past misdeeds n want the world to forget about their past bloody action, Japanese are not bad people it is just that some elements the Japanese government are too stubborn n too proud to accept their own bloody history ?

  5. Shame to Korean. The comfort women are well paid prostitution. That’s it. This is based upon fabrication. This poor Americans is brainwashed already. Well done korean. And dokoto islands you called it belongs to Japan. Whoever is occupying is thief. Prove it to me they are not.

  6. This is human right issues.
    7O+ years passed and Japan could not and can not move on past its atrocity.
    The only reason why Japan could not and can not move on is because war atrocity issues committed by Japan have not been resolved. As long as Japan keeps denying the war atrocity, the war atrocity issues cannot be resolved.
    The very reasons for the deals, court ruling of forced laborers, statue of comfort women, museums of war atrocity is to keep peace and prevent from another sad history.
    The very first step to be made is for japan to accept and share the very reason and the responsibility why the world wants to remember.
    As much as Japan wants the world to forget Japan as the state of war crimes, as long as Japan continues denying the war crime itself, the stigma as the state of war crime will not go away.
    Abe should understand.

  7. It seems that Youtuber doesn't know the following two key facts, the case of former Korean comfort women has been dismissed by Federal Court Of Justice in US due to no counter evidence against Japan's ones in 2016, and what US kicked out SKorea's begging for including Takeshima/Dokdo into the territories abandoned from Japan in 1951. You should make sure of the fact before being found out that you're a wiseguy.

  8. Do you think that Americans were sympathetic to the video or they simply looked down pathetic Koreans? You better think about it. Koreans have been acting the poor victims for a long time. However, US had fought against Japan in the past war and they have hell a lot of information of two countries. According to my experiences, normal Americans don't like pathetic losers who keep asking money. You look like the beggars.

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