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Dominic Esposito is known for his
guerrilla art installations he puts his giant drug spoon sculptures in front of
companies he blames for the opioid crisis companies like Johnson & Johnson
and oxycontin maker Purdue Pharma in Stamford Connecticut
but now Esposito’s installing his art in front of the new Recovery Center in
Chelsea not to protest it he says but to draw attention to the crisis and its
victims. News 4’s Jamie Roth has more it’s 800 pounds and 10 feet long a
larger-than-life burnt opioid spoon on display in a Chelsea neighborhood this
is a man-made epidemic the spoon a dark symbol of the opioid crisis responsible
for 40,000 deaths last year alone we need to really be our own voice and our
own advocates and get out there and make it happen Boston based artist and
activist Dominic Esposito is behind the project his own brother fighting
addiction Esposito has dropped spoons on the doorsteps of pharmaceutical
companies connected to opioids including Purdue Pharma in Stanford now a new stop
right here mountainside Chelsea a recovery Resource Center
Daniel Smith says the community grateful it’s here we had a young lady that came
by and it was the three year anniversary of her brother’s death with that she was
able to really kind of share tears and joy with us to say you know we’re happy
there’s people out there doing something to help the opioid Spoon project is in
motion this past summer ten states 15 cities a
couple of months ago Esposito put the word out on social media would people
want to honor loved ones lost by signing the spoon he wasn’t sure what kind of
response he’d get hundreds came out and signed it was really tough it was really
tough the families the kids grandparents the
stories are just heartbreaking next Esposito plans to take the spoons to
college campuses art on the move honoring memory and demanding change in
Chelsea Jamie Roth news for New York

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