An Abused Wife Worries About Her Husband’s Reaction After Surgery – Chicago Med

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  1. This poor woman, I feel so bad for her. Even though she hated her husband for abusing her and ended up murdering him, she still loved him 😭💔

  2. Wow. I know why she did it but now she the one going to jail I know it fakes though but this happens in real life a lot so I know if this was real she been in prison for life or. Long time

  3. I'm early! Love you're episodes! They're serious but I still love them 😀 💗💗💗 keep up with the good work

  4. So she kills him because she cannot see her own fault of loving a crazy person? Im sorry, abused or not i cannot forgive a woman like her.

  5. I feel bad for her but now because of what she did, she'll go to jail for a long time! Hopefully they can prove that it was because of reasons of insanity that she did this though. If I was in her situation though, I'd probably do the same. She deserves way better than him…

  6. stockholm syndrome The only reason she worried about him dying is because He has it planted in her head that it be her fault

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