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– You know, it’s interesting
how some people miss, I think, the larger
fallout of a mass shooting. In some of the conversations
I’ve seen online, people seem to be focused more on the numbers of people who have died, as opposed to the total number of people who’ve been affected. A lotta people are like, “Why are we making this such a big issue? “Statistically it’s such a small version, “or such a small number of how many people “actually lose their lives in America. “Why aren’t we paying more attention to?” But it’s like yes, but the ramifications, the fallout, is actually a
lot broader than you think. And I don’t think I truly realized how intense it was until I
watched a video this morning about something that happened
in Times Square last night. Where people, there was a
motorbike that backfired. Apparently it just backfired
over and over again, and people in Times
Square panicked, and ran, and you see the footage,
’cause there’s the EarthCam, that shows Times Square. And people ran for their lives. It wasn’t even like a shuffle. It was, you could see people were like, “It’s happening. “I’m running.” And Times Square is not
just Americans, by the way. Do you know what I mean? It’s people from all over the world, tourists from other parts of America, and then people from other countries, but everyone goes,
“America, mass shooting.” Everyone ran. It’s not like the Germans were like, “Why is everybody running?” (audience laughter) Everybody was running. ‘Cause everyone was like,
“Oh shit, it’s the thing.” And I was just like, when I watched that, I was like, man, is this
how people wanna live? Where you don’t even realize it, but you are constantly terrorized. It is domestic terrorism. You are terrorized. You know what I mean? If you can’t hear a bang,
and be like, “What was that?” Your instinct is to run, you are living in a state of terror. I watched those people, they
said they ran into every, people were running into stores, some people were running
into like Broadway shows, I think people ran into
“To Kill a Mockingbird”. And the people in there were
like, “What is going on?” Then the cast, imagine
this knock-on effect. They ran in, then the
people in the theater thought like it was coming in, so then the cast ran offstage, and then the whole
thing was now, everyone. It shows you how far it goes. ‘Cause normally, Broadway performers, they don’t leave a stage. (audience laughter) Like normally, you come in, like “Ah.” And they’d be like, ♪ Ah ♪ (audience laughter) You be like, “No, ah.” And they be like, ♪ Ah ♪ (audience laughter) Like no. But every, like it’s genuinely insane. And that’s what I wish more
people would understand. Is that it’s not about,
just like a loose thing of like, uh, is America about guns? Is America not about guns? It’s like no, what is the effect of these guns having on America? And not just America as a
country, but America the people. ‘Cause without the people,
there is no country. The people of the country. What is happening to them? And genuinely, over and over again, I see the people fight,
“But the Constitution.” I’m like, yeah, but the Constitution’s supposed to be for the people. If the Constitution’s not
protecting the people, then what is the point? (audience applause) (upbeat music)


  1. I don't even live in the US but with social media I see all the news about the shootings. Few nights ago I had a dream (which is luckily no where near as bad a situation and I know I can't compare) but it made me realize how terrifying it must be to have to worry about his kinda stuff all the time no matter where you go. And I can only imagine how difficult it must be for someone who survives something like that, how it affects their life afterwards. I don't know if there's anything I can do to help but I really do hope with all my heart that Americans will finally decide to do something about this, for their own future/good and to not have mass shootings be an everyday thing.

  2. Imagine how kids feel. One little girl whose parents were killed asked if the guy was coming back to shoot her. She was only 5.

  3. Can't do much about guns in America at this point but we can improve system in place to help prevent these situations.
    No I don't mean metal detectors. I mean easier access to treating disorders, psychologist, medication. Things like that.
    People don't kill other people without a reason. Guns are just the weapons being used.

  4. 3 days later a guy threw a firecracker in the food court at Memorial Mall in Houston and everyone ran thinking it’s was a mass shooting

  5. As a Texan, I promise you that there were plenty of gun owners at the El Paso shooting. Hell, Walmart is one of those places where you are always going to find open-carry gun owners. But did that stop the shooter? NO! Because no one was expecting it! The average gun owner in America is not trained to be a soldier, and even the military vets expect to be safe from attack in their own country. Even if there was a "good guy with a gun", do you know what would have happened once the police show up? You would have been arrested too!

