1. Here’s an observation you can “take to the bank”, all cable
    news operations seems to be managed the same way, an anchor reports ‘breaking
    news’, introduces a panel, most of whom seem to have been hair dyed to the
    point of ageless oddity, I view their assessment and remarks with suspicion,
    they seemingly have sold their soul to the ‘appearance devil’, leading this
    blogger to not trust their assessment of the news, their first god is not pure
    journalism but, how they can best look rending their own special brand of televised
    journalism to us poor consumers of news, who just want the news without all
    that appearance puff…of which they are seldom able to deliver, journalism no, pageantry,

  2. Its just for black ones? Thats discrimination..they are racists!! They exclude people because of the colot of their skin.
    Can you imagine how the bluegums would bitch and moan if there was an award show for white journalists.?…

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