Baseball Prepares to Face No. 5 Manhattan in the MAAC Championship

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I think the guys are excited. We’ve
had a couple good days of preparation and this is what we started in September:
to get to this place, to have a chance to compete for a championship. Heading in the max championship tomorrow, you know, I feel good, team feels good, we look good.
You know, we’re excited to really get the playoffs starting. We’ve been playing all
year for this moment 50-something games. We’re ready to get out there and compete.
I’m always gonna have high expectations, you know. I’m gonna do anything
I need to do in order to help the team win. It’s gonna be all hands on deck. Everything just kind of falling into place. As a team, I think everyone’s
really connected and and really bought into all the systems. It’s gonna be great
to see how the cards fall. Manhattan presents a challenge. They’re pitching is,
you know, really good. They’re young offensively, but they’re really really
tough. They’ve coached that way, they play that way. We just got to be able to do
what what we’re capable of doing and match their toughness and attention to
detail. We won a series against them. It was a tough three games, but I feel like
we match up against them well. I think if we play how we play: we pitch, we hit like
we’ve been doing all season I think that will be good. You know they have a couple
classes go through that we’re able to compete for four years in our
championship. The next step is to win more championships, which you know, the
only way you can do it is to give yourself an opportunity. We’ve done
that now it’s having a little bit more success when the are in it.

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