  6. In the 90's 80's 70s it was the sereal killes that was a thing of america but in 2000's and lat years it mass shooting
    Not too long a go i never paied attention to serial killers and mass shooting it is buggeling me is there any relationship between the two?

  7. So live about 15 minutes from Dayton Ohio a few days after the shooting I was at an amusement park and it thundered kind of weird like three times. I could hear children screaming thinking it was a gun and it was sad.

  8. Happened again today in Houston ( 8/11/19 ). Some idiot set off fireworks in a mall, allegedly making threats, and people started to panic.

  9. If you here a „bang“ people should be happy and wish each other Happy new year. Now they start running in the US.

  10. This is the way it's going to be. Many conservative politicians aren't wild about sensible gun laws because they're subservient to the NRA, and the NRA is subservient to the gun industry.

  11. Greetings from Germany.
    We are currently watching the USA sinking like the Titanic (supposed to be unsinkable) from over here, just to follow you in the abyss a couple of years later.
    What WE witness nowadays is 'terminal capitalism' –
    Watching China rising, because our need for profits for the shareholders made Europe sign the deals that helped China to become a huge industrial power (Siemens, Airbus, VW,…, etc), while politicians here and there have no clue how to react properly and the peoples of our countrys and many of our allies all do the same- blame those who immigrated to find better lifes.
    Sad, stupid world.

  12. As unfortunate as it is with the ballooning number in population growth, the forces that be will always find a way to keep checks and balances.

    The longer we prevent it from happening only means when it does will result in a higher fatality count.

  13. Developing countries worry about militia, mercenaries, rebels snatching n terrorizing villages as part of their norm, n america, a first world country, mass shooting as a norm

  14. I have a friend who went to Canada and a car backfired. Even though they knew there aren't really guns in Canada, they dropped to the pavement because they panicked and thought it was a gun.

  15. I served in Iraq and Afghanistan as an Infantryman, I've seen the worst and best of Humanity through violence first hand. PTSD is so much more than worrying about "the thing" (I don't know your life or if you suffer from PTSD but you speak well about it, thank you for that), it's about the fear, loss and despair. Wake up everyday even 14 years later reaching for my gun that to me acts as a security blanket of sorts. If you take away that security from me you not only take my sense of safety, you also take a gun out of the hands of someone who would run towards "the thing" and put an end to it effectively faster than any officer could possible get on scene because that is what I've been trained to do, to me it's like breathing.

  16. I'm not subscribed to the daily show…I don't have the damn bell wrung.. I don't want to see this crap..tired of YouTube's "algorithm" forcing political crap on my front page

  17. um, most mass shooters were in tactical gear, which is how they were indentified. Vests with handguns, magazines, or smoke grenades. Civilians with guns can still pose a problem for police if mass shooters ever creative and took off their gear and posed as a student as one would see vilians do in tv shows

  18. Im not living in a state of terror and I have trouble finding respect for all those people panicking. Thats absolutely shameful. Why is cowardice so common now days.

  19. ‘Denial’ is at the root of this horrible state of America affairs. Denial that America is white America deliberately setup by white Americans for white Americans at the mind body and soul experience of non White Americans ie. native Americans, black slavery, etc. The sooner all America acknowledges this truth and rise up for improvement, the sooner these domestic terrorists groups dissipate and all Americans can enjoy equal human rights.

  20. I was in NYC yesterday and had to cross the road the Dominican parade was on. I was seriously worried once I realized how many Latin people were around me. I shouldn't have to feel like that because some people were having a nice parade. But unfortunately, all I could think of is how it would be a great place for a white supremacist to start shooting :'(

  21. Right on Trevor.
    Remember low flying airplanes after September 11th?
    Talk about anxiety!
    I wonder who authorized that?!

