Australia vs United States (USA) – Who Would Win? Military Comparison

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Back by popular demand is another military
comparison. This time we are featuring two fairly new
countries, nations that at one point in time were colonies of the United Kingdom. The USA gained its independence on July 4,
1776. Australia gained its independence on January
1, 1901, when the Brits passed legislation to give the six Australian colonies the right
to govern themselves under the Commonwealth of Australia. Unlike the USA, the country sometimes called
“Down-under” has not vied for world dominance, although it has enjoyed a fairly good standard
of living and economic prosperity. The countries are certainly not enemies, unless
you play Grand Theft Auto which pits them head-to-head in a fictional conflict. How would they fare against each other if
that were a reality? That’s what we are going to find out today,
in this episode of the Infographics Show, Australia vs the United States. Don’t forget to subscribe and click the
bell button so that you can be part of our Notification Squad. Let’s start with Australia. At around 2,969,907 sq. miles (7.69 million
square kilometers), the country is the 6th largest in the world. Much of it is uninhabited, as many of Australia’s
population live close to the coast on different sides of the country. If you look at population density maps, you
will see just how much of Australia’s 24,659,200 people are huddled into small chunks of the
country. Australia’s indigenous, Aboriginal people
may have lived in the harsh environment of central Oz, but for most Australians, much
of their huge country is a no man’s land. Australia’s nominal GDP for 2016 was $1.257
trillion, making it the 13th largest GDP in the world just above Spain and just below
Russia. GDP per capita is $49,927. Now let’s turn to some USA basics. The USA is also a very large country at 3,797,000
sq. miles (9.63 million square kilometers), although it’s way more crowded than Australia. This makes it the third largest country behind
Canada and Russia, although it is also very similar in size to China. It has a population of 325,365,000. The US GDP is 19.417 trillion dollars, and
$57,466 per capita. We could say the US has the world’s biggest
economy, but many experts now say this is China. The International Monetary Fund, CIA Factbook,
and World Bank all say China is number one. An interesting article recently published
by Pew Global explains that various countries around the world have a different opinion
on who has the biggest GDP, with slightly more countries believing the USA is still
the larger economy. One thing we know for sure is that the USA
spends a lot more on its military than any other country in the world, and by a country
mile, too. Its military is regarded as the strongest
in the world, and it probably should be with a 611 billion dollar defense budget, which
is about 3.3 percent of the GDP. That was for 2016, and sometimes the figure
is stated as slightly less. For 2017, Donald Trump’s budget for defense
is around 587 billion dollars, which is by far the biggest chunk of the USA’s discretionary
budget. More than a third of that goes to operations
and maintenance, with just less than a quarter on military personnel. The most expensive program at the moment are
those rather pricey F-35 Joint Strike Fighters. The budget for those alone was 11.6 billion
dollars in 2016 and will be 10.5 billion in 2017. To put that into perspective, the Environmental
Protection Agency is allocated $7.65 billion for 2017. Australia doesn’t spend much by comparison,
but is still 12th on the list of the biggest defense spenders in the world. Some sources put Brazil ahead and some behind. For 2017 it will spend 24.1 billion US dollars. According to the Australian government, it’s
going to spend big over the next decade, with some military media stating that the country
intends to become a “lethal military force”. The ministry of defense said recently that
it has a “commitment to security and stability around the globe” as relations between various
countries seem tenuous at the moment. Much of the money spent will go to the navy,
which is not surprising given the country’s geographical location. It has also joined in the spending frenzy
on the aforementioned F-35 Joint Strike Fighters. What do these two countries get for their
money? In terms of feet on the ground, out of the
USA’s 325 million people, 1.3 million are active military personnel, and a further 811,000
act as reserve personnel. This is much larger than Australia’s 61,000
active personnel and 21,000 reserves. Not surprisingly the USA also has a lot more
land equipment. In total, it has 5,884 tanks, 41,000 armored
fighting vehicles, 1,934 self-propelled guns, 1,299 towed artillery, and 1,331 multiple-launch
rocket systems. Only China, and easily Russia, outgun the
USA when it comes to tank strength. This also includes some of the most fierce
land equipment ever, consisting of the mighty M-1 Abrams tank – the world’s best according
to some pundits – the M-109A6 Paladin self-propelled gun, and the tried and tested TOW Anti-Tank
Missile. Australia has just 59 tanks, 2,040 armored
fighting vehicles, 0 self-propelled artillery, 75 towed artillery, and 0 multiple-launch
rocket systems. It does have some good tanks, though, which
in the past were the highly rated Leopard 1s, but they have been replaced with M-1 Abrams,
just in much smaller quality than that of the USA. Where the United States exceeds every country
on the planet is with its air force. As you know, the US is not shy on spending
big here, and it is almost spoiled for choice. It has around 13,444 aircrafts in total, many
of which are the best ever made. This includes scores of F-22A Raptors, F-16
Fighting Falcons, F-15E Strike Eagles and the expensive F-35A Lightning II. The U.S. also has a large fleet of the McDonnell
Douglas CF-18 Hornets, some of which have been converted to F/A-18E Super Hornets. We already know Australia has spent on the
F-35, but a rather startling piece of news emerged in September, and that was that it’s
two brand new F-35’s have a major problem. They don’t work, according to Australian
media. The USA has also had its fair share of problems
trying to get these things combat ready. Australian news reported that the planes “will
likely require many millions being sunk into reconstruction and upgrade before they are
fully capable of fighting on the front line.” The country has a total of 465 aircraft, just
over 150 of which are fighter and attack aircraft. It also has a small fleet of F/A-18F Super
Hornets and F/A-18A and B Hornets as well as EA-18G Growlers. As for the navy, Global Firepower puts the
USA as the third strongest behind China and North Korea. This is only in size, though. It puts Australia down in 54th place. In total, the USA has 415 ships and Australia
has 47 ships. The U.S. has a total of 11 aircraft carriers,
22 cruisers, 67 destroyers, 8 frigates, 75 submarines, 0 corvettes, 9 amphibious assault
ships, 11 mine warfare ships, and 55 patrol ships. We also have to take into account what all
wealthy countries want, and that’s a huge super carrier. America may have the best in the Gerald R.
Ford class super-carrier. Australia is also one of few nations to own
aircraft carriers. While they might not be the behemoths of the
US navy, the almost new HMAS Canberra and the HMAS Adelaide are impressive beasts. The ozzies also own 11 frigates, 0 destroyers,
0 corvettes, 6 submarines, 13 patrol craft, and 6 mine warfare ships. Another thing, as you well know, the USA owns
just less than half of all the world’s 15,000 nuclear weapons. Australia doesn’t have any and doesn’t
seem interested in developing them. It does, however, have aircraft that could
deliver them. In conclusion, these two countries have been
strong allies for a very long time. If anything did happen to break that bond,
America is far too powerful for Australia. The only chance Australia would have is that
harsh environment its people are used to living in. Maybe all those dangerous creatures that inhabit
the country would get onside. So, what do you think of this theoretical
matchup? Does Australia possibly stand a chance? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called N Korea vs S Korea?! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!


