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My name is James Mansfield and this is
Building in Manhattan. Should I choose anarchitect or should I choose the designer. There’s no hard and fast rule for this but think of the architectural
team as the legal department of the design business. The architectural team
understands the rules and regulations for everything that needs to happen with
your project for it to be processed by the Department of Buildings whether it’s
ADA compliant – American Disabilities Act. Whether it has the right space and light,
they will bring engineers and various subcontractors into the program so that
they can design or they can draw up your plans really specifically so they get
passed by the Department of Buildings and everything is done to code. The
design team – they can take on very large projects and they will subcontract an
architect to process everything through the Department of Buildings. So if your
project is more design heavy you’re doing a new kitchen, new bathrooms, new
electrical all the way through, new air conditioning but perhaps not gutting the
entire project – maybe it’s 20 or 30 percent reconfiguration – you might choose
to go with a designer that subcontracts an architect for the Department of
Buildings process. A third option is to go with a design build firm who will
take the architecture the design and the construction and put it into a one-stop
scenario. If you’d like more information click on the link below

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