  22. My son works there. They ran into forever 21 where he works. Women and a child came into his lunch area and lead them out an exit through the back. Scary situation I’m happy it was t true but we all can be affected

  23. The argument that wins it all: if something that is meant to protect people doesnt do its job then what is the point. Good Job Trevor ?

  24. This has been happening in black communities since forever. We have seen the PTSD of gun violence for so long yet no one cared about us and it’s only heightened by police brutality.

  25. I recently graduated from a large, public high school in Tennessee, and I vividly remember one time I was walking to class and heard loud pops in the hallway. I saw a mob of people running and I thought "shit, this is it, it's happening." Not "what was that" or "what happened," I immediately thought that I was about to die.

    It turns out that some idiot set of some small fireworks, but I'll always remember that deep-rooted fear that struck me in that moment.

  26. People in Kentucky need to wake up and realize that Mitch McConnell is not the best for them the people in Kentucky need to seriously think about voting Democratic. 1. Affordable college 2. Affordable healthcare 3. Minimum wage raised 4. Equal pay for equal work 5. Free day care 6. Maternity leave now that doesn't sound so bad does it??

  27. We should not allow ourselves to be forced to live in fear because gun nuts are to selfish and don't care how many innocent people die as long as they get to keep their AR-15. They are gonna make us fight for safety an piece of mind in the country we love. If that's the way they gotta be, I say so be it.

  28. How many ppl you think cars kill compared to guns? You think this hypocrite will hand over his keys? Because other people are irresponsible? The lunacy of Democrats laid out.

  29. Its Voodoo. Media is casting a spell. Trevor, wether intentional or not is helping to spread the hysteria necessary to further the objective. The Con Games, Smmfh

  30. Seen from outside, the US looks like a civil war with 130 million individual belligerents. Maybe Moscow Mitch knows why?

  31. "If the Constitution's not for protecting the people, then what is the point?"
    Looks like it's time for our favorite South African stand-up comedian to head to DC to remind the folks on Capitol Hill what they are supposed to be doing up there.

  32. Man… Seriously, I'm tearing up… Because its the truth… How is the constitution protecting us when we feel unsafe..?

  33. As a German the USA is known for:
    Mass shootings
    Fat people
    Bad education

    I don't even want to sound rude.

    I meet so many people who actualy try to give up their US citizenship to get the German citizenship.

  34. There was a “responsible gun owner” who strapped on a bullet proof vest and a rifle and strolled into a Wal Mart in Michigan abt a week after one of the recent mass shootings(in a different Wal Mart). Of course, panic ensued when he got there, the store mgr pulled a fire alarm to evacuate the store, cops were called, and the guy with the gun was subdued by an off duty fire fighter.

    Guy with the gun later claimed he didn’t mean to scare anyone, and was simply doing a “social experiment” to see how tolerant Wal Mart was about his gun rights. He walked into a store a WEEK after a mass shooting with a fucking rifle, and didn’t realize it’d cause a panic. These dumb asses vote and in 2016 more of them voted than anybody else. Now they own the White House, half of Congress and the Supreme Court.

    Don’t know about anyone else, but I’ll be voting to change that in 2020.

  35. The United State of Terror.
    And the people do not even realise it.
    If they did, there would be massive and massdemonstrations and -movements against this Domestic Terror.
    The American people are hypnotised by their holy second amendment.
    The dead, wounded and traumatised are sacrifised and “collecteral damage”.
    In the US everything is about money and guns.
    I could not raise my kids in such a State of Terror and Fear.
    I could not sleep without pills.

  36. I am genuinely surprised by how many of you just accept Trevor Noah's words. I get how he feels and I understand what he is saying. however I find it really disconcerting that every time he talks about guns and how they should be legislated here in America, he never mentions what it's like back home. He never explains how gun laws work in South Africa and what the crime is like there. Who knows, maybe that's why he decided to move to America. Not only are there plenty of opportunities here, but it's probably safer than South Africa.

