AOC challengers speak out on ‘Fox & Friends’ on their campaigns

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  1. This little girl will be voted out for a more mature adult. It's overdue time to silence this rebellious child who turned Amazon away from NYC for those who needed employment. She is NO rock star.

  2. AOC the dumbest of the Dumb ! A Communist telling Americans what is wrong, even though her family ran here to get away from Communism ! She should go back from her parents country of origin !

  3. AOC is toast.  IF she is re-elected, it will show the pure stupidity and ignorance of the people in her district. There's not enough space here to mention all of her moronic mistakes and mishaps; how can ANYONE support someone who doesn't care about the district they're elected to support.

  4. How you get someone in office…… You get a puppet to fill in that seat, help them get in knowing they don't know anything, they fail in their own district, a joke in Congress, etc then you get someone you really want to look like a savior to the people ….. Trump ? AOC , whoever , all puppets but trump wasn't planned mine you.

  5. the people of the district Aoc came out of – I can imagine they have to be embarrassed to the tenth degree – AOC does not give one hoot of the people of that district – look at what maxine waters has done for her district also – nothing but has allow to create one of the largest if not the largest homeless population for the west coast – look at pelosi district. people who are truly mentally sick allowing to just drop their pants on the sidewalk and they to walk as this ok under pelosi. Aoc attention is more of being in front of the camera and spotlight time with sanders who is another communist in my opinion – the dems have failed over and over and are continuing to spew out issues they will never create a solution for –

  6. I'd vote for either of these two women. Far more intelligent than Castro Cortez. Come on NYC and do your city right and don;t vote this hater of America.

  7. Expensive makeup for socialists. It is obvious AOC enjoy to upgrade her style. now that she can spend some deplorables money.

  8. You know your political position is questionable when a Democrat is talking you down. I would much rather see a normal Democrat take that seat than see her reelected, but better yet turn it Red FTW!

  9. When she disappears the Dems will immediately have much greater credibility. What a disaster.Such an outspoken idgit is actually a deficit for all dem efforts.

  10. "For My hand made all these things, Thus all these things came into being," declares the LORD. "But to this one I will look, To him who is humble and contrite of spirit, and who trembles at My word.

  11. This is the lady that's God people ready to eat their children. And she didn't even slam the door in the face of that insanity. But to be honest Fox is just as bad as CNN and NBC. It's almost state-run media. Just like in communist or fascist countries. Anybody who's awoke does not believe a word that comes out of you guys.

  12. It won’t happen. It would be absolutely AWESOME but she won’t be beat because the people who voted for her want free stuff.

  13. The best thing that could happen is the whole squad gets voted out. It would be nice to see the Republicans get control of both houses, but we will see!

  14. If the Republicans were actually smart they would back Scherie to the hilt. An articulate, black, conservative woman, what’s not to love?

  15. People have changed parties because we don't want to be socialist and quite frankly are getting tired of insane policies that dems are trying to put in place!

  16. Those that are criticizing the performance of a presidential
    candidate in debate must realize, Mike Bloomberg is not an entertainer…for that
    one must look to the White House for the blond hair dyed nation’s entertainer
    in chief…

  17. All politicians of America are good at lies, because America president are just a puppets, America it a fake democracy nation, never trust anything politicians said,all of politicians are evil

  18. Hi I´m german. Could someone tell me one radical position AOC holds? All her ideas are already in place or discussed even by conservatives in all the other industrial countries. certainly here in Europe. is western europe socialist in your eyes? I really dont get it

  19. Someone needs to do america the favor and get rid of horse face bartender.. Love when 20 something's aggrandize socialism while sipping a $6 Starbucks mocha cappuccino latte, instagraming their buddies fr their $65K/ yr college on their $800 Iphone, not realizing it is Capitalism that has afforded them the luxury to fantasize abt socialism

  20. AOC will be reelected simply because she is so high profile and so adept at marketing herself. The three panelists seem like good people, but I don't think they have the force of personality to take AOC on, particularly given the nation wide financial backing that she is able to garner.

  21. AOC's district needs to vote AOC out of Congress. Whether you are a democrat or republican running against her, please do your best. She is a menace to her own district as well as to the entire country. The reason she looks like a rock star is because lucifer in flesh George Soros has been funding AOC & so with Tlaib & Omar campaign & activities. She is ultra mind-controlled by the Soros team – just look at her eyes.

  22. It's always screaming racism. It is literally impossible to be racist against it. You could possibly be equineist or maybe speciesist against it but definitely not racist.

  23. I would like to see John Cummins take her seat. He has a handle on the crime issue and understands law enforcement. We need this to battle the rising crime rate. Things are getting very ugly right now. Let's make NYC great and safe again.

  24. Juvenile Cortez has not done one thing for those who elected her…unless of course you count her being directly responsible for the loss of 25,000 sorely needed Amazon jobs. She's a noisy, useless twit that needs to go. Hopefully, NYC 14th Congressional District voters will make that happen. Take your revenge in the voting booth, people!

  25. Until the Dem's are held to the law and is put in jail I will never believe we have equal justice under this double standard, the Dem's get by with their crimes and the Rep's are held to even a higher standard. Trump 2020

  26. Democrats huh…
    The Nazis tore down statues.

    Banned free speech.

    Blamed economic hardships on one group of people.

    Instituted gun control.

    Put the state before God.

    Nationalize health care.

    Strict government regulations on industries.

    Does this sound like the policies of a current political party in the US?

  27. I really don’t understand why African Americans continue to be on board with Democrats after every single democratic city is in the dirt

  28. AOC is furthering her acting career….she is given so many appearances and talked about constantly and I would be surprised if she believes anything she says.



    Why does Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez call herself a woman of color. She looks simply hispanic style white, the way many white people look in Spain or Italy and other places. Judge Jeanine Pirro is darker than AOC. I would love to ask to do a DNA analysis next time she claims racism. According to Wikipedia, a Latino can be of any race or combination of races: White American / Caucasian, Black / African American, Asian American, …
    ‎Hispanic and Latino Americans and so forth. It's a group of people joined together by Spanish language and similar, but then aren't Brazilians latinos? The racial make-up of Puerto Rico is over 80% white, and I think she probably white. Why is it that nobody has challenged her on this issue, on using the probable pretense of being a person of color to attack others and actually win election, I believe.

  31. Whoever voted for AOC in the first place should have their voter rights revoked! She is a complete moron! She is literally stupid. Her IQ is lower than a fruit fly.

  32. So you have Democrats and Republicans candidates who are colluding to get her out? These people are delusional. Nobody will vote for these clowns

  33. I wouldn't kick her out of bed, but I can't in anyway agree with her ideology or actions. I wouldn't even give her the credit of calling her a politician. Am I being sexist? I think she's attractive. Is that bad? She's a siren.

  34. Cherie is so classy! She is obviously smart and charismatic enough to beat AOC?
    I loved the black on black pearl necklace 😀too! Absolutely not related, just saying!

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