Anxious Patient Panics During Brain Surgery – Chicago Med (Episode Highlight)

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  1. Just watching this scene makes me anxious. Multiply it 10,000x if ever i'll be on that table. I'll be thrashing around. This man is actually doing extremely well.

  2. I thought this video was actually called anxiety patient not anxious patient on da official channel ur gunna get copyrighted just to warn u

  3. For everyone wondering, the patient is awake as any patient undergoing brain surgery must be awake. This is because the brain does not have any pain receptors so it does not hurt to operate on him, also so that the surgeons can check that they aren’t damaging the brain. That’s why they are asking questions like ‘what number comes after 3?’ because if they were causing any possible future damage to that area the patient would be unable to answer that question. This is also why Dr Charles is calming him down, so they can ensure he is not answering questions due to his actual brain and the operation rather than panic! Sorry for the long winded explanation!!

  4. Tbh who wouldn’t be panicking if someone was moving your brain around hell I get nervous for dentist appointments

  5. Why the hell didn’t you not put him to sleep or something! I’d say it hurt with your head cut open like a watermelon!

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    And plenty of other ones, its really good actually

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