Amtrak’s Infrastructure Renewal at New York’s Penn Station

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In recent weeks, many
of you have experienced unscheduled delays
when traveling here through New York’s Penn Station. And at Amtrak, we’re
working to fix that. Over the next few months,
we’re initiating a series of improvements
that will provide you with a more reliable
and safer commute. New York Penn Station
is the nation’s busiest transportation hub. During peak hours,
trains are continually arriving and departing
from the station. Recent delays have been
caused by issues in an area of the station
known as “A Interlocking,” a location that’s
critical in routing incoming and outgoing
trains to their platforms. After decades of service,
the track and switches at this interlocking have reached
the end of their useful life. And rather than continue to
patch these aging components, we plan to perform
a full replacement. In the interest of minimizing
the possibility of more delays and
congestion in Penn Station due to unplanned
infrastructure issues, we’re ramping up
this maintenance, and compressing several
years of planned repairs into two months of
intensive renewal work. Our decision to
make these changes is not one that we take lightly. Because we know that people and
businesses rely on rail travel in the Northeast Corridor –
and we take our responsibility to you and all of our
customers very seriously. So, what does this
initiative mean for your travel plans
or your daily commute? Our major work at the station
will occur this summer. During this time,
we will be operating a modified train schedule. We’ve worked with
our rail partners at New Jersey Transit
and Long Island Rail Road to minimize the impact
for all of our customers. And this work, along with
other station improvements, will ensure that commuters
and travelers alike can count on more reliable
rail service in the future. Amtrak is committed to
improving your experience and we’re working hard to
deliver on that commitment. For the latest updates,
and to follow our progress, visit Thank you.

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