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[Antonio] I’m Antonio Delgado,
and I approve this message. Because it’s about time we
have affordable healthcare. John Faso voted with his party to make healthcare more expensive. Washington Republicans
will take away protections for pre-existing conditions. Did you know that John
Faso was the deciding vote. The Washington Republican
plan will pave the way for an age tax on seniors. We can do better. It is time that we had affordable and accessible healthcare for everybody.


  1. Stop I resulting my videos bro your not gonna win!!! You keep selecting lyrics that sound good but the ones where you act like an idiot are beeped out??? Be real mofo stop paying for adds in my videos I DO NOT WANT THEM !!!!

  2. Delgado wil kill medicare that's right old people you will die if you need actual medicare. Oh you say but M4a just a pipe dream bycommiecrats its not real its unaffordable.

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