1. Would you try fried avocados?? Comment below!

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    💋's -Mindy

  2. Same we go camping all the time and I love the smell of firewood not the smell after the fire but while the fire is burning

  3. I love the mountains! But specifically snow covered mountains! Getting ready to chase winter and come from New Zealand to the US!!

  4. I do something similar that you do with patches! I buy an enamel pin for every place I go and put it on my travel backpack!😄

  5. I'm with Kamri I LOVE watching a good thunderstorm they're so beautiful. You and Shaun= incredible anniversary trip. I see some of why you guys are so in love with each other.

  6. You know what an interesting fact is about the bridge over the Tara River? The actual engineer of the bridge had to destruct the bridge in WW2, because of the Italians. He did so, but in a way that it could easily be rebuild after. The Italians saw through it though and killed is, sadly. (I'm not from Montenegro, I'm Dutch, but I do love the Balkan)

  7. I'm so glad you visited my country, Croatia. I live in Zagreb (the capital) I'm just sad you didin't come here😢 Oh well, hope you enjoyed your stay!!

  8. I went to Italy back in July and actually saw the filming sight of a Game of Thrones prequel scene in Gaeta, so gorgeous and if you guys have seen Gaeta's cave you will also know that the scene that was filmed there will have extremely beautiful views. Congrats to Brooklyn on the puppy, having a dog is amazing. Hope Rylan is doing alright! Hope everything is well, have a nice day!

  9. I’m from Slovenia! It’s so weird to see familiar places in your vlog..I hope you had a great time here & there are still lots of amazing places to visit, so you should definitely come back.🙂

  10. Hi, Thanks for visiting Slovenia! The cave is called Postojna. It is pronunced: ( po stoy na ). Hope it helps.

  11. I went to high school football game where my high school went onto 7 overtime’s and it was like 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside and I didn’t care if we won or not cause it was so cold but like we won so it’s fine

  12. I can’t believe y’all went to Albania! I have lived in Tirana since I was six weeks old because my family are missionaries. I started watching cute girls hairstyles in 2012! I hope you liked it!

  13. 1st, thanks for sharing, always love a good travel vlog !
    Then, you don't have cooked chesnuts in the USA ? Is that an European thing then ?
    + if you ever come to France (outside of Paris), you should definetely visit the city of Caen and St Malo, and in the middle, there is Bayeux (check out the 1000 year old tapistry…)

  14. My family took a vacation to Europe last summer and two of our stops were Kotor and Dubrovnik. Those places are so beautiful!!

  15. On 3:33 that’s awesome 👏 Finn is the newest member of the family. On 3:59 the mountain 🏔 are so beautiful 😍 and for my opinion is that the mountain ⛰ for when I 👀 at them it reminds me of tech tonic plates that just won’t move and that’s what the mountains are. On 6:51 it is from the the 🍿 game of thrones soon to be Star Wars.

  16. Montenegro is beautiful! Kotor, Montenegro! Then saw some GOT in Dubrovnik, Croatia! Split is also beautiful! Visited these and more this past July! ❤️ did literally everything you guys did. I wish I could show you pics! Also went to Bosnia, then finished in Rome!

  17. Omg it’s crazy you were there! I recently visited Croatia , Slovenia, and Italy over the summer! Awesome that you guys were there. Such beautiful places!

  18. Brooklyn and bailey go to my high school. Lovejoy high school. I use to go to the high school games. I would always see her because she was a majestic girl.

  19. Hi this is for Brooklyn and Bailey my parents went to Baylor and I always go to the games I really want to see you guys and hopefully can see you and maybe you can say in a vlog which game you’re going to so I can go too!

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