Battle for Chicago’s Best: Weber’s Bakery

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and we’re back right now we’re making
the transition from burgers to bakeries scary to sweet and I have to say Eve
this one was really tough for me because I actually loved both places we went to
that doughnut back in 2011 where we’ve made the big mmm
doughnut it’s asked the wedge ulica hello watch your mouth around the little
one so who’s that’s competition Webber’s
bakery and Garfield Ridge and actually this same family has been baking there
for four generations I love them so much they actually made my wedding cake yes
to win from my invite for that where’s up I think it got lost in the mail
anyways you guys voted for the best sweet spot and you did not disappoint
the winner for Chicago’s best is Webber’s bakery you are you could have
at least boom you got some cake oh yeah okay maybe next time oh yeah
what’s wrong Michael I’m super excited to be back
here at Weber’s bakery we were here in 2011 and now clearly you’re still the
viewers choice because they voted you guys in again for our 200th episode it’s
the most humbling thing I can imagine in third generation with four generation in
we don’t take it for granted and we continue to strive to make every
day better than the day before easily the best bakery I’ve ever been doing
this is the bakery the bakery is delicious
very good this is my favorite bakery I love you guys so much that you guys even
made my wedding cake for my wedding we did that was truly one of the biggest
honors we’ve had oh that was the cake that you made yeah after you came out
the sales of that cake skyrocketed didn’t they people were walking into
I want that beach cake pretty good they didn’t even know what it was called just
that I worked there not the beach cake let’s make it like an island cake I’ve
never seen a purple beach before but today we’re gonna do well we’re not
doing a beach cake today no today we’re gonna make our chocolate
whipped cream pie my father was a second generation that was his favorite we
would call desert island what’s your desert island item from the bakery and
his was chocolate cream pie he’s absolutely right this is definitely the
one to go with since we were here last Michael’s daughter Becky has come on
full-time to help carry on her family’s sweet legacy okay let’s do it all right
we can scale out the dough for the pie shell pop that in the pan and then we’ll
press it out right now with our pie presser
there you go look how perfect are you kidding perfect pie crust whoa
so we got our crust in that’s right oh no I had the perfect present that I
messed it up already don’t worry Becky’s got backups coat the
bottom of this shell with chocolate ganache this is like my favorite pie to
make because I actually feel like I’m doing pretty good job time to combine
our whipped cream and chocolate custard my arms I’m gonna take over all right I
get to play the pregnancy card p-card tag-team we fill it up top it off with
whipped cream and you guessed it more crock we’re gonna add more chocolate to
the top that is a beautiful pack where’s my island let’s go it’s time to eat it’s super light and
fluffy it just melts in your mouth with a little bit of an athame
yeah everything you guys make you’re so good so you are fourth generation why
was it so important for you to keep it up our customers are really the reason
we do everything that we do customers will come in and buy the same things
even pine for every single Christmas Eve every single Easter and every time
they’re having a party they like want us to be part of that I mean I grew up on
Webber’s it brings back a lot of childhood memories this is what I grew
up with you really are part of everyone most important like occasion this is
what Chicago’s best is all about it’s about great people great family stories
and your family totally represents that there’s still the best America being the
best self keep coming

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