  37. That's what we're known for now people. "The Thing"; the shootings.

    I'm only 28, but I'm pretty sure "the thing" won't be fixed in my lifetime.
    Either "The Thing" will happen and I won't get away, or American lobbyists from NRA funds will keeps pumping out more and more money.

    And to be clear, I want to leave; but I can't.

  38. When i was visting my family in Nigeria me and my cousin heard a bang and we sprinted because thats our instinct it sounded so much like a gunshot. We turned around and turns out it was kids playing knockout (firecrakers)

  39. You know, I think Trevor Noah would make an incredible president. Like seriously. Can you make that happen America? The rest of the world wants to stop worrying. Thank you.

  40. Trevor is so right about the PSTD,. I remember clearly some years ago the affects of living in South Central LA. A group of us sitting at a bus stop, A car back fires and the reaction of all of us at the bus stop was to get down. Yes, we all uncomfortably grinned and laughed about it as we rose realizing what the noise was, but the inherent affect of living around drive by shootings has taken a mental note with all of us. Now the same thoughts of having an awareness when I go shopping is the same when in a crowded store. Get in and get out or just order online pick up.

  41. I remember after Parkland I became so scared to go to high school I’d be late multiple days a week and ended up getting detention because of how many unexcused tardies I got.

  42. Whenever we talk about those that lost their lives, we need to also count the people who lost someone they loved. Need to count the people wounded who may or may not ever fully recover, need to count the hard work that recovery takes, and then there are the people who survive, but are traumatized by the event, then there are the first responders, who no matter what they have seen before, also carry new wounds, the medical personnel who try to repair the damage done. Then there are the people who bear the weight of supporting those affected. Those tendrils of terror reach far and wide, the damage can never be fully calculated. But then there is the gun lobby and somehow politicians manage to 'weigh' the benefits of preventing sensible gun laws.

  43. German public radio (Deutschlandfunk) which is not at all known for sensationalism or anything like that recently did a segment aimed at tourists traveling to the United States on what to do in a mass shouting.

  44. This guy talk enough sense to deserve a bigger platform, genuinely funny yet sincere. Much love from the U.K. stay strong buddy.

  45. As an Indian, America brings to mind:
    – Racism for anybody not white
    – gun shootings
    – Cocky powerful people (Trump etc) getting away with ANYTHING because the other powerful people support them.

  46. That will happen in any country you idiot. You hear what you think is gun shots.. you will run to safety.. try again puppet. I will still keep the guns to protect my self against real perps

  47. Recently, I saw a comic ask, "Did 911 work?" The crowd reacted, WHOA Too soon? Maybe. Too true? Probably. "The land of the free & the home of the brave" is terrified of it's own shadow.
    You: I'm not afraid!
    Me: Yes, you are. That's why you are clutching that AR-15.

  48. It's mid August and last night I could hear pops and bangs… I was freaked out and crept to my room to hide. It was some asshat with fireworks. Then today in line to pick up my kids from school and it's near the local police academy and they were having outdoor shooting drills and I was about to freak out.

  49. Sometimes Immigrants are more clear-eyed than "natives"….he's absolutely nailed it. We're being turned into a nation of PTSD cases. No trusting yr neighbours, let alone yr news…but quick to believe the worst? This is not good. At all.

  50. I have to admit I think this is pretty funny. For people that genuinely have PTSD this wasn't funny at all, but I guarantee that most people were just stupid and don't know what a gun sounds like or what motors backfiring sounds like.

  51. I was at the mall the other day, a piece of luggage fell to the ground and made a very loud noise, some people threw themselves to the ground because they thought it was gun fire.

  52. everytime I went to america I had this at the back of my mind.. its like visiting a 3rd world country but at the same time the shelves at the grocery store are stocked with 42 different brands of cereal. its weird

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