  1. One million subscribers! Thank you for watching us! I still can't believe 1 million of you click that button. I am so flattered. It means more than you can imagine! I've been working on something for a few months and I can't wait to reveal it next week!

  2. tell me who wants to fight Australia please we have literally got nothing threatening here. apart from our wildlife.

  3. Australia has on many occasions considered aquiring a locally produced nuclear weapons system. There is certainly no shortage of talent there and l have heard that it could be done in just 6 months if they really wanted to. I have also heard that Australia has tested Hypersonic missles successfully.

    Australia: we have the most deadliest animals on the planet with roobombs

  5. Aussies live in a country with dozens of animals and insects that want to eat them on a regular daily basis! Every morning, Aussie children have to make it through a gauntlet of brown snakes, taipans, tiger snakes, poisonous spiders, salties, dingos and some have to swim through ocean waters filled with sharks, eels and box jellyfish, just so they can get to school! These are only the children of the enemy that we Americans would face in a war against Australia! Imagine what their adult soldiers would be like! Horrifying!

  6. After watching a few of these Infographics videos, this one caught my eye. The notion that US would go against Australia is beyond ludicrous. The title even made me angry. Australia is beyond any doubt one of 2 or 3 closest allies of the US. A conflict be beyond unthinkable. I could not wait to push the thumbs down icon. What an idiotic concept. Dumbest video ever.

  7. They have air support,
    We have swooping magpies.
    They have naval support,
    We have crocodiles.
    They have medical support,
    Well she’ll be right.

  8. I'm Australian. Something I find weird about America is that guns are allowed to any person, is that right? If you are American you can correct me. Also if you are Aussie or American just comment. I want to see how many have read this. Ok byeeee😀

  9. Yea we have a chance we will just send the dingos and kangaroos kangaroos are achually one of the most buff animals in the world so they could properly one punchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh them


    you don't think so?


  11. Our population 2019 is 26 million,any country that invades would be up against 20 million people,14 years of age and over.

  12. Never underestimate the Australian army – they are incredibly skilled in guerilla warfare, AND we have the assistance of Britain and Japan. We would wear down the US Army who would suffice to say, relatively arrogant about their victory (plus we have emus)

  13. STRAYA wins ever since Australia joined forces America has taken credit for wars they made Australia fight and Australia has more training and more effective training then America

  14. America would lose instantly, there is too much desert at my home, you’d…
    A: Die of dehydration
    B: Die of starvation
    C: Get lost and die of A or B
    D: Get battered by the Military after you broke through the desert, with dwindling supplies

  15. who needs a tank when you can have emu's!!
    who needs fighter and bomber jets when you can have magpies!!
    who needs the navy when you can have great white sharks

  16. In Western Australia Bunnings sausage sizzles are only on weekends and their always sponsored by the rotary club I don’t know bout the others

  17. In the event of a massive conflict Australia could call upon 8 Million fit for service and with the amount of uranium we have we could build Nike’s if we really wanted to

  18. Well if China is now the world largest Economy, then the U.S. no longer needs to be the world's Policeman or the International aid provide. So the next time there is a massive natural don't call on the U.S., call China, and see what happens. 🙂

  19. Oh you F O O L ! You need to do your research because you didnt even mention the ghost of ned kelly whom could single handedly destroy AT LEAST HALF of the US forces with his ranger move. Not to mention his nuke proof power armour… unsubbing, not a credible show anymore

  20. America: We have Nukes

    Australia: We have allies, Strongest tanks in the world, and by the way, We could buy 10x the nukes you have

  21. If the forces were equal size Australia would win. Our troops are better trained and we have the same vehicles and weapon systems as U